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Az people autozone login is an employee login portal for all the employees of AutoZone Auto Parts Company which is one of its kind and is an aftermarket automotive parts and accessories stores in the United States. This portal has been created with the aim of giving benefits, rewards to all its employees (AZPeople ).

AZPeople com, which is also famous among people as AutoZone Company, was established in the year 1979. It is known for providing its services of supplying products in the automotive business in a few more countries other than the US. You may avail of its service if you are someone who lives in the United States, Brazil, or Mexico

You will be amazed to know that presently, azpeople autozone com is running over 6,000 retailer stores while the number of working employees is believed to be over 90,000.

It may be difficult to visit the office regularly and therefore, you can easily reach them at their website portal for receiving any information or updates. This article talks specifically on AZPeople login, portal benefits, reset password and AZPeople register

Benefits of Using AutoZone Employee Account

Before you register on the portal, it is important to identify some of the benefits you gain from their service. To cut the story short, here are some of the benefits of using AZPeople.

====> Employees can check their awards online through their accounts themselves.

====> Users can access the AutoZone work schedule.

====> With the OpenAM account, AutoZone dress code and direct deposit are also made really smooth.

====> Employees will get live medication reminders, coaching, and a digital AutoZone discount card.

====> Every employee gets insurance, such as dental insurance, vision insurance, and life insurance.

====> Employees get discounts on vehicles and computers, which are associated with AutoZone.

====> Every AutoZone company employee can check their Paystub and payroll number.

====> Employees can get Direct Deposit access from the AZPeople web portal.

====> Employees can access their discounts given by the AutoZone company.

====> Employees can access their work schedule directly from the entrance.

====> Every employee receives 4 paid holidays and three paid floaters.

====> W-2 form and more information as well.

====> Above all, this user account increases the compliances

Now that you know what you will gain from setting up an account with az people autozone login company, it is time and the right time to put you through the process of creating an account on the portal. But before that, let quickly look at the requirements for creating an account with AZ People.

 Requirements on AZPople Portal

====> A Computer system is required, either desktop or a laptop

====> An active internet connection.

====> Activated Employee ID and password for the same.

====> A valid email should also be in your account.

====> Social Security Number (SSN)

How to Register For The AZPeople com Online Portal

Now that you have the requirement at hand, let run through the process of creating an account on the portal. Before you log in to your account, you will need to register first.

To log in to the portal, you should have an account. The process to register here may vary slightly from those of other portals. Follow the steps that I have shared below to activate the account.

az people autozone login

Step 1 ====> First of all, you need to visit the AutoZone registration portal to activate the account.

Step 2 ====> Then provide the username (Ignition/Employee ID) in the space provided.

Step 3 ====> Now, you will have to enter the Last name.

Step 4 ====> The next step involves filling up the Secret Code.

Step 5 ====> Then click the activate option over there.

How to Log-In on AZPeople Online Portal

You might come across different names such as AZ People Login, AutoZoner Login, AutoZone Login, OpenAM Login. All these are names used in place of AutoZone yet, they all will bring you to the same place, which is the web portal of AZ People com.

AZPeople: Login, Register, Reset Password,

It is an employee login portal and is for employees’ use. So, if you are an employee of AutoZone, don’t drop this great chance of logging into the official website. By creating your account, you can avail all the great benefits like discounts, perks, career opportunities, location of work, and many more.

Step 1 ====> First, you need to visit the Autozone payroll or Autozone official website ( or

Step 2 ====> Then type the employee ID in the necessary field.

Step 3 ====> Then provide your Ignition Password in the space provided.

Step 4 ====> Finally, click on the Log in option.

How To Reset Forgot Password on AZPeople

Since there are a lot of passwords that we need to keep in our mind these days, it is natural to forget one. In this situation, you don’t need to panic, as you can easily and quickly recover your password using your personal details.

azpeople autozone com

Step 1 ====> On the official website of AutoZone, which is, click on the Forgot Password button.

Step 2 ====> Enter your employee ID and your last name.

Step 3 ====> You will then get to see two options saying, search and the other one would be clear.

Step 4 ====> Click on the search button.

Step 5 ====> Then, following the steps as directed, you will be able to recover your password.

Former Employee AutoZoner Account

If you used to be an employee in AutoZone, the company has set up a new login portal exclusively for their former employees.

Former employees are those who have worked for AutoZone in the past and retired. These employees will also be able to enjoy benefits and they will receive paychecks too. But they have to submit their W2 forms.

To access all this information online, there is a separate former AutoZoner login portal. Just follow the steps given below to access your AZPeople login account if you are one of the former employees.

Autozone Pay Stubs [AZpeople Pay Stub]

AZPeople self-service is the system employees use to manage several components of their AutoZone employment, including; Employee stock purchase, all eligible employees may purchase AutoZone’s common stock at 85% of the lower of market value.

According to employee stock purchase plan, you are permitted to purchase up to $ 15,000 per year or 10% of compensation. The personal information you can change all of your personal information including contact number and address in your AutoZone HR system through AZPeople.

