How to Add Funds to zkSync Wallet with MetaMask

In this tutorial, we’ll use MetaMask to deposit money into a zkSync wallet. The first transaction following a deposit is subject to an account activation fee. Save aside an extra $20 to cover it when gas prices are high.

Connect your wallet to the Ethereum Mainnet by choosing the “Ethereum Mainnet” option in MetaMask’s top bar. You can get it done without stress; you only need to follow a simple process as we explained in this article.

Step 1 ====> Visit (opens new window) and connect your wallet

====> To connect to the zkSync 1.0 Mainnet:

====> You need to click on the Ethereum symbol at the bottom right

====> Then, select Mainnet

Step 2 ====> Select “+ Top up

When adding money to your zkSync wallet, you have a variety of options, including FIAT onramps, Exchanges, and Bridges (for this tutorial we will use the zkSync bridge)

Step 3 ====> Choose your token, enter the amount, and click “Top up

If you are unable to get your token:

On the Tokens page (opens a new window), some tokens will be identified by their internal id number rather than their token symbol. For instance, ERC20-23 = UNI

====> Add new token to zkSync

====> Now select Can’t find a token?

====> Use the link to access the Tokens page (opens a new window)

====> Finally. select “Add New Token” at the top right corner and follow the directions

You must pay a gas fee on Ethereum to authorize the deposit to zkSync if you add a coin that needs permission. Before proceeding to step 4, the following messages will appear.

Step 4 ====> Examine the transactional data (information) and confirm.

As you deposit money from L1 to L2, this is an L1 transaction, therefore the fee you select determines how long it takes for it to appear in a block.

The processing of your transaction on L1 precedes the appearance of your funds on L2. If you have any issues, check Etherscan (opens a new window) to keep track of the transaction.

Step 5 ====> Your down payment is finished! Once 10 confirmations of your L1 transaction, the transaction has started, and your funds will be displayed in your zkSync wallet.


Your balance will display a single yellow check mark next to it, meaning the zkSync server has completed your transaction and your money is now available for use.


2 green checkmarks signify that the Layer 1 smart contract has produced and received the proof for the block containing your transaction.

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