How to Stop Android’s Keyboard from Censoring Your Messages

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

I believe this has happened to you in several occasion, but you don’t take good note of it. Somehow, somewhere you want to express you feeling using a wonderful words, then Android can tamper with this thought of yours by coming up with wrong spelling of such word.  To start with, we must point out that there are lots of, many alternatives for keyboard on Android.

Here on this article, we are going teaching us how to stop Android’s keyboard from censoring your messages. Meanwhile, we are going to discuss the 3 most well liked Android keyboard: SwiftKey, Gboard, and the default Samsung keyboard. For those who use one thing other, equivalent choices might exist, however you might have to dig round within the keyboard’s settings menu to seek out them.

How to Permit Offensive Language in SwiftKey Keyboard

By means of default, SwiftKey is lovely excellent about letting you are saying what you need to mention so long as you spell appropriately to your first check out. As an example, it gained substitute fucking with ducking, however in the event you by accident sort fuxking, SwiftKey is not going to select fucking because the alternative.

To get your textual content corrections right, you will first wish to determine what your common place typos are (sure, it is some paintings, I do know) after which use textual content alternative to get your required end result. To try this:

Step 1 ====> Open SwiftKey’s Settings menu, you will find it within the app drawer. Within the menu, select the Typing choice

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

Step 2 ====> At the Typing web page, tap the Clipboard surroundings. It is a peculiar position for SwiftKey to position textual content correction settings, however that is the place.

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

Step 3 ====> At the Clipboard web page, faucet the Upload a New Clip choice. Within the New Clip window that pops up, sort your typo on the most sensible, the alternative phrase on the backside, after which faucet Save.

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

From this level ahead, every time you typo that specific phrase, SwiftKey will mechanically substitute it together with your most popular correction.

How to Allow Offensive Language on the Samsung Keyboard

The Samsung keyboard is similar to SwiftKey in that it will allow you to use offensive language if you spell it correctly. But again, if you write your vulgarities … it really does not do anything. The Samsung keyboard is terrible in self-correction. It will make some suggestions, but it does not replace the word (in my proof of vulgarity, anyway).

Also like SwiftKey, however, you can use text replacement to transform those fuxking errors into the correct fucked up text. With an open but blank text box, tap the gear icon in the suggestion bar. Choose the option Smart Writing and then Text Shortcuts.

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

On the Text Shortcuts page, touch the Add button in the upper right corner. In the Add Shortcut window that appears, type your spelling error in the first box and the correct word below. When finished, tap the Add button, and bam -correse.

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

How to Allow Offensive Language on Gboard

If you are one of Gboard user, that is Google’s stock keyboard on Pixel devices, but it is also available on the Play Store; if you don’t have it, you can try it today. Here are the steps to enable offensive language in Gboard.

Step 1 ====> Go to your Settings. The easiest way to do this is to open a text box and then long press the emoji key / comma.

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

Step 2 ====> When the three bubble pop-up appears, slide to the gear icon.

Step 3 ====> In the Settings menu, choose the option “Text correction”.

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

Step 4 ====> Here is a button to block offensive words: swipe the bad boy, and you can write whatever you want to avoid.

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

Step 5 ====> If you use a lot of voice text, you are & # 39; you will notice that it also blocks offensive language by using asterisks f ****** to censor you. To change this, return to the Settings and choose the Write by voice option.

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

Step 6 ====> In the Voice menu; slide the Block offensive words to toggle to the off position. Now, you can talk freely

Android’s Keyboard from Censoring

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