Complete Guide to Stop Videos Autoplay on Google Chrome Browser

Stop videos autoplay on Google Chrome should be your concern as this will help a lot in conserving your data. Autoplay videos have has been a challenging situation for me as well as some other users of internet while using Chrome browser.

I found this feature annoying (videos autoplay), mainly on some sites, videos uploaded in the sites will be playing without your permission.

Some time, this result to low, even poor internet connection. As well, you might be distracted from what you are doing, most especially when the video is not illustrating the content of the article you’re reading.

Not long ago, videos that would autoplay could be stopped without a problem since they used Flash player. All you had to do was disable the Flash on your browser and the problem was fixed.

 But since then, the World Wide Web has moved forward with some new technology. So now since videos are in HTML5, that option might not work again.

After series of research, I was able to come up with the steps you can follow to stop videos autoplay on your browsers. How To Screenshots On Android Device

How to Stop Autoplay Video And Audio in Chrome

Step 1 ====> Open Chrome or Chrome Canary if you have not done so already

Step 2 ====> Go to Chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit Return/Enter

Step 3 ====> In the search box at the top, type in autoplay

Step 4 ====> Look for Autoplay policy and pull down the submenu

Step 5 ====> Then select Document user activation is required

Step 6 ====> Finally relaunch Chrome for the setting to take effect

Alternative Way To Stop Videos Autoplay On Chrome

To disable Flash videos from autoplaying, you need to block Flash altogether. Here are the steps do this: Step 1 ====> Go to Settings

Step 2 ====> Then view Advanced Settings

Step 3 ====> Now content Settings. On this page you will see a list of features you can allow or block, including Flash.

Step 4 ====> Finally click to block Flash

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