Complete Guide on Conn’s Credit Card Activation and Login Process

Why you landed on this page is that you want to activate Conn’s HomePlus Credit Card Online. You are lucky, in this article you will be guided on everything you need to know about Conn’s Credit Card, such as the application process, login guide and many more.

Conn’s Inc has its headquarters located in Woodlands, Texas, United States. They deal with home appliances such as mattresses, electronics, furniture and applicant store.

Not only that customers are assisted through the amazing customer assisting teams of the organization.

Conn’s HomePlus company operates in a large number of different locations in the United States and the Caribbean. These locations include locations in Colorado, Florida, Arizona, South Carolina, and New Mexico, among others. 

What Makes Conn’s Card Different?

Why is Conn’s credit card differ from others? At Conn’s HomePlus, there is a low payment finder to help you find the finest financing alternatives that would result in the lowest payments possible.

The company make most of your budget, regardless of whether you have good or bad credit. They have a better payment alternative to over 5 million clients by stepping in and financing them directly. You might be amazed at what you can accomplish when you put Conn’s HomePlus to work for you!

How to Register an Account for New Customers

Creating an account on the website will allow you to expedite the checkout process, see and track your orders, pay your bills, and perform other functions.

Therefore, to register an account, you only need toper a simple process or task. Just follow the process in this part of the article.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website

Step 2 ====> Now select REGISTER from the drop-down menu

Step 3 ====> Choose establish a New Customer Account

Step 4 ====> Complete the Personal Information section.

Step 5 ====> Please supply the same information that you did in your credit application.

Step 6 ====> Email Address, First Name, Last Name

Step 7 ====> Subscribe to the Newsletter

Step 8 ====> Enter Your Mobile Number

Step 9 ====> By texting 35968, you agree to receive text messages from Conn’s HomePlus.

Step 10 ====> Now you need to give your express written consent through text to receive recurrent marketing messages from or on behalf of Conn’s HomePlus to enroll.

Step 11 ====> Now set your account Password. It must be at least 8 characters long containing capital, lowercase, a number, and special characters like @,$, per cent, &,*,#,!-,?

Step 12 ====> Repeat the same password in Password Confirmation section

Step 13 ====> Choose the Remember Me option if you wish to save your credentials and remain logged in while the other visit.

Procedure to Apply for a New Card

In other to apply new Conn’s HomePlus Credit Card Online. Applicants should follow the following steps. It is very simple and straightforward.

Step 1 ====> As a new user, you need to fill out the prequalification form

Step 2 ====> To access the form visit or

Step 3 ====> Before completing the application form, find the factors affecting the credit score

Step 4 ====> Start buying online payments or in-store payments for affordable monthly payments. 

Step 5 ====> Keep track of the credit balance for the smooth future payments and to avoid the overall burden

Log in to My Conn’s Credit Card Account Online

Now that you have created your account, you need to log in to your online account. The process is simple and easy to go about. Follow the step guide in this part of the article to access Conn’s Credit Card online account.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit Conn’s Card HomePlus Login if you wish to log in to your account.

Step 2 ====> Enter your Email Address in the first given field

Step 3 ====> Now provide your Password in the next box

Step 4 ====> You can click on the Remember Me option if you wish to save your credentials and remain logged in while the other visit

Step 5 ====> If you are able to enter the right login details, you should be able to log in to Conn’s HomePlus Credit Card Online account.

Activate your Conn’s Credit Card via

Now, you need to activate your Coon’s HomePlus Credit Card before you can use it. Without activation, your credit card is useless in your wallet.

Therefore, you need to follow the steps in this part of the article to completely activate Conn’s Credit Card via

Step 1 ====> You need to visit Conn’s activation page by typing into the address bar using your devices, such as Computer, Smartphone or Tablet

Step 2 ====> On the activation page, locate and click or tap on the ACTIVATE NOW button

Step 3 ====> Now, you need to select the product you want to buy and the amount of financing you require.

Step 4 ====> Then, click or tap on the Next button. You will be sent to the following screen if you do so.

Step 5 ====> Now on the, provide the following in the space provided: First name, Middle name (optional), Last name, Email, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, Mobile Phone Number, Home Phone Number, Street Address, Apartment / Suite / Other (Optional), Zip Code, City, and State.

Step 6 ====> After that, click CONTINUE PREQUALIFICATION.

Step 7 ====> On the following screen, you will be led to the next stage in the activation procedure for your Conn’s card.

Step 8 ====> So, on the following page, simply follow the on-screen directions to finish Conn’s card activation procedure.

Once you followed the steps completely, you should be able to activate your Conn’s HomePlus Credit Card.

Benefits of Activating Conn’s Credit Card at

Now that you have activated your card. Here are the lists of benefits of activating your credit card.

====> There is no initial or yearly charge, no issue about charging

====> Details are announced in advance

====> As a customer, you will be able to make payments on a monthly basis through the process of monthly payment methods

====> You have access to your account balance at any time

====> As a user of Conn’s HomePlus Credit Card, you can make payment in any of the following processes: online payment, mail payment and payment in person

====> You have access to zero per cent interest financing in the first 24 months

====> The account information will be updated anytime.

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How to Make Payment through Conn’s Credit Card

We have come through all the benefits of Conn’s credit card, now we need to run through the payment process.

As of that, this part of the article will cover the process of making payments using Conn’s HomePlus Credit Card through the online process.

You need to log in to your online account using your login details. Paying in-store is an option. You can either pay by cash or through a debit card

Pay by mail. Ensuring the payment is done before the due date if you are opting for this method to avoid a last-minute burden. 

Not only that, but you can also pay by phone. If you are facing issues call the customer care

Conclusion on Conn’s HomePlus Credit Card

At Conn’s HomePlus, it is all about making things happen in your home. With the use of credit cards, the payment process becomes so easy and simple.

 The Low Payment Finder was created to assist you in locating the best financing options that would result in the lowest payments available. Regardless of whether you have good or terrible credit, you make the most of your budget.

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