Aspire Federal Credit Union Platinum MasterCard Review and Application Process

Aspire Credit Card Review and Application

Along with some MasterCard benefits, this card (Aspire Credit Card) offers a long interest-free period for purchases and balance transfers. Not only that, it has low regular APRs after that. You must be a member of Aspire Federal Credit Union in order to apply for the card.

This credit card is issued through the Bank of Missouri. Aspire Credit Card is an unsecured MasterCard available through invitation.

As a matter of fact, to apply for Aspire Visa Card, you need to have received a pre-approval letter from Aspire that will contain an acceptance code you can use to gain access to the online application process.

After filling out the online card application, you will have your Aspire credit card mailed to you and gain access to the card’s features such as its online banking app and credit score monitoring service.

The Aspire platinum rewards MasterCard is a low-interest balance transfer card that comes with a 0% intro balance transfer APR for 6 billing cycles. After that, your rate will be 10.90%–18.00% Variable.

You can earn 5000 points after spending $2,000 in the first 3 months of account opening. You will get 1X point per dollar for all of your card purchases.

Aspire Credit Card MasterCard Basics

The Aspire Credit Card MasterCard comes in two types that you need to choose from. They are

====> The Aspire MasterCard

====> Aspire Cash-Back Reward MasterCard

Aspire MasterCard does not offer any rewards to the customers while Aspire Cashback Reward Mastercard gives 1% cash back whenever you use the card.

On the other hand, both cards come with some basic benefits like sending you transaction alerts, letting you see your credit score and not holding you liable for fraud.

NOTE: Previously, you could get an Aspire Visa credit card, but Aspire has removed that card from its website as of publication.

Aspire tailored its credit cards to those who have poor credit and want to rebuild it without needing a secured card backed by some kind of asset like a bank account balance.

This simply means, the card tends to have a higher interest rate on purchases along with fees you might not pay on other cards as mentioned above in the article.

Feature of Aspire Visa Card

Before we move with what we need to offers in this article about Aspire credit card, we will gladly highlight the feature of this credit card.

====> This credit card offers 0% intro APR for 6 billing cycles for purchases and balance transfers

====> The interest rate varies after the 6 billing cycles, your rate will be 10.90%–18.00%

====> You will earn 5000 points after spending $2000 in the first 3 months of opening your account

====> You will also get 1X point per dollar for all of your purchases through Aspire Federal credit union Platinum MasterCard

====> Through this credit card, you will enjoy all benefits associated with MasterCard

====> No annual fee is required on Aspire credit card. You don’t need to worry about the annual fee.

NOTE: If you are not a member of Aspire Federal Credit Union, you must apply for membership before you can apply for this card.

Aspire Credit Card Application Process

Before you can apply for this credit card, you ought to have received an invitation from Aspire. This invitation is referred to as part of screening process.

In that case, Aspire has seen your basic credit information through a soft credit pull and finds that you qualify based on their criteria.

When you get this Aspire credit card pre-approval letter in the mail, look near the end of the letter for a 14-digit acceptance code in bold letter.

Now you need to visit the Aspire website and click the Respond to Offer button. You will be redirect to another page where you see a small form to enter and submit your acceptance code.

After you submitted the 14 digit codes, this will open up the application form, you need to fill in any requested personal information needed, confirm the terms of the card and finalize and submit the application.

You will see a confirmation message at the end of the process and will usually receive your card within 10 business days.


Due to some reasons, you may have lost your code or the letter sent to you from Aspire. You can still apply since Aspire has a lookup tool on its website.

====> Instead entering your acceptance code in the field, locate for a link beside Can’t find your acceptance code?

====> Now you can use the following details:

Your zip code

Last name

Last 4-digit numbers of your Social Security Number

====> Once you enter these details in the space provided, you will be able to pull up the application form

====> Fill the form and agree to terms and conditions

====> Finally, confirm you want to submit the application

Aspire Platinum MasterCard Activation Process

Before you can use this credit card, you need to activate your card. Without activation, you will not be able to use Aspire credit card.

In that case, once you have received your Aspire MasterCard, you can create an account for the Aspire Account Center to activate the card on the website or through Aspire’s mobile app.

You can use the Activate Card link on Aspire’s website to get started. Making your account or logging in to activate the card.

In addition to this, using the Aspire Account Center to activate the card, you can pay your monthly card bill, view statements and see recent transactions.

You can also see your credit score after 60 days have passed since you opened your account.

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If you are unable to access the internet, you can still activate this credit via phone call. You need to Aspire’s card services customer care line on 1 855 802 5572.

You will have to enter your Social Security number for verification and then follow the system’s prompts to select the option to activate a card.

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