Complete Guide to Root Tecno Camon C9 in Reliable and Simple Steps

Tecno camon c9 was released few years ago, since then it has egos among the users. Though it was just released, gaining popularity every day, meanwhile you will have to customize your device to suit your purpose. This and lot more bring about the action taken to root tecno camon c9, just like other tecno phones, you can root this amazing machine.

Rooting can be performed on all android phones, tecno Camon C9 has being difficult to root with the common one click method used for other android device, this may be due to Android 6.0 Os run the device.

The selfie king has been proving stubborn to root probably because it is running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Many people believe that rooting their device is the best way to unleash its full potential.  But all thanks to Hovatek Team for shinning the light on how to root tecno camon c9.tecno camon c9

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Requirements to Root Tecno Camon c9

Before you embark on the process the allow you to root tecno camon c9, there are certain thing you need to have at hand. Without these requires material, you may not likely to root tecno camon c9. These materials are:

1. Absolute patience in following the steps involved
2. CWM recovery image Ported by team hovatek
3. Super
4. Unlocking the boot-loader of Tecno Camon C9

5. The respective Tecno camon phone

6. Internet connection on the phone.

7. Basic Android using skills.

How to Root Tecno Camon c9

From the requirements listed above, I am sure you can tell that everything is pretty much simple and easy. With your basic or advanced Android knowledge, follow the simple steps below to root tecno camon 9 if you have one.

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Root Tecno Camon c9 using Computer System

Following the steps below will guide you to root your device with no problem

Step 1 ====> Copy the downloaded Super SU to both internal storage of your phone and external memory card.

Step 2 ====> Extract and copy the CWM recovery image into the same folder as the fastboot.exe and adb.exe

Step 3 ====> Unlock Tecno Camon C9 bootloader by following the steps

Step 4 ====> Connect the phone to your personal computer via USB cord while switched ON and boot it into               Fastboot as instructed in the Bootloader unlock guide.

Step 5 ====> The moment your device enters fast boot, flash the recovery image to the phone by typing the command below then pressing Enter fastboot  {flash recovery recovery.img}

Step 6 ====> Reboot the phone by typing the command below then pressing Enter {fastboot reboot}

Step 7 ====> Boot the phone into recovery mode by switching off and using Volume up button + Power button

Step 8 ====> Once you enter recovery mode, use the volume button to move up and down

Step 9 ====> Scroll down to Install zip and select it

Step 10 ====> Select Choose zip from /storage/sdcard1as it was saved before

Step 11 ====> Navigate to the location of and select it

Step 12 ====> Select Yes Install SuperSU to confirm flashing, wait till the flashing is completely installed

Step 13 ====> Return to the home screen (using the back option) then select Reboot, if CWM offers to fix some errors, select No.

Once you are through with instruction above, confirm if your device has been successfully rooted by installing root checker to confirm if you successfully root tecno camon 9.


If you diligently followed what was highlighted on this article, you will find it easy to root tecno camon c9, therefore you will have full controlled of your device.

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