How to Apply for a Canadian Visa in Nigeria

Planning to explore the mesmerizing landscapes and vibrant cities of Canada? You are not alone! Canada is a popular destination for Nigerians seeking opportunities for study, work, or tourism. However, before you can embark on your Canadian adventure, you need to navigate the visa application process.

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Every single year, over 30 million people visit Canada to explore and enjoy all the wonderful benefits the country has to offer. Nigerians represent a significant percentage of people who visit Canada.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of applying for a Canada visa in Nigeria, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience

Classes of Canadian Visa Available to Nigerians

There are various classes of Canadian visas available to Nigerians which are

====> Study permits

====> Work permits and

====> Temporary Resident visa or Visitor visa

Note that if you intend to travel to Canada on a mission rather than business-related or just visiting, you must apply for a visa type in the appropriate classification. A temporary work permit may not be used for a study permit so you must be careful.

To find out if you need a Temporary Resident Visa (also called TRV or simply Visitor Visa), you can follow this link.

Documents Required For Canada Visa in Nigeria

Here is the list of visa requirements in order to apply for Canadian Visa in Nigeria:

====> Passport (Valid for at least 6 months)

====> Previous passports with visa pages

====> Marriage certificate, if married

====> Two colored background photographs

====> Travel Itinerary and copy flight reservation

====> Recent Medical Statement, if applicable

====> Invitation letter from a host in Canada if invited

====> Proof of visa application fee (receipt) and, if applicable, bio-metric fee

====> Download Canada Checklist and Fill out the corresponding Canada form.

====> Recent Bank statement showing sufficient funds for the duration of the trip. The banks’ statement must not be more than 3 months old

====> Proof of ties in Nigeria (i.e. employment letter, investment, proof of businesses or assets, and so on)

====> For minors under 18 traveling alone will need a letter of authorization signed by both parents or legal guardians. If traveling with one parent, a letter of authorization from the non-accompanying parent or legal guardian is required

Canadian Visa Application Process in Nigeria

Now, let us work you through the simple and complete process to apply for Canadian visa in Nigeria.

Step 1 ====> Download the Canada ChecklistVisitor Form (IMM 5257), and Canada Family Form 5645.

Step 2 ====> Now carefully fill out the application forms correctly on a system and print them out for future use.

Step 3 ====> You need to book a date for a Canada appointment for biometrics/submissions.

Step 4 ====> Now request for VFS consent form and fill. VFS is a third party allowed to collect Canada visa applications and biometrics from applicants.

Step 5 ====> Pay the visa fees online or in cash at the Canada submission center.

Step 6 ====> Submit your Canada application at the VFS Global (Canada submission center) for an offline process (paper application)

Step 7 ====> You are required to pay the service charge if you chose the paper application.

A receipt with a unique tracking number which you can use to track the progress of your application online will be issued to you at the center.

Canada Online Visa Application

The online application process is faster and as well saves money and time. Some of what you will not pay is the service charges and paperwork.

Step 1 ====> Visit the online Canadian visa application site

Step 2 ====> Scan and upload all your documents via the online website.

Step 3 ====> Print Out Application. You must print out your Canada visa application after you have successfully paid for your application online.

A waiver form is available, in case you are unable to provide all the required documents.

In addition to the list mentioned above, come along with a copy of your data page, appointment slip, and biometric letter, if you opt-in for online application.

Canada Study Permit

Pursuing higher education in Canada is a dream for many Nigerian students. With its world-class educational institutions, multicultural environment, and ample opportunities for research and career growth, Canada has become a sought-after study destination.

The Absolute Easiest and Most Accessible Way to Relocate to Canada This year!! No matter the country you come from!

However, before you can embark on your educational journey, you must obtain a Canada Study Permit. In this part of the article, we will delve into the details of the Canada Study Permit application process from Nigeria, equipping you with the necessary information to navigate the procedure successfully.

Application Requirement:

====> Two passport-sized photos of you, with your name printed on the reverse, that were taken within the last six months.

====> Passport, the first e-passport for Nigeria. Prior passport(s) with travel history is necessary.

====> The acceptance letter: Original and a copy of the letter of acceptance, which specifies whether admission is unconditional or conditional, from your Canadian educational institution. You must demonstrate that you can fulfill the requirements for the course title, level of study, length of study, and start date.

====> Academic papers: Copies and originals of current academic status (recent transcripts). Results from WAEC/SSCE/NECO; transcripts from post-secondary education; and all certificates and/or diplomas.

You are required to present documentation of your whole educational background, including the street names and addresses of ALL previous educational institutions you attended. Include your NYSC certificate, if any.

Financial Record

Evidence that you have enough money set aside to pay for your studies and living expenses in Canada for at least a year.

You should have at least CAD $10,000 available to pay living expenses in addition to the cost of tuition. If a spouse or partner is accompanying the student, an extra minimum need of CAD $4,000 must be applied, as well as CAD $3,000 for each accompanying kid or other accompanying dependent. The evidence consists of:

====> Financial records for a legitimate pension plan, as well as evidence of earnings from rental properties, equities, or bonds, may also be submitted.

====> For the duration of your academic program, you must also demonstrate a trustworthy source of funding.

====> Certified bank statements or financial investments with a six-month history, beginning in the month of submission or ending one month earlier, in original plus one copy.

====> Tuition payment is not necessary at the time of application submission. Following a successful review of the student application, a visa may not be issued until proof of tuition payment is provided.

The official fee schedule includes tuition, lodging, and meal plans, as well as other costs (such as memberships, books, and medical insurance).

Reference/Sponsorship letter

From the person or people giving you financial support for your initiative. The letter must include the person’s name, position, relationship to you, the number of dependents they have, and all of their contact information.

Include documentation proving the sponsorship is coming from extended relatives. Proof can include things like a family tree, pictures, if necessary, and documentation of previous financial support for your study.

Employer contact information and the full street address of the business location are required if your employer plans to sponsor.

Police Report

Original police clearance certificates for the applicant and any accompanying family members who are older than 18 years old were obtained from C.I.D. Headquarters.

Additionally, certificates are needed for every nation where they spent more than six months after turning 18 in.

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Proof of Employment

Proof of employment includes pay stubs from the last three months and a letter from your current or former employer. Employment letter stating the occupation, job title, position, pay, benefits, dates of employment, and dates of approved leave and dated within two months of the application.

If you are self-employed, provide proof of your business. Business registration, tax clearance, trade, licensing, and financial documentation should be provided. (Certified business bank statement covering the last six months as of the application submission date).

Types of Canada Visa in Nigeria

We have demonstrated how to apply for a visa to Canada from Nigeria. Let’s quickly summarize the types of Canada visas that are offered.

Canada Business visa

The primary use of a Canada business visa is for commercial purposes; it does not grant you the authority to extend an invitation to anyone. It’s a transient visa. Visa validity is determined by the embassy. You will require a letter of invitation from the host or conference or event organizer.

Canada Tourist visa

Similar to a temporary resident visa (TRV), a Canada tourist visa enables foreigners to enter Canada for leisure travel. With a tourist visa for Canada, you cannot encourage anyone to visit. Additionally, if you have a tourist visa for Canada, you cannot work there.

Canada study permit

You can study in Canada if you have a study permit. You require an acceptance letter, proof of tuition, a transcript for the Master’s program, and, if applicable, a sponsor’s bank statement. You are able to accept various stipends while studying in Canada with a study permit. You can invite your family to come to Canada on this visa.

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