The Best Free Android Apps To Be Install On Android Devices Always

Hi, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to my post on best free android apps to be download and fully installed on your android devices to have full fun of the web. This post is to maintain friendly nature from our side on other apps that can be used on any android to enjoy the best from the device.

In this article, you are going to find out some best free apps for android phones that have special feature to make your android phone more friendly. The best free android apps we are considering are best enjoyed if you any of them on your new or old android devices.Best Free Android Apps

Meanwhile, best free android apps are the best answer to boredom created by spare time. Struggling to have entertainment while on a journey or after a hectic and boring day, these list of latest apps for android phones will amaze you with their stuff they contained.

Androids biggest strength is its apps ecosystem. There are a digital ton of latest apps for android phones. People downloaded them billions of times. Some of them cost money and some of them don’t cost you a penny.

However, there are plenty of amazing options that do not cost you anything. Here is your chance to stock up on some truly excellent stuff.

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New best free android apps are created and launched frequently to enhance or improving process of entertaining ourselves on our individual android phones. Many are available at Google play store while others could be downloaded from outside sources.

Best free android apps to be install on android devices 2017

These are the best free android apps for android phones which I propose to have some if not all in this list on your android phone(s).

Official social network apps

best free android apps

In fact, you can get the best of all social networking worlds with this wonderful android app. Our most pertinent advice would be to download the official version of each social networking app to start off with. There are great third-party apps for everything, but it is best to start with the official experience. Google plus will be pre installed with Android devices.


Weather is another app to be listed here among the best free android apps to have on your android phones. It comes with all kinds of stuff including current conditions, forecasts, radar, predictions, fun facts about meteorology, graphs, even a sun and moon tracker as you want to name them. The design is gorgeous as well. It even has widgets. It is free to free android apps

With this, it is useful android apps for student, as well it help plan for the day based on the weather info from this amazing android app. As long as you don’t mind the occasional banner adds, this is a perfectly awesome free app.

Official Cloud Storage Apps

Again, you don’t to worry about which is the best cloud storage app and just grab the ones you use, any one of these apps that you handle possess the feature to give you the best. They are all free for download anyway. Google Drive comes pre-installed with free android apps

It is always useful to have at least one cloud drive with a lot of storage space on it to be installed on your android phone as this take position in the best android apps all time. In case you want to backup music, photos and many more you need any of this best free android apps. This keeps your phones memory free, while still giving you access to all your data.


Another important app in the group of best free android apps is the AppLock. This app is a free Android app that comes with many options that allows you to explore the best from it. You can also pay for it to get premium features with no advertising on free android apps

Or you can view advertising, get the premium features, and not pay anything, this is virtually depend on you.

The choice is yours as I said earlier. The app itself is a simple, but powerful app that allows you to lock your apps so tight with passwords so that no one will eye apps any more on your android phone unless you give them your password.

The ad-free version has a few features missing, but the ads will unlock those features as though you paid for it

Microsoft Office

This is most have for every android users, there is no way you will have the best from your android device if you do not install this app on your phone(s).

Just because you are on a mobile screen does not mean you will not get the full power of Microsoft’s productivity suite. Microsoft Office is a free download on Android and totally worth free android apps

There are other great office suites on Android, but Microsoft Office’s compatibility with the file formats you use so often makes it a winner, especially in how well it displays the content of files, with this, Microsoft Office is one of the latest apps for android phones.


Gboard is Google official keyboard app for all android devices. It is a simple keyboard that doesn’t have too many frills. It does have gesture typing (swiping), it has light theme, voice typing, emoji search, GIF support, and free android apps

Its most unique feature is the built in Google search that lets you search the web without leaving the keyboard or app that you are in. It can also sync between devices so your saved words go with you. This best free android apps is effective, simple and 100% free.

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TrueCaller or Facebook Hello

On a mobile phone or on your android phone, you often get calls from unknown numbers. Yeah, sometime this is annoying, and it can be a security risk when getting calls from unknown numbers. Finally you can actually find out and lastly know who is calling your mobile number, or at least get an idea, and automatically block harmful free android apps

TrueCaller is known as sourced phone book, which will almost always show you who is calling, but the data might not be completely accurate depending on the strength of your network provider.

Facebook Hello gives you perfect data, but will not always show you who is calling. Therefore I recommend you download Hello if you are a Facebook user, but getting TrueCaller if you are not.

Imgur and Giphy

The last but not the least of the latest apps for android phones is Imgur and Giphy. They are two image databases app. They are great places to find things like funny GIFs, fun images, little facts, and all kinds of other entertainment purposes. With this app you can do wonders on images that you have on your android phone.

Most of those awesome pictures you see on Facebook, Twitter, and other social medias come from here. Imgur also happens to be the image upload service that most people use on Reddit. Both Giphy and Imgur are completely free to download and use.

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They have your back whether you want to kill a few minutes slacking off or looking for the perfect reaction GIF for that Twitter or Google+ post. They’re two free Android apps worth having as they present themselves before you on the list of best free android apps.


If you have other android apps that are not among those listed as best free android apps you can enjoy on your devices, kindly pen it down on the comment box bellow.

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