Complete Steps to Delete Facebook Chat Messages

Delete Facebook chat messages is one aspect of the Facebook platform we should be familiars with as this help to keep our charting history clean and look good why charting. We make friends and share our feeling, through status and messages.

 Facebook is best to spend time by chatting with friends even we chat and side by side we read some interesting stories in the news feed, that why we all love Facebook most among social media platform.

If you want to keep your Facebook messages inbox clean but it is filled up with hundreds of Facebook chat messages, it can be a little problem in deleting each of them one by one. The actual problem was how to remove them from both sides, I mean from your inbox and also from the recipient inbox.

In fact, we still have not found such a method in which you can remove the recipient chat history but there is a trick that will help you block your friend from seeing the messages you sent to them in past (delete Facebook chat messages).

By default, when you want to delete Facebook chat messages, it actually just archives it. Yes, they try their best to make it hard for you to actually delete anything from their massive database, this is incredible about this platform.

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Simple Steps to Delete Facebook Chart Messages

Step 1: on delete Facebook chat messages

So let’s say I’m looking at a message and I click on the little X at the far right.


On the big Archive that appears at the top right Conner indicates this will not be really deleted. For example, go ahead and archive the message. Note this will remove the entire conversation you have had with this person, even if it is over several weeks, months, or even years.

Step 2: on delete Facebook chat messages

However, you can easily view all archived messages by simply clicking on the little More link at the top of the left-hand sidebar as shown in the photo below.


From here you go ahead and click on the Archived option and only explore the archived messages. They are still there! So the point is that archiving a message is not the same as deleting it, but is the step that leads to delete Facebook chat messages.

Step 3: on delete Facebook chat messages

Most importantly, it is pretty easy to delete conversations or messages on Facebook whether it is recent or archived. Simple click on the conversation and then on the little gear icon that is located above the conversation.


You will see a set of options, but the two items we are interested in are Delete Conversation and Delete Messages which are the base of this tutorial.


Step 4: on delete Facebook chat messages

Delete Conversation will delete the entire chat history you have had with that person, that is, you will not be able to read your message with that fellow in question again. Be careful using this option because the entire conversation will be deleted and it cannot be recovered.


Step 5: on delete Facebook chat messages

If you only want to delete certain portions of the conversation, then it is recommended to choose Delete Messages. You will then see little check boxes appear next to each message in the conversation. Select the messages and then click on Delete.


Now the messages and conversations are really gone, not just hidden! Well, I am sure Facebook keeps a backup for a certain time, but you will not be able to see that message in your account anymore. You can now see as said earlier that, it is a simple step to delete Facebook chat messages, it is simple indeed. If you find this helpful, do share with friends and please do drop your comment

Alternative on Delete Facebook Chart Messages with Google Chrome Extention

Step 1:

 Now if you are using Google Chrome as your main web browser, you need to download and install an add-on from google page

Step 2: 

Once it’s installed, simply visit your Facebook page with your chat messages and you should see a “Delete All” button.

Step 3: 

Simply click on that button and all your messages will be deleted, is it simple? Yes, it is.


By using this button you will not only delete your chat messages but your regular messages as well, so be very careful.

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