Payroll and compensation, access all of your payroll and compensation benefits including view and print your paycheck, view and print your year-end tax statement or Form W-2, request for W-2 correction if needed.

Steps To Activate Former AZPeople Login Account

As a former employee, you can activate your account through the following steps.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the AZpeople official site or copy and paste on your browser

Step 2 ====> Now, select the former Autozoner option.

Step 3 ====> On the next page, you need to click on the first time user, click here link.

Step 4 ====> Once you click there, you will receive guidance on how to activate your account.

Step 5 ====> Then click on the Login button. Further, please click on the Register Now button.

Step 6 ====> Select I HAVE A REGISTRATION CODE as an option.

Step 7 ====> Now enter the registration code. (REGISTRATION CODE: AutoZone-MyADP)

Step 8 ====> Fill all the information. Moreover, it generates a User ID automatically.

Step 9 ====> Now you need to set a password.

Step 10 ====> Read through the terms and conditions, then, accept them.

Step 11 ====> Next, click on the Create your Account button to complete the registration process.

Step 12 ====> Activate your account! An email from will be sent to you.

Step 13 ====> Login to your mail account, locate the link sent to you and click on it to get notifications from ADP.

Step 14 ====> Now you can Sign in to your AZPeople Login portal to access your paycheck and W-2 forms.

AZPeople App on Android Phones

The AZPeople or AutoZoners developed a mobile app capable for AutoZoners to have a centralized experience to view your AutoZone benefits, see your paycheck, order dress code and other useful content from career opportunities to discounts & perks as well as company news.

azpeople autozone

AZPeople App helps you to live a healthy and productive life. You and your family members may take part in health and wellness care programs and earn rewards. You may link your health and activity data from connected devices and apps like Google Fit

The app is safe and great, you can download the app on your device from the Google Play Store. You need to click the link here to download it on your app.

AZPeople App on iPhones

Perfect for ordering the right parts for your vehicle with just a few taps. Get the parts you need fast with same-day store pick up or convenient ship to home service.

A new, personalized app shows your vehicles, favourite store and AutoZone Rewards balance right on the home screen, making it easier than ever to find the right part at the right price. With the Zone on your phone, you’re that much closer to getting back on the road.

azpeople autozone com


Seller = AutoZone, Inc.

Size = 63.2 MB

Category = Shopping

Compatibility = Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Languages = English, French

Age Rating = Rated 4+

Copyright = © 2019 AutoZone, Inc.

Price = Free

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AutoZone Business Resource Groups

AutoZone’s Business Resource Groups (BRGs) demonstrate our commitment to embracing diversity and supporting our AutoZoners. Our BRGs consist of AutoZoners who share common interests or backgrounds and have a mission to contribute their voices, time, and talent to helping AutoZoners succeed in their careers.

BRG events and activities are open to all AutoZoners and help raise awareness and provide networking and career development opportunities.

The AutoZone Women’s Initiative, or AZ WIN, was created to strengthen women’s engagement and develop future women leaders by facilitating networking events and creating ongoing leadership and learning opportunities.

AZ NEXTGEN brings together inspired young professionals between the ages of 21-40 and provides them opportunities to connect, develop leadership skills, and introduce innovative thinking and practices to AutoZone.

Career Pathways: Training & Career Development on Azpeople Autozone com

At AutoZone, we are committed to the growth and career development of our AutoZoners. We demonstrate this commitment by providing:

====> Training (formal classroom, self-paced online, or on-the-job)

====> Tuition Assistance

====> Performance Feedback and Coaching

====> Individual Development Plans

We encourage AutoZoners to take advantage of the tools and resources they need to develop, learn and grow with AutoZone each and every day. Below is just one of many AutoZoner Success Stories that demonstrate the diverse career paths and growth potential at AutoZone.

AZPeople or AutoZone Q&A

This part of the article will cover frequently asked questions and possibly the right or correct answers to each question.

How do I Check My AutoZone Check Stub?

Current AutoZoners can access their W-2s through AZPeople, View Paycheck/W2. This service is available to former US AutoZoners only. Click the login button below to access your AutoZone paychecks and W2 forms

Is AutoZone a Good Job?

I will yes, it is a good college job. If you enjoy cars, AutoZone is a nice place to work. Commercial and DIY departments rarely work together.

On AutoZone, they work together. Working at AzPeople one of thing people desires, they pay very well. AZ is a strong company and they care about the Employees.

Never here will you experience HR not caring about things that go on in their stores if you have issues.  AZ is a strong company with great pay and benefits. No place is perfect, but they are as close as you can get. Work for them and retire, in my opinion.

How often do AutoZone Employees Get Paid?

It’s bi-weekly pay. Paychecks were every two weeks and delayed a week

What Day do AutoZone Employees Get Paid?

Wednesdays –Fridays, depends on whether or not you have your own bank account or that payroll card the company sets you up with. I use a company pay card and get my money on Friday.


The article contains all the information you need to know about AZPeople login and any of the doubts that you may confront during the process. Feel free to mention any problems in the comments below.

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