Whatsapp Conference Calls

How To Activate Whatsapp Conference Calls On Android

WhatsApp is ranking among the messaging apps this day. WhatsApp releases some features that make it unique among other messaging apps. The first era of this app do not allow its user to make what we called group call. WhatsApp conference calls is one of the feature I love most, as this allows you to call more than two person at a time.

The new feature would mean that a total of four people, including the person who started it, would be part of this group call.

This feature is now and rolling now, but not everyone using WhatsApp know much about this. Then, that is why we shall be dealing with how to activate WhatsApp conference calls on android smart phone.

In one of our article we put more light on conference calls. Some questions were answered, such as, what are the benefits of conference calls among others.

Meanwhile, almost every smartphone user is using WhatsApp nowadays, I believe is for instant messaging and chatting. WhatsApp is the most user friendly and popularized app in Google Play Store for texting your friends or family members.

I am very sure that you will be able to activate WhatsApp conference calls on your Android devices at the end of this STEP-BY-STEP guide.

How To Activate Whatsapp Conference Calls On Android

Conference Calls are something which many people are using nowadays to conduct essential meetings or for chilling out with several friends simultaneously. A lot of people have asked WhatsApp to add the conference or group calling feature, yet there’s no official statement by the company on the same. But you can still make conference calls or group calls with your WhatsApp account, that is the big reason you are reading this article.

Whatsapp Conference Calls

In this method, we have to make use of a third party app called Booyah Group chats which is a video and voice group calling app built for Android devices. You can download the Booyah group calling app on your device using the direct links. Here are the steps to make WhatsApp conference calls with this app.

Step 1 ====> Once you had downloaded the Apk file of Booyah app, go to your “Downloads” folder and tap on the apk file.

Step 2 ====> The app will begin to install on your device as soon as you grant the necessary permissions.

Step 3 ====> Now after the installation of Booyah app, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions to get started on the app.

Step 4 ====> Once the setup is completed, you will find an option called Start. Just click on it to make a conference call with your Whatsapp contacts.

Step 5 ====> As soon as you click on the Start option, you will be prompted to select your preferred app for calling. Then choose Whatsapp as the preferred option.

Step 6 ====> Now Whatsapp will open, and you will have to select contacts with whom you wish to make the conference call. Once the contact is selected, the recipient will receive a link to accept your request.

Step 7 ====> Once the recipient accepts your request, a new screen page will show up where you can continue your conference call.

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How To Make Conference Calls On Android Phone

Lastly On WhatsApp Conference Calls

As you can see, with this app you will make group calls on your WhatsApp account without any issue. Share this post with friends on social media.


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