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Bank of Baroda

Bank of Baroda (BoB) is an Indian International Bank Offers Internet Banking Services, Mobile Banking Services, Accounts, Loans, and Financial Services to Corporate bodies among others.

This bank is under the ownership of the Ministry of Finance, the Indian Government. As a matter of fact, is one of the top 10 largest nationalized banks in the country? Bank of Baroda has more than 132 million customers, a total business of US$218 billion and more than 100 overseas offices across nations of the globe.

Baroda Bank was founded by Maharaja of Baroda, Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in July 1908 in the Princely State of Baroda, in Gujarat. The Government of India nationalized the bank, along with 13 other major commercial banks of India on 19 July 1969; the bank has been designated as a profit-making public sector undertaking (PSU).

In September 2018, the Indian government announced the merge of Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank to make it the second-largest lender in the country.

Bank of Baroda has subsidiaries and ATMs located across major countries like Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Belgium, Mauritius, United Kingdom, China, United States of America and many more.

Baroda bank allows customers to take three financial and non-financial transactions for free per month on saving account in major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. After the third transaction in that same month, customers will have to pay service charges of Rs.20 for every financial transaction and Rs.10 for every non-financial transaction.

Meanwhile, for customers in non-major cities, Baroda bank allows 5 free of charge transactions (financial and non-financial) each month.

Features & Benefits of Bank of Baroda Debit Card

====> With the debit card, you will have quick access to cash through more than 6900 Baroda Bank ATMs and over 1 lakh member bank ATMs

====> Bank of Baroda offers separate cards for two joint account holders

====> BoB enabled for Verified by Visa transactions

====> Baroda Bank customers have access to customer care facility 24/7

====> Baroda Bank debit cards are safe and secure transactions via PIN and EMV Chip

====> Debit cards of BoB are available in Visa, MasterCard and RuPay variants

Types of Debit Cards from Baroda Bank

This part of the article will list out various debit cards issued to customers by the Bank of Baroda. We will also relay a brief about these debit cards. On your side, you only need to keep reading as you explore the details.

Visa EMV Chip Debit Card

This is an international debit card issued by BoB, it can be used to withdraw money from ATMs, is good for online transactions and is great for making payments across the globe.

The premium category of this debit card will give cardholders a higher daily withdrawal limit of Rs.100000 and a purchase limit of Rs.200000 per day at POS. Not only that, Visa EMV Chip Debit Card is an EMV Chip based card that requires a PIN number for the transaction to be completed.

RuPay EMV Chip Debit Card

Just like the one mentioned above, it is an international debit card issued by the Bank of Baroda. This card can be used at all RuPay enabled ATMs and merchant outlets across the globe.

The RuPay EMV Chip Debit Card features a high daily purchase limit of Rs.200000 and ATMs withdrawal limit of up to Rs.100000. This debit card also requires a PIN number to authenticate and secure transactions.

Bank of Baroda Visa Electron Debit Card

Visa Electron Debit Card is an ideal choice for your requirement of performance, simplicity, flexibility. For securing hotel reservations, buying books online, or making everyday purchases Electron, offers a value proposition, reliable form of payment.

On this debit card, you will enjoy a daily spending limit of Rs.50000 and a cash withdrawal limit of Rs.25000. It is also a PIN-based card that works with security verification to secure all your transactions.

BoB RuPay Debit Card

In case you need a simple and hassle-free debit card issued by the Bank of Baroda, then RuPay Debit Card is the right answer to that question. Though, this card is used only within the Indian metropolis. This card can be used at any RuPay enabled ATM or POS terminal and comes with an enhanced daily purchase limit of Rs. 50000 and daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs 25000.

It is a PIN-enabled debit card, RuPay Debit Card is very secure in terms of usage and significantly lowers the threat of misuse in case the card is lost or stolen. The RuPay Debit Card can be used at over 6000 ATMs interconnected with the Bank of Baroda, at more than 100 NFS member banks which have over 118000 ATMs located across the country, at all NPCI member bank ATMs and at all POS terminals which accept RuPay cards. All Bank of Baroda customers eligible to receive a debit card can opt for the RuPay Debit Card.

Baroda MasterCard Gold Debit Card

This is another debit card issued by this bank, Baroda MasterCard Gold Debit Cardis designed and available for premium category customers of Bank of Baroda. This card can be used at all MasterCard enabled ATMs and merchant outlets across the country.

On this card, the cardholder will enjoy a high daily cash withdrawal limit of Rs.50000 and a spending limit of Rs.100000. Just like some of the cards issued by the bank, it is a PIN-based card that requires a PIN number for the transaction to be authorized.

Bank of Baroda Non-Personalized Debit Card

This is the last we will talk about in this part of the article, it is a non-personalized debit card that will be given to customers at the time of opening an account. Being a RuPay debit card, it can be used only within India at all RuPay enabled merchant outlets and ATMs. The card carries a day transaction limit of Rs.50000 and a cash withdrawal of Rs.25000.

How to Apply for Online ATM Card in Bank of Baroda?

Technology has taken over every aspect of life, banking and financial industry are also included. Before now, if you wish to apply for an ATM card, you need to visit the bank physical building, but now is not like that.

You can sit at the comfort of your home and apply for Baroda Bank ATM. This process will take place through the bank mobile app. Bank of Baroda has started the facility of applying for an online ATM-Debit Card.

If you use BOB Mobile Banking, then you can send a request for a new ATM – Debit Card from it. Before now, when you on tending to apply for a new debit card or request for a renew of your card, you need to visit the bank branch. At the branch, request the ATM Debit card form, fill the form and submit it so that you get another debit card.

Through Bank of Baroda’s mobile banking app Baroda M-Connect, you can do many banking tasks through your mobile. Through the app, you can request a new ATM-Debit Card, let’s see how to send a request for a new card from mobile banking.

Guide to Send Online Request for a New ATM-Debit Card in Bank of Baroda

Here in this part of the article, we will guide you through the process of applying for an ATM Card through the Baroda mobile banking app. In case you are using Net Banking, you can also apply

Step 1 ====> You need to download and install the app on your mobile devices

Step 2 ====> Now open the Baroda m-connect app on your mobile and log in to your online banking account.

Step 3 ====> Then, you need to locate and click the request service option on the page

Step 4 ====> From here, you will get the option of Debit Card Request, click on it.

Step 5 ====> After that, enter your account number and select your card type, in this, you can choose any type of card you want like, such as Visa Card, RuPay or MasterCard and click on the proceed button.

Step 6 ====> Now you will get your card delivery address on which you want to receive the card and the customer name on the card will be visible if everything is correct then click on proceed

Step 7 ====> Next page again checks all the details and enter Mpin and confirm.

Step 8 ====> You have successfully sent a request for a new ATM card. Your card will be sent to your address within 15 days.

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Baroda Bank ATM Activation Process

Once you received your card, you need o to activate the card, without activation, that card will not function. Bank of Baroda Debit Card can be activated through the ATM machine.

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