Android Phone Overheating

Android Phone Overheating? Here Are Different Ways To Tackle It

Do you discover that your Android phone overheating whenever you use it? Do you try to cool it for a while before using it again? Do you care to know why your Android machines produce more heat than the usual? These and many other questions you will be able to answer as you keep reading this article.

Smartphones are getting more advanced every day, such as increase in power and decrease in size. However, this advancement has also led to an increase in Android phone overheating issue.

With more processing power, more heat is generated, and a compact device makes it hard to release the heat properly.

In addition to this, the level at which you operate your Android phone determine the amount of heat it will generate. This is what I discover of recent, playing games with large size, browsing using your smartphone for long period of time and many other action on your will generate more heat on your phone.

But luck you are as you will learn how you can tackle Android phone overheating issues on your smart device in this article.

How to prevent Android phone overheating issues

There are different actions you can take to control the level of heat generated from your Android smart phone. Here are some of the actions:

Use the original charger

I discover this as one of the reasons why Android phone overheating, when the charger I bought with phone got spoilt. I use some pirated charger, during the period I used this charger, the heat generated from the phone increased.Android Phone Overheating

That is why you need to read the manual that comes with your phone? Every phone manufacturing company always mentioned that don’t use duplicate chargers because it may damage your phone’s battery.

The battery is the main reason why our phone overheats. Therefore make sure to use the original charger that comes with your phone.

Stop Overusing To Prevent Android Phone Overheating

Why blaming the Android phone on overheating, let consider the usage habit first. Smart phones are powerful, but they are not manufactured for continuous use like gaming consoles or PCs. Simply because they are developed with limited cooling system and space. They depend on a battery that generates more heat.

So if you really want to reduce you Android phone overheating, then you need to lower the period you operate it.

Check Your WIFI

Well, WIFI itself doesn’t make your smart phone to overheat. However, it was the apps that get triggered on the background whenever your smartphone connects to a WIFI network.

So, make sure to check all the background updates whenever your phone connects to a WIFI network.

Your Android Phone’s Case Might Cause Android Phone Overheating

Putting your phone in a case for protection and beautification might result to overheating of your device. Cases are usually made of insulator material, like plastic or leather. Such material can keep the heat inside and cold outside, leading to overheating.Android Phone Overheating

Remove the case of the phone and use it to see if it still gets hot.  If you find the case to be causing the problem, then either remove it or replace it with a more open one.

Heavy Streaming

Another factor that may cause your phone to generate more is watching videos and movies on it. We usually, spend our time watching movies in our Android device while traveling. This requires more work from the phone processor which consumes not only the power but also generate heats as well.Android Phone Overheating

Especially in the case when we want a clearer picture like a High definition, we combine the load of playing video with the load of data connection over a long period of time that cause our smartphones to overheat.

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Malware And Viruses

Malware could also be the cause of your Android phone overheating because such malicious programs are not configured to be easy on the resources. It is therefore advice to download Avast Mobile Security & Antivirus and scan your phone for any malware or viruses.

It will find and delete any type of malware and let you know what is deleted. After the scan, try using your phone again and see if it heats up.

Damaged Battery

Another thing to put into consideration here is the battery of your phone, if your phone battery is old or damage, this could result Android phone overheating whenever you use it for long period. Some time when you use fake or pirated battery on your smart phone, the phone might generate more heat.Android Phone Overheating

If you had it for less than a year, then you must do free replacement battery by having the warranty claim. You can carry out the battery from your phone to check whether it is expanded or swollen or twisted. If it doesn’t fit in the space given on your phone, then it is defective and needs to be replaced.

Use Clean Master To Cool Down Your Phone

Clean Master is an amazing Android app that offers all the features you need to minimize resource usage and cool down your phone.

Android Phone Overheating

It has a cooler option that automatically detects phone heating up and prompt you to press the button to cool it down. This feature will automatically find apps that are overheating the phone and stop them.

Android Phone Overheating During Call

Your Android phone may overheat during extended phone calls and make it hard to call. Calls use a lot of resources, you can notice how calls drain phone battery. If you call for hours, then it is obvious that the phone will heat up.

However, the warmth and moisture of your hands also contribute to overheating the phone. On average, 1 hour of continuous call should make the phone warm, but not hot enough to be of any danger.

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Try to keep your calls below an hour with extended breaks in between. If you find your phone to be heating up rather quickly, then try using headphones or Speaker option to make a call without touching the phone.

Outdated softwareAndroid Phone Overheating

Outdated software is not considered as the main factor for overheating your phone. But updated software helps your phone works smoother and faster which reduces strain on your phone and will help in maintaining its temperature.

Heavy Gaming

Your Android play store provides you the variety of entertaining games and applications are created and discovered every day.Android Phone Overheating

Some of the games and applications consume more processing power than others depending on the complexity of the app and when you combine these two, then they start heating up.

Games nowadays not only require high RAM and better processor it also needs the data connection. That is the another reason why our phone overheats while playing games.

Therefore, if you want to play heavy games on your Android make sure you have cleared the background tasks.

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