The Unconventional Guides to Exit Safe Mode On Tecno Phones

Exit safe mode on Tecno phones some time could be frustrating, as not every user of Tecno phones are familiar with this. There are various ways your phone can get into Safe Mode, and it is not always easy to get it back to its normal state.

This can be extremely frustrating, especially for casual users who are not friendly intimate with some of the features of Tecno phones.

Three days ago while trying to make a call on my Tecno phone, the phone malfunctioned and I decided to reboot it. To my surprise, I noticed Safe Mode been displayed in the lower left corner of the screen after it was restarted (powered on).

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This amazed me as I was not the one that activated the safe mode on the phone. I don’t even know how to go about this until I googled for help on how to exit safe mode on Tecno phones.

Why your Tecno Phones are Operating on Safe Mode

There are various reasons your Tecno phones could be working on safe, irrespective of these reasons, don’t worry as this article will guide you through the exit safe mode on Tecno phones as you go on with the reading. The reasons include any of the following:

Safe Mode on Android serves pretty much the same purpose as its analogue in Windows, if you are friends with that, Safe mode stops the operating system to its manufacturer functions, preventing you from running anything that installed on your phone by the producer, then it just prevents you from using the full capabilities of your device.

Secondly, you could put your phone into Safe Mode yourself by accident, but just relax as you are heading to exit safe mode on Tecno phones.  It is possible to exit safe mode on Tecno phones. Nothing is 100% butt proof.

Lastly on this note, your phone will put itself into Safe Mode if something really bad has gone wrong with it. Maybe an app seriously bugged out or the main system function went haywire. You may have even been attacked by malware of some kind that makes your Tecno phone to malfunction.

Now let start the process of exit safe mode on Tecno phones

1: Restart

The first thing to do is to restart your phone when you notice safe function on your phones. In most cases and for most users who are not addicted to phone pressing, this is the fix you are looking for.

safe mode on tecno phones

Safe Mode generally is not supposed to stick around for multiple sessions, so give your phone a reboot or restart and see if the problem will be solved or persists.

Hold down the power button, tap Power Off, and let your phone enjoy sweet oblivion for five seconds before starting it back up again. If the problem is not solved, then move on to the next method.

2: The notification panel on exit safe mode on Tecno phones

safe mode on tecno phones

This does not truly work for all smartphones, but some devices (phone) will have a safe mode notification in the notifications tray. Swipe down once or twice to locate the Exit Safe Mode option and then tap it to remove safe mode on Tecno phones. If the problem is not solved, don’t worry try the next operation.

3: Power up with Volume down

safe mode on tecno phones

This method does not really work for me when I try to exit safe mode on Tecno phones I am using, but a lot of users have reported being able to remove numbers of  safe modes by turning off their device and then turn it back on by holding down the Power button and the Volume Down button simultaneously. Give it a try today.

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4: Remove your phone battery

This method will only be available if your phone has a remove-able battery, but a lot of Samsung Galaxy S4 users have had success getting out of Safe Mode with this step.

safe mode on tecno phones

Simply power down your device, remove the back of your phone, and take the battery out. You should wait for about two to three minutes to let all the battery magic drain out of your phone before fixing the battery. Put the battery back in and turn the device back on.

5: Factory reset

From my own point of view, this should be the very last option to try while trying to exit safe mode on Tecno phones, even other phones. You probably want to try absolutely everything else before resorting to this, as you will lose all internal data stored on the device.

Performing factory reset or hard reset will return your device to its original settings, this is the setting from the producer of such phones. If all other options fail, this particular will not fail you. This is a surefire way to get your phone back to normal, but it will almost be like getting the phone new again. You will have to reinstall all your apps, and unless your pictures and data are backed up, you will lose them, therefore it is very important to back up your phone data before trying this option.

safe mode on tecno phones

Once you have concluded on what to do and your hands have stopped shaking, then follow this to exit safe mode on Tecno phones.

 Go to Settings === > Backup & Reset ===> Factory data reset.

 Information will pop up warning you of the consequences of this action and subtly implying that you may have lost your mind.

Confirm your intent by tapping Reset Phone or Erase Everything.

Sit back and wait while a part of you dies. Once your device comes back online, you will need to set it up all over again, but Safe Mode will finally be removed.

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Exit safe mode on Tecno phones and other phones are sometimes frustrating as mentioned earlier in this article. This issue can be tackled and correct through any the above options, the last option is considered the best, this is to my own point of view but requires strong determination.

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