How to Change Gmail Password to Protect your Gmail Account

You need to change gmail password from time-to-time in other to fully protect your gmail account from intruders. Mainly, if you are using public cafe to access your gmail account, due to some reason or the other you might not be able to log out proper, therefore you need to change gmail passcode when you log in again to save guide to account.

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To change gmail password purpose to be a simple task that every user should carry out without stress, but the case is reverse. Unfortunately, Google does not make it as straight-forward as you thought it would be.

Things to consider while creating gmail password or change gmail password

Before setting or change password on your gmail account, there are some issues you need to understand in other not to run the process many time. These issues will help you to create a very strong password that you will easy remember while logging in.

  1. Your password should be case sensitive.
  2. The password you will create must contain at least 8 characters.
  3. Once a password is changed on your gmail account, that password cannot be used again.
  4. You can add numbers, symbols ($#%^&) and spaces (only between the password, not at the start or end) in your password to make it even stronger.

Steps To Change Gmail Password To Protect Your Gmail Account

No doubt about this fact that, majority of gmail user are accessing their gmail account using phones, therefore they find it so hard to navigate on how to change gmail password on their phones. If you are using phone, this tutorial will cover the aspect of using phones to change gmail password.

Method 1: using computer to change gmail password

Step 1


The first thing to do is to log in into your existing gmail account with you gmail user name and the current password.

Step 2


Next action to take is to click the gear icon that show up on the inbox at the top right corner as show bellow, then locate setting and click on it.

Step 3

In Settings you need to navigate to Account and Import tab.

change-gmail-passwordYou will see the option Change passcode here and then click on it and you will be prompted to login again using your current password,

change-gmail-password which is the password you use to log in.


Step 4


Once you logged in another option will show up where you are to enter the new password and to confirm the newly enter password, you will see your password strength, make sure it is Strong.

Step 5


After adding the new password in both fields, click on CHANGE PASSWORD in blue to change your password. You will also receive a confirmation via email that your password has been changed, which is all on using personal computers.

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Method 2: using phones to change gmail password

Step 1

If you want to change gmail passcode on your mobile phone, open your browser and type


Press enter and you will be directed to sign in with your Google account, if you are not signed in yet. Here, tap on “Sign-in & security” option as shown above.

Step 2

On the page that shows up, you will see the option of Password, tap on it and you will be required to sign in again with your current password.

Step 3

Sign in again and you will see two blank fields where you can enter your new password.

change-gmail-passwordWhen both fields are filled, tap on CHANGE PASSWORD in blue to change gmail passcode of your mail account.


With any of the above methods you will be able to change gmail password whenever you need without much trouble. If you have any questions or know any other method to change gmail passcode, let us know in the comments below.

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