Barclaycard Credit Card Review, Application Process, Login Guide and Barclays Credit Card Payment Option

Barclays Credit Card Review & Login Guide

Barclays Bank is among the oldest bank in the world, it dated back to 1660. it is four years older than the Bank of England.  This bank issued out credit card called Barclays credit card, this credit card enjoys massive seniority. The Barclays credit card launched in 1966, making it the UK’s oldest credit card, and until 1972 it was the only credit card on the British market.

This card has been in the custody of users, presently, the bank has issued out over 10 million cards to customers in the UK. Barclaycard is reliable and well respect, this bank issues out three different credit cards to her customer on demand. These cards perform different functions, every of this card worth having in your wallet.

The types of credit card offered by this bank are Barclaycard Forward Credit Card, Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card and Barclaycard Platinum All-Rounder Credit Card. We will explain a bit on these credit card, keep reading.

Barclaycard Forward Credit Card

Barclays CreditCard Review & Login GuideOn this credit card, you will enjoy up to 56 days with 0% interest per billing cycle, and an introductory 0% interest rate on purchases for your first three months.

Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card

Barclays Credit Card Review & Login GuideThis credit card offers 1 point cashback on every £4 you spend, along with an additional £25 cash back if you spend within your first month.

On this type of credit card, you will not be charged anything on foreign currency transactions, and it also allows you to clear your balance with an automatic direct debit to avoid fees.

Barclaycard Platinum All-Rounder Credit Card

Barclays CreditCard Review & Login GuideThis all-in-one card could be used as a purchase credit card or a balance transfer card. Whether you have some big expenses coming up, or if you want to reduce your interest on an existing card debt, it offers you 0% interest for your first 27 months, although there is a 3.5% balance transfer fee to consider.

Barclays Credit Card Eligibility

Though, before you can apply for this credit card, you need to meet up with some standard. Each of this care has its criteria, once you meet up with it you will be able to apply for the credit card.

Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card

====> You must be 18 years and above

====> You income must be at least £3000 per annum

Barclaycard Rewards Credit Card

To apply for this credit card, you must have the following criteria,

====> You must be 21 years and above

====> Your annual income should be above £20000 per annum

Barclaycard Platinum All-Rounder Credit Card

This credit needs its requirement as well, you need to meet up with it before you can apply it.

====> You must be 21 years and above

====> Your annual income should be above £20000 per annum

What Barclays Credit Card will Offer?

Before we run through the application process, is a matter of most to highlight what Barclays card will offer. These credit cards will offer the following.

====> Barclaycard Platinum credit card with 40-month transfer program

====> Barclay lowers Platinum credit card rate

====> 18 month Barclaycard Platinum credit card to transfer your balance

====> Barclaycard Freedom Rewards credit card.

====> Travel credit card Barclaycard Platinum

====> The Barclaycard Platinum with a 25-month purchase and balance transfer

====> Barclaycard Platinum credit card without a 25-month transfer fee

Barclaycard Credit Card Application Process

Before you can enjoy these benefits, you must have this credit card in your wallet. This part of the article will guide you through the application process. Here is what you need to do to apply for Barclays credit card.

Step 1 ====> You have to visit the application page through the official website

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on the login button

Step 3 ====> On the login page, here you will registration link (Register now), click on it

Step 4 ====> On this page, you will see the login requirement, read through and scroll to the base of the page and click Start

Step 5 ====> Now fill the form with your details, Enter your names the space provided, date of birth, postal code, email address and confirm your email address in the space provided

Step 6 ====> Provide your employment status, annual income in the space provided

Step 7 ====> Do you have a current Barclays account? Click Yes or No as appropriate

Step 8 ====> How do you intend to use the card? Provide answer with the question

Step 9 ====> Enter your residential address, years at the current address. Number or name of the building and Zipcode (Do not know your zip code?) Find the address

Step 10 ====> Click next to complete the registration process

Barclayscard Credit Card Login

Now that you have completed the registration process, it is time to log in to your account. The login process is very simple and easy to go about.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official login page on the website

Step 2 ====> On the login page, enter your login details in the space provided (username and password)

Barclaycard Credit Card Review & Login Guide

Step 3 ====> Now click the Remember username box to save your details on your devices

Step 4 ====> Finally, click on the login button to access your online account

If you provide the correct login details, you will not any problem accessing your Barclays credit card online account.

Forgot Login Details

Your login details include the username and password, as human, it is possible to forget them. Don’t worry, you will learn how you can access your account if you forget your login details. Here is how you will go about it.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the login page of Barclays Credit Card to regain your account.

Step 2 ====> ON the page, locate and click on Forgot Password or Find User ID link.

Step 3 ====> Follow the steps to reset your password or create a new user ID to regain your account.

Barclays Credit Card Payment Method

The best you can have from a credit card is the ability to make a payment without any delay, this is one way to enjoy your credit card. The Barclays credit card offers the best means of payment. You could make a payment through the online process and Mail method.

Pay Credit Card Bills Online

Customers are required to log in their respective account first. Once logged in, find the payment section in the dashboard, choose a payment method and pay your bills.

Payment through Mail

Payment can be made through a mailing service. Just deliver your payment bills in the following address:

1234 Pavilion Drive

Northampton, NN4

7SG, Mail Van area 24

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Barclays Customers Service number

In case you need to contact the customer service for one reason or the other, you can do so through these phone number 1 877 523 0478


You have come to the end of what have to offer you on Barclays credit card. You have run through the application process, log-in guide and payment options. We also run through the customer care service line. In case you have any issue, contact the company through customer care in the article.

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