How To Avoid Fake Facebook Friend Request

Fake Facebook Friend Request

Facebook is amazing place to make fun of your life with different people across the globe. On Facebook you share information, photos, and even your experience with your friends and relatives. Then Facebook is a wonderful venue to add friends, but one need to avoid fake facebook friend request in other to prevent you form the risk of using.

One of the big reasons you need to avoid fake facebook friend request is preventing your details from scammers. Everything you see on Facebook must be view with reasonable consideration, these include what you post and what you read on you feed.

Viewing these wit caution will prevent you from been a victim to those who are out to cause you grief or separate your from your money.

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Why Would Someone Care to Create a Fake Friend Request?

You may receive fake Facebook friend request for any reasons, some harmless, some malicious, here are some types of people that might send you fake and/or malicious friend requests. Irrespective of the reasons behind fake Faccebook friend request, it is advisable to avoid them. Here are some of propose reasons for sending fake Facebook friend request.

  1. Ex-Lovers

These include you Ex-wife, Husband, Boyfriend or Girlfriend. Your relationship with these people might end badly, then you decided to unfriend them. Due to this, you think they are gone, NO. They are certainly within your Facebook friend circle.  But they may try to find their way back in by creating a false profile and befriending you using their new alias. Therefore, this is regarded as fake facebook friend request.

  1. Scammers

Scammers may create fake Facebook profiles and request to be your friend in order to gain more access to personal information that you restrict to “friends only”. This information may include your contact information (for spamming), or other personal information that might be useful in setting you up for a phishing attack.

  1. Current Lover

If your spouse is trying to test your fidelity (ie state of been honest) in an unscrupulous manner.  They may resort to creating a false Facebook profile using an attractive profile picture (unkwon person) to entice you into becoming their friend so that they can further test you by trying to get you to respond to their suggestive posts or chats. They could record this information with the intent of using it against you later.

In addition to the above points, you might have other reasons to send fake facebook friend request to someone. The fact remains this, if you are the type, it is not good. Please do away from this habit.

Now that you have realize why they send fake facebook friend request to people. It is time to learn how to identifying them.

Identifying Fake Facebook Friend Request

Now that you have learned reasons behind sending fake Facebook friends request. Then let us go into identifying fake friend Facebook request.

If you are the type that observes clearly, you can easily identify fake friend request. Some scammers have gotten particularly adept at disguising their profiles, but for the vast majority of cases, there will be clear warning signs, these include:

  1. Few Friends:

New user of Facebook will surely have few friends on their friends circle. The friends include their immediate friends, relatives and few people you may know. Then if you receive friend request and after checking his or her friends, you don’t identify someone you know. This is surly a fake Facebook friend request, don’t accept it.

  1. Beautiful people:

Most of the scammers use the picture of attractive people, popular icon and the stars as their profile picture. If such people sent you a friend request, they are fake.

  1. Few or no post:

Another way of identifying fake Facebook friend request in by checking the post on its wall. Most of the time they have no post or less posts on their wall. Do avoid them, they are fake people.

  1. Action on message:

Fake people will not respond to message. If you tag them, they will only do nothing about it. If you have such people on your friends list, I will advice to unfriend the at once.

  1. Random likes:

Fake accounts often like a lot of different pages and posts in order to look more legitimate. But their selections rarely make any coherent sense. If it looks like the person is liking completely random things, a lot of brands, and pages that seem to contradict each other, then you are probably looking at a fake.

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