Complete Guide to Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Getting notifications on Android phone (device) is one of the features I love most. Not like those days when mobile phone was used to make calls and sent text messages alone. Getting notifications on time on your android device alert you on sensitive information sent to you through any of these: Email, Facebook, WhatsApp and other. So if you find it hard to get notify on time on your Android  smartphone, this article will help you out to fix Android delayed notifications on your android device.

Meanwhile, delayed Android notifications problem can be annoying, but the good news is that it has a solution. I believe there is no problem without a course, no action without a source.

Why Are My Android Notifications Delayed?

The reason your notifications don’t show up as fast as possible is a simple one. The apps you use such as Gmail, Hangouts,WhatsApp  and Facebook (among others) use Cloud Messaging and connect from time to time to Google’s servers so they can get new updates.

In other words, this is done at intervals, this is the reason for the delayed notifications on your Android.

How to Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Disabling Power Saving Feature or Apps

The first method to fix Android delayed notifications is to disable power saving feature on your Android phone. These sorts of apps generally tend to stop all the background processes and hence this sometimes causes those real-time apps to totally stop down.Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Thus the notifications from the apps don’t get to appear on the surface instantly but this causes it to consume some time for coming out of the restrictions. Now this is how you can stop the battery saver feature or apps: To turn off Power Saving Mode

Step 1 ====> Go to Settings from the menu

Step 2 ====> Battery

Step 3 ====> Power saving mode

Step 4 ====>   Finally toggle it off.

Stop Killing Background Apps Manually

Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Like so many Android users do, you might have developed the habit of killing apps running in the background every time to free up the RAM on your device. You are not only killing the background processes but you are also damaging your battery. What I am saying in excess it that killing background apps manually has negative effect on the battery and as well delayed notifications on Android.

A simple way to fix android delayed notifications issue is to stop killing the running tasks through any apps or tools

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Check Your WIFI To Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Check if WIFI on your device does not get turned off as soon as you turn off the screen and then it gets on again when the screen switches on.

This can cause the notifications to be blocked due to network cut, all your notifications would appear once the screen is on.

Make sure that you fix the WIFI switching through the settings and set it to remain on all the time. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 ====> Open the settings from the main menu or from the drop down menu

Step 2 ====> Now tap on the WI FI

Step 3 ====> Finally toggle it on

Analyze Every App To Fix Android Delayed Notifications

To analyze each an every app on your device, go to the app info inside the setting of the device and then check each and every app from the list.Fix Android Delayed Notifications

Delete the cache from all of the apps, do turn off the function named Restrict app background data through the Data usage settings for the apps.

This will fix delayed notifications on Android for each of the apps if done properly. Here is step on how to clear the caches:

Step 1 ====> Go to settings from the main menu or from the drop down menu

Step 2 ====> Scroll down under Device and tap on Apps to open it

Step 3 ====> Now tap on any app

Step 4 ====> Then tap on Clear Data

Step 5 ====> Finally Tap OK on the pop up window.

Now repeat the steps 1 to 5 for every apps installed on your device to clear the caches.

Finally Fixing Android Delayed Notifications

As you can see, fixing android delayed notifications is not very difficult or hard. Basically, you need to tweak the battery saver modes and apps. Refrain from the habit of killing background apps for benefits.

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