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Battery Percentage Going Down While Charging: What To Do

Battery quality on smart phones should be considered before and after purchasing them. The strength of your battery has influence on your phone. What will you do if you noticed that battery percentage going down while charging?

Guy you will be furious at this point in time. Hum, this is not the end of the show. Particularly when your phone is having non re-moveable battery, then there is what you can do to check and correct the situation.

As I said in the paragraph above, quality battery is one of what make your smartphone out shine those with less valued battery. Battery determine the extent you can use your phone on browsing, playing music, watching videos and lot more you can do with your phones.

In addition, when battery percentage going down while charging, before you take any action. You try to identify what may cause it, this will lead us to the next sub topic.

Possible Causes Of Battery Percentage Going Down While Charging

Without wasting much of our time, we will try to highlight some possible reasons while your phone battery drained while connected to charging sources. These reasons include:

  • Your charger might be the cause
  • Charging point on your phone might result to this
  • Using your phone while charging is another causes of battery percentage going down while charging
  • The level of current also affect the effect of charging on your phone
  • The USB cord is another thing you need to check
  • Lastly on this aspect, traces the motherboard that connects the charging port to the motherboard. Here I recommend you see an engineer for proper action.
  • Your AC power block may be failing, and is no longer delivering sufficient power

Now that you have the knowledge of possible factors that might cause battery percentage going down while charging. Here are the possible solutions to correct this problem if non of the above point is the cause.

Possible Solution To Battery Percentage Going Down While Charging

1. Switched to airplane mode if your battery is less than 20%. Here it means no communication, yet your phone is on.

2. Clear your recent apps by holding the HOME button and clear then all.

3. Data network uses more battery than Wi Fi so if you have access to Wi Fi use it and turn off your data.

4. You can also try booting up in recovery or safe mode. Shut down your phone and… Actually Google that part and enter your model and make of your phone to get the accurate instructions on how to do it correctly.

5. Navigate to your data settings and press the menu button and choose to turn off background running applications. This will make all of the apps that remain active even when you don’t use your phone to stop draining your battery.

But do remember to turn them on once you have a sufficient amount of battery life

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