BackUp SMS Text Messages

How to BackUp SMS Text Messages on Android Phone

Much of the world has moved on from SMS, but it is still one of the most popular methods of sending messages across the globe. You get alert of your bank details via SMS, friends send vital information to you via text messages. Therefore, you cannot avoid of losing these amazing messages, that is why you need to backUp SMS text messages on Android phone.

And if you’re the data-hoarding type, then you might want to keep those SMS messages around for later reference, either in cold storage or an easily accessed format. But even bringing them with you from device to device is not actually that hard, and we are happy to walk you through this way to do it (backup SMS text messages)

Why do Want to BackUp SMS Text Messages On Android Phone

There are various reasons you may want to backup SMS text messages on your Android phone. Some time you’re your phone may stop working due to different reasons. You may lose your phone, your phone may spoil among any reason you may think of.

No matter the reason, the best action to take is save guide the text on your phone before any disaster. This is another reason you need as a matter of urgent to back up SMS text messages on your Android phone.

How to Backup SMS Text messages Via SMS Backup & Restore App

But if you want to make sure you never lose texts messages again, either by mistake or when switching over to a different device. Here is how to do it, using an app appropriately called SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd.

This app is a wonderful app, easy to use and available for free on Google play store. So, you don’t need to panic as you can lay your hand on this app on play store. Now I guess your phone is powered ON, and you have data, if not so, subscribe via your mobile service now.

Step 1 ====> Launch the Google Play Store from your home screen.

Step 2 ====> Go to the search bar and type SMS Backup and Restore, then tap search.

Step 3 ====> Now tap SMS Backup & Restore by SyncTech Pty Ltd, which should be the top result.

Step 4 ====> Then tap Install and follow by tapping Accept

Step 5 ====> Tap Open once the app has been installed successfully on your device.

BackUp SMS Text Messages

Step 6 ====> Tap Backup as soon as the app opened.

Step 7 ====> Then tap OK if you are certify with using a default folder on your device, or tap Custom Folder if you want to store your backups on a MicroSD card or in a specific folder on your phone.

Step 8 ====> Tap the checkbox next to the things you want backed up, especially the text messages (it is why you are reading this article).

BackUp SMS Text Messages

Step 9 ====> Tap your choice between Local Backup only or Local Backup and Upload, which reveals options to upload to Google Drive, Dropbox, or to Email. To upload your backup, you will need to install an Add-on for SMS Backup & Restore.

Step 10 ====> Now tap OK. Your text message conversations will now automatically be backed up to wherever you chose to back them up

BackUp SMS Text Messages

Now that you have back up SMS text Messages on your Android phone, you will be wonder how am I going to restore them. You have no problem, just read up as you will learn how to restore backup text messages on your phone.

How to Restore your SMS Messages

Step 1 ====> Launch SMS Backup & Restore on your phone, then tap Restore.

Step 2 ====> Tap the checkboxes next to the backups you want to restore. Depending on what you chose to back up, you may have both call logs and SMS messages

BackUp SMS Text Messages

Step 3 ====> Tap arrow next to the SMS messages backups if you have multiple backups stored and want to restore a specific one. Then tap Restore.

Step 4 ====> Tap OK. This info box informs you that to restore your messages you will need to temporarily set SMS Backup and Restore as your default messaging app.

BackUp SMS Text Messages

Step 5 ====> Tap Yes. Your messages and/or call logs will start restoring.

Step 6 ====> Tap Close once the restore is completed.

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