How to Access Password Managers anywhere in iPhone Browsers

Sometime, password could be difficult to recollect, as well one could forget password to access your account on some site. In other to get yourself free form confusion when it come to password while using the internet. Password managers are the best answer and as well best option to solve the issue.

Now let have a look at the guide by which you can now access all your passwords using the password managers by syncing them with all your browsers so that you can access that anytime

Recently I was searching for the way by which I can access password credentials anywhere on my iPhone and luckily I found one method that can actually do this. iPhone has the feature to access the app settings even in any browser that you are using.

Like you are browsing Chrome browser and you want to access credentials of any particular website in that and actually, you can do that.

So follow the simple guide discussed below to access your password on any browser with the help of password manager. Here are the steps to follow:

Access Password Managers Anywhere In iPhone Browsers

Step 1 ====> First of all in your browser click on above arrow pointer choice, options will come up and you need to tap more.Password Managers

Step 2 ====> Now you will see the list of options that will appear and you will also see LastPass. If you are using the LastPass password manager, by default this will be inactive.Password Managers

Step 3 ====> Simply activate this app and you will see the Lastpass will be working on your browser so that you can access all the LastPass credentials in your browsers without much problem.

Step 4 ====> From here you can access the LastPass stored websites also by simply tapping the same above arrow button and then click on the last pass option that will appear there.Password Managers

Step 5 ====> Now you will see all the stored websites  password and other details, you just need to click on the website that you want to explore and you will see by default credentials will be filled.

Step 6 ====> Finally, you are done with it, now you have the lastpass successfully configured with your browser and now you can access it anywhere in your browser.


Above all, the steps on this information was all about how you can set password managers (Lastpass) on your iPhone  to access your password wherever in your iPhone browsers.

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