Amazing 6 Ways Random Video Chats Can Help You Find Your Confidence

Have you ever put off doing something because social confidence just isn’t your area? Maybe you avoid those Friday-night trips to the bar with your co-workers. Or every November you calculate how many holiday parties you can skip before somebody gets offended. One thing you don’t need to build up your confidence for, though, is random video chatting (video chats).

Most free cam chat sites, like Camgo, give you the opportunity to make friends without the usual pressures of expectations, commitments, or possible rejection. If you aren’t a great conversationalist, it won’t really matter – nobody’s trying to find the next Shakespeare in the random video chats.

In fact, you can be downright cringy and it would hardly even matter. Why? Because as soon as you end the current chat and open a new one, you’ll be starting over with a person who knows nothing about you. It’s possible to practice, experiment, and even reinvent yourself because of the unique formatting of random video chats.

If you want to see the big picture, though, you’ll need a little more detail. You may already be acquainted with some of what’s discussed below, but most people aren’t aware of just how many ways video chatting can help with their social self-esteem.

1. Freedom From Expectations Means That You Can Experiment via Video Chats.

Let’s start off with a real brain-bender. How much of your behaviour comes from you, and how much of it comes from your awareness of other people’s expectations? In general, the less confidence you have, the more you’ll look to other people for social cues – and that can leave you with a nagging feeling that you’re missing out on something.

Sometimes these expectations aren’t even particularly demanding; they just come from people who aren’t that observant and assume that you’ll act a certain way just because that’s all they’ve ever seen of you.

If you’re random video chatting, though, you can interact with as many people as you want without dealing with the usual expectations. You don’t have to act a certain way, support certain beliefs, or even wear certain clothes.

Nobody will be surprised if you show up in the video chats wearing a highly experimental outfit, or talking about a subject that nobody knows you’re interested in; to your chat partners, that’s just who you are. In other words, you get the opportunity to find out what you’re really like when you don’t have to care what other people think.

2. The Fear Of Over-Committing Won’t Keep You From Making Friendships.

Making friends is hard if you aren’t naturally gregarious, but it’s even worse to start building a friendship with someone who turns out to be disinterested. Thanks to the random aspect of random video chats, however, you don’t ever have to worry about getting in too deep and then regretting it. Find a great chat partner, get a load off your chest, and then move onto the next chat.

Unless you’re literally handing over your identity and banking information on a video chat (which is a bad idea), it’s pretty hard to over-commit with a random chat partner. If you can get rid of that energy via random chatting, you’ll probably be much more chill when you talk with people in person.

3. Your Worldview Will Have A Chance To Grow As You Meet People From Around The World.

This one may sound a bit obscure, but it’s true – learning about what life is like in various cultures can give you some insight into your own. Exchanging experiences and knowledge from different cultures won’t fix any confidence issues directly, but it can make them seem like less of a problem simply because you have a clearer perspective of how you fit into the grand scheme of things.

4. You Get To Stay In Control in Video Chats.

Everyone’s experienced this at some point. You’re in the middle of a conversation, it seems to be going fine, and then it just goes sour. Maybe somebody started being snarky, or you suddenly felt like you were playing the third wheel. Do you just get up and leave, or wait until you have a chance to excuse yourself with some dignity still intact?

Well, if you’re random video chatting, you don’t have to stay in a conversation any longer than you want to. If your chat partner is boring, offensive, or just incompatible with your personality, you can end the chat with a click of a button. Plus, you can take your time to find the right chat partner, instead of settling for the best available option in a limited group of people.

5. Half The Work Of Establishing A Connection Is Already Done For You.

It’s never pleasant to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know that well, only to realize that they’re totally uninterested just a couple of minutes in. It’s the opposite with random video chats – people go there specifically to meet strangers. They’re already looking for someone to chat with, and if they think you’d make a good chat partner, that could very well be you.

6. You Can Realize That The World Is Full Of Awkward People.

There are plenty of people who flub a few words when they get nervous, act really hyper when they meet strangers or even laugh like a witch when they’re talking to their crush. If you have any odd little idiosyncrasies like these, rest assured that plenty of other people do as well – and you’ll probably come across quite a few on random video chats. Even if you don’t end up becoming a paragon of social confidence, maybe you can realize that your “problems” aren’t such a big deal after all.

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How Do You Think Random Video Chats Will Work For You?

Maybe you’ll enjoy the opportunity to try out a radical new shirt-and-hat combination, or you think the chance to start over with each new chat sounds pretty great. What do you think will happen when you start random video chatting? There’s only one way to find out!

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