Complete Guide to Create Folder on your iPhone’s Dock

I know it has been long you are using your phone (iPhone, iPad and Android), and now if you are like me you have a lot of app on the screen. Some time these are not organize and make your Dock look shabby.  Here today we shall be talking on how to create folder on your iPhones dock.

Normally, you cannot just create folder on your iPhone’s dock the way you create one on your SD card. No it is not like that, you may thing you cannot put a folder on your iPhone, dear it is possible. For sure you can add folder to your iPhone’s dock.

Why Do You Need To Create Folder On Your Iphones Dock

From my own point of view, I have two different and genuine reasons you should create folder on your iPhone dock

====> For grouping all the important stuff together

====> For giving the trash a permanent to create folder

Depending on how you use iOS, folders are handy, nonetheless. If you utilize them to access your favorite apps, or just want to hide something away, you will be pleased to learn that there is a way to create folder on your iPhones dock


You cannot just create folder directly on the dock as explained above. If you try to drag an app icon onto one that is already on the dock, the first icon just gets sent back to its original spot.

Instead, you have to create a folder first, and then drag the folder to the dock. You must have an empty space already on the dock. You cannot drag a folder to replace an icon already on the dock.

How to Create Folders on Your iPhones Dock

Here are the steps to create a folder on iOS:how to create folder

Step 1 ====> Tap and hold one app icon until the icon starts to wiggle

Step 2 ====> Drag it on top of another app icon and let go.

Step 3 ====> This creates a folder that you then can add more apps to in the same way.

With these three steps you have created folder on your iPhones dock successfully.

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