Adobe Flash: How To Enable Adobe Flash Player On Android Phones

Enough is enough, after years of dealing with Adobe Flash, be it performance issues or repeated security issues, with the latest zero day fix dropping this days in response to Sunday’s “Hacking Team” revelation.  It is time to disable Adobe Flash player in Chrome either on PC, Android, Tablet, iPhone, Window phones and many more.

Although millions of sites no longer have Flash Player but it is still being used on a lot of websites. The lack of Adobe Flash on the open Android makes the web experience rather cumbersome or difficult when videos are involved.

Meanwhile, Adobe Flash Player was a backbone of multiple site to display interactive videos and flash object in past. However, with new advancement in web technology and introduction of HTML5, the flash player has been slowly ruled out. Also, the Flash object takes higher loading time which is considered bad for user experience.

Adobe Flash Player: How To Enable Flash Player In Google Chrome

Adobe Flash Player is no longer available in Google Play Store for downloading. However, Android users can download and install Flash Player from the Archived Flash Player versions page.

Adobe may have cut support for Flash in Android Jelly Bean and beyond, but the great many sites and services that continue to make heavy use of the standard suggest it is far from dead. For those of us relying on a Jelly Bean, KitKat or Lollipop phone or tablet as our main computer, and who still want to access Flash Player content such as catch up TV, online games and video, it is a real problem.

This article will show you how to manually install Adobe Flash Player on Android devices as well as enabling.

Manually installing Adobe Flash Player on Android devices

To manually install Flash Player on an Android device, the following steps will guide you through:

===> Ensure that the Android device is connected to the Internet.

===> From the Settings menu, tap Security or Applications (older Android OS versions), and then tap Unknown Sources. Tap OK to confirm your selection.

Adobe Flash

===> Close Settings, and then launch the browser.

===> Search for “flash player archive page” on the search bar or navigate directly to the Adobe Flash Player Archive page.

===> On the Archive page, scroll down to Flash Player for Android archives.

===> Find a version of Flash Player that is compatible with your Android operating system, and then tap the link to download the Flash Player installer. Download begins automatically.

===> When download completes, close the browser.

===> Open Notifications, and then tap install flash player.apk.  When prompted, tap Install.

===> When installation completes, tap Done.

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How to enable Adobe Player in Android 4.4 KitKat:

Here us how you can enable Flash Player in Android 4.4 KitKat based device:

===> Download Dolphin Jetpack from the Google Play Store.

===> Next download the Flash Player which is a hacked version of Flash.

===> Go to Settings —> Securities —> Unknown resources. This will let you install apks outside the Google Play i.e. unknown installations.

===> Make sure to first install any previous version of Flash before installing the hacked Flash Player for the compatibility.

===> In Dolphin Browser, go to Menu —> Settings —> Web Content —> Flash Player to enable the flash setting in the browser.

Adobe Flash

Update Adobe Flash Player

Updating Adobe Flash Player is nothing but downloading new Flash Player installation file from the Adobe. If you receive an error messaging saying Update your Adobe Flash plugin or player, then download and reinstall the latest version from source link mentioned above. However, few browsers (Microsoft Edge) automatically update the Flash in background when there is new release.

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Once reinstalled with the new Flash plugin version, the older version will be automatically overwritten with new updated files and the error would be gone. Also, we recommend closing all the browsers while in process of installation and upgrade.

Finally on Adobe Flash Player

This is not a perfect solution and brings the usual Flash problems but works just fine. Let me know how this goes for you. I do hope that Android remains open at large and do not introduce any such bans on other services. In case this article has helped you on Adobe Flash Player, do share among your friends on social media.

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