Call of Duty: 7 Pro Tips for Warzone You Should Know

Winning a battle Royale video game like Warzone is not a joke. That’s why you need help from those who have mastered such games. The game pitches up to 150 players against one another in a challenging environment. It emphasizes gunfights, looting, and deadly confrontations.

So, if you’re struggling to make it past the first few minutes, the pro tips below will help you. But before them, we encourage you to grab some warzone hacks to simplify the game. With that, you can be sure of a smoother gaming experience and positive outcomes. With that said, let’s discuss the professional tips below.

7 Tips to Play Better in Warzone

This part of the article will run through useful seven tips every player should know in a war zone game

Customize your Gaming Settings

One of the things that determine your performance in a video game is your settings. If you ignore the controls, your efforts might be. Some settings to fix are the sensitivity, audio setting, and even the auto-aim settings.

Experts recommend a low sensitivity level on PC gaming but at least 0.80 for controller gamers. The low sensitivity ensures better aiming, shooting accuracy, and faster in-game adjustments. The auto-aim setting determines the angle the bullet moves.

If it is high, your bullets can reach a target even if the crosshair is far. You must make sure that your own sounds are not loud in audio settings, but you can hear the opponents’ sounds to catch them off guard.

Don’t Be Alone in Verdansk.

Warzone is tough, and players face many deadly fights from the beginning to the end. So, it’s better to play with others instead of landing on Verdansk alone. When other players watch your back, you can’t die carelessly.

Also, if other players are in squads and you’re alone, they’ll defeat you. This is because their firepower and collective effort will overwhelm you. The gulag is another reason not to fight alone.

When you die and fight in the 1vs1 match, there’s never a guarantee that you’ll win. In such cases, you’re automatically off the game. But if you have a team, they can repurchase you with $4500.

Strategize a Better Landing

The timing and spot where you land in Warzone affect your overall experience. Some players recommend an early landing, while some prefer a late landing. When you land early, you can loot faster and grab the best items.

You can also position better to fire at opponents as they land. On the other hand, landing late might not give you the best loot, but you’ll be safer.

Secondly, there are specific spots where you can find the best items. That’s why they’re called hot spots because every one targets them, and the fights are usually tough. If you’re a professional, you can take your chance like others. But if you’re a beginner, you might end your game faster.

Cash is Important Warzone

There are many things to do with cash in Warzone. Some of them include buying your loadout drop, self-revive kit, buying a teammate from the gulag, etc.

For example, a loadout drop in Rebirth Island costs $7500 while Verdansk 84 costs $10,000. As for a self-revive kit, you can plan for $4000 while it takes $4500 to buy a teammate who lost the Gulag fight.

Thankfully, there are many ways to make money in the game. You can focus on open-world looting, search dead opponents, or complete contracts. But amongst the contracts in War zone, you can make quick cash by completing the Scavenger contracts.

Positioning Affect Performance

Your spot on the map can make or mar your performance. Professionals recommend targeting the higher grounds on the map for a competitive advantage.

Some of the high grounds in this game include rooftops, high-rise buildings, hilltops, etc. Positioning on such locations will reduce your risk of being an easy target to snipers.

Also, you can have a better view of the opponents on the ground and easily notice an attack from any angle.

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Teamwork is Key in Warzone

Professionals recommend landing as squads for enhanced performance. That means you must plan together, communicate and protect each other.

Don’t try to be a lone wolf by wandering off and leaving your team. Always make sure you know where they are, and they also know your location. That way, you can avoid quick deaths face fights together.

Always aim for the Head

Many players love shooting for the fun of it. But if you’re aiming at winning, strategize each shot to kill your target. The best way to do that is a headshot. This saves you more time and ammo. Also, you can be sure of killing the target depending on the weapon you have or the HP level of your opponent.


It takes a lot of practice and effort to win Warzone. But the tips we’ve shared above will help you perform better and even secure a win sometimes. Don’t forget that teamwork is the best. Also, you must make cash and land smartly. Also, headshots save you time, and positioning is also key in the game.

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