Best Automatic Call Recorder for Android Free to Download on your Device

You need to have one of the best automatic call recorder on your phone, so as to save keep conversation which are very important that you might forget.

Having an important conversation while knowing that you will probably forget it, when the call ends? Discussing ideas that will be lost just because you do not have a pen and paper at the period of conversation? As well, want to prove that someone did say something to you which he or she may deny off? Then you need any of the best call recording apps to be listed in this article.

Have you ever worried about recording calls before the connection get terminated either from the caller or network problem? If you are, then you are not alone, it happens to everyone using phone, to get rid of this you need any of the best automatic call recorders.

Many of the smartphone users wish to register the phone calls as they might contain sensitive or confidential conversations. Unfortunately, they do not get any default option for recording the calls then you may try one of these best call recording apps on your android gadgets.

Call recording apps are very important apps in the android smartphone. It is a must-have app for every device. With best automatic call recorder you can easily record your call automatically on your phone’s memory or on external memory. With call recorder you can listen again to understand the important conversation you recorded earlier on your device.

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Best Automatic Call Recorder for Android Free Download

Galaxy Call Recorder

A good app for anyone using Samsung phones that made of android and other android phones. Galaxy recorder helps in storing 2-way conversations. As this app uses Android Standard API, the two-way recording will work only on some devices such as Samsung Note 3 and 2, Galaxy S series.

best automatic call recorder

For other devices, the app uses microphone to capture audio which means you should turn on the loudspeaker during conversation to record voice from both sides. This is the only disadvantage of this app on other product aside Samsung, notwithstanding it has its name on the list of best automatic call recorder.

This app was developed by Indie developer and can be downloaded from Google play store.

Call Recorder ACR: best automatic call recorder

Call Recorder ACR is most commonly used call recorder for android. This app allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls on your Android phone (smartphone), no wonder is one of the best call recording apps.

best automatic call recorder

This app provides many features like auto and manual call recording, password protection of recordings, auto-delete old recordings among others. This app support formats like 3GP, Mp3, AAC, WAWE. It also supports cloud service to store your recording on Google drive and other places.

Google Play store housed this app, just check-in and download this amazing call recording app.

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Automatic Call Recorder

As it is emphasizes by its name, this app will automatically records calls that you receive or make on your android phone once this app is installed on your phone. Being a free app, you can choose which call be recorded or ignored, and you can check it out in the inbox as you wish to have it. You can add the notes, and share with your friends as well, if you like.

best automatic call recorder

Like other best automatic call recorder, you may download it from Google play store. Apart from that, if you had upgraded to the pro version you can set the contact for which calls should be recorded.

Smart AutoCall Recorder

best automatic call recorder

Smart Auto Call Recorder in another one of the best automatic call recorder that every android user should have on their phone. You don’t need to press call record button as this app will activate on its own. The navigation and user interface is very simple and this app consumes less memory, that is why is one of the best call recording apps.

You can download this app from Google play store, it is available for free.

RCM Android Call Recorder

Record My Call (RMC) is more than a fully functional call recorder, one of the best call recording apps, it is compatible with most of the smartphones. You have to activate the loudspeaker to record the way conversation seamlessly. The recorded audio will be saved to the memory card, you can rename, delete or move as you need.

Further, you can schedule or manually assign the task to get the voice call recorded. After the call has ended, you can preview the voice you had been recorded; you can keep it if it is an important conversation.

After all, for free it does the job extremely well and you can download this app from Google play store

Call Recorder Pro

The last but not the least of the best automatic call recorder Call Recorder Pro. This app is compatible with Nexus 5, HTC One series, Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5. This app warns you before recording a call and user can allow access to record and can restrict recording.

best automatic call recorder

You download it from mobile play stores like Google play store and any other play store. The Pro version allows you to set the voice qualities, restrict some recordings from deleting, support cloud services, automate the recording functions, that is the reason is one of the best call recording apps one should have on his or her android phones.


It is very important to keep all your incoming or outgoing calls tracked to keep away any issues. Better still, you need to install any of these best automatic call recorders to help you out. You can record all calls and synchronized to your cloud storage services to save the space on your device.

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