Complete Guide to Remove Duplicate Files on Android Smartphone

Duplicate files makes up the space on any android smartphone to be clumsy and make your device runs lowly. That is why it is necessary and need to remove duplicate files on android devices in other to make it runs smoothly.

Though, one might be thinking why there are duplicate files on his or her Android phone. I once asked the same question, but later I got answer to it. While copying from one device to another, there is tendency to have duplicated files on your devices.

Meanwhile, removing duplicate files on android manually is a bit hard work, which might cost a lot of time. At the end you may not have 100% results.

It would also be difficult if we connect Android device to PC and search it from computer explorer. Here is recommended duplicate file fixer for your smartphone, which helps you to find duplicate files and remove them from your device.

Thanks to technology, with the help of some apps installed on your Android smart phone you will be able to remove duplicate files on android without any problem.

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How To Delete Duplicate Files On Android Smartphone

Duplicate Files Fixer scans easily for duplicate files, photos, videos, and music with its straightforward interface.  You can either scan duplicates individually or opt Full Scan. You can narrow your search by the type of file, size, and content in the Settings tab of this app.

Remove Duplicate Files And Documents

Duplicate Files Fixer scans documents and folders as well to point out the duplicates taking up space on your Android phone.

And above all, it lists the hidden files and folders when you opt for the full scan. No invisible folders will be left from the sharp-sighted Duplicate Files Fixer in the device

Delete Duplicate Images

You have every right to remove duplicate images and get a well arranged library. Find those images that have been rotated, flipped, retouched, re-sized, or saved in a different format. It will efficiently give you results as well free up some space on your device.

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Exclude folders

Who knows, you may not want to scan specific folders to list duplicates or you have recently scanned that folder, then you can skip it from the scan process.

Simply put that folder on the ignore list and you are done! The folders in the ignore list will not be scanned. You can alter the ignore list. Add or remove the folders of your choice!

Delete Duplicate Audios And Videos

Scan and compare audio, video files using Duplicate Files Fixer. It supports all the common formats to obtain duplicate stuff easily.

Preview Before You Remove Duplicate FilesRemove Duplicate Files

Another important aspect of this app, it offers the option to preview files before you delete them from your smart device.

This option will surely safeguard your data to make sure that important system files and programs are not deleted.

Finally On Remove Duplicate Files On Android

You can check out Free Duplicate File fixer app for android smartphone that we believe is the best App to Remove Duplicate Files on Android smart  phone.

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