Gmail Password Recovery Process for Lost Gmail Account Password

Gmail password recovery is increasingly question that rises among gmail users this day as they forget their gmail account password due to one reason or the other. Gmail is now one of the most popular email services along with Yahoo Mail, Outlook among other.  If you own multiple gmail account or haven’t logged into your account for a long time, you may be forget your password.

In this case, do not worry because the gmail password recovery process is very simple.  As earlier mentioned above that, mail is the most popular email service in the world nowadays. You can easily sign up for gmail with a couple of simple steps as it was highlighted here. Gmail help you send and receive text, attachments, photos and others very quickly. However, in the process of using, your gmail account easily stolen by many causes.

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Why you lose gmail password that lead to gmail password recovery

one thing I noticed is that, if your password is intact and you able to provide at the point of need, then there is no need for gmail password recovery. But if eventually you lost your password to your gmail account, then you need to recover your old password before changing it, if the need be. Therefore, that is why I provide some reasons that may result to the lost of your gmail initial password, the reasons are:

  1. Using hacking password software.

    This is a typical example for “an eye for an eye”. You might completely lose your gmail password when downloading hacking password software to computer, with this you might not keep your password properly.

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  2. Save password on Browser

    gmail password recovery

    This is wrong when you use a public computer to sign in to gmail account. The next users might steal your password by going to the Settings section and edit it. If you are using public café never try to save your password and do not tick the box with stay signed in

  3. Creating the same passwords

    You set the same password for Game, Facebook, yahoo, like gmail password, and if one of them leaked, your gmail account may be stolen anytime, if someone by chance accessed it

  4. Create a password that is easy to guess

    The last but not the least of these causes is using password that is too easy to guess. If your password is 123456, 111111, 000000, password, your name, your birthday among others, your account will get risk of being stolen anytime. Creating an easy to guess password is the most common cause of losing password, without wasting much of our time, if you are victim of any of the points above, prepare your mind for gmail password recovery.

Gmail Password Recovery Process For Lost Gmail Account Password

Step 1: visit google gmail account- gmail password recovery

gmail password recovery

The first line of action is to visit Google gmail log in page to provide you gmail ID or user name as the case may be and click next to continue.

Step 2: provide the last password

gmail password recovery

You will be asked to enter the last password you can remember (don’t need to enter correctly) then select Continue or I don’t know.

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Step 3: alternative options

gmail password recovery

Here you will have two options: recover your password through alternate email address (this is the email address you provide in cause of registration) or your phone number used to register gmail account.

Choose the second option, enter your phone number and choose to receive confirmation code sent to the mobile phone to continue gmail password recovery proccess.

Then check your phone inbox to see SMS sent to your phone, type the verification code with 6 digits and click Continue.

Step 4: choose a new password

gmail password recovery

On the new window that comes up, that is the resetting password page. You will provide a new password on the space provided, you can log into your gmail with a new password. Enter your new password twice and click Continue to complete, with these steps, it is discovered that gmail password recovery process are very simple and easy to follow.


My dear reader, if you follow the steps as directed on this article, you will find it so easy to access your gmail account. Even if you lost your account password, the gmail password recovery steps here will surely guide you through. If you find this helpful, please do share with your friends that have the same problems in other to solve them.

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