Best Music Downloader App for Android

Best Music Downloader App for Android

Downloading music or listening to them online is a way of life. There are lots of free music download sites and music downloader apps, which allows you to download your favorite songs or play online. Music is the god of many people, It’s often considered as a medium to say what our hearts want to say but mouth fails. Even Shakespeare quoted “Where words fail, music speaks.

Sometime music is a medium through which messages are sent from one person to the other. The joy of this is that, music downloader will help you download you favorite songs then listen to them when you want, mainly offline.

Meanwhile, the amazing quality of all this application is you don’t need a lot of storage to save all your songs. You can just simply play whatever you want online. But this come with the using of your data, in a situation where you have limited data, this could post a threat on your side.

A large number of apps now allow you listen to music online as well as offline, even download them for free or paid. So let’s take a look at the best selection of these music downloader apps for Android.

Best Music Downloader Apps for Android

4Shared Music

Best Music Downloader App for Android

4Shared Music is a biggest file-sharing website; it makes downloading MP3 songs a breeze on mobile devices including Google Android & Apple iOS. The UI is simple and straightforward, that does not annoy you.

Even if you are not from the technical background, you will quickly get used to the 4Shared music. After all, the user interface is quite old. With over 50 million user base, it stands out. Best part, you’ll also get the cloud storage of 15 GB for storing all music and other files.


Best Music Downloader App for Android

Songily music downloader app has enjoyed more than 4 million downloads by Android users on Google Play Store as it offers songs to people with the expected quality. The application lets you search as well as listen to music online.

After downloading songs via the app, you can use them outside it and share them with other devices and friends. You would surely agree with me that it is very cool that a song loved by a group can be downloaded by just one member from the group and shared with every other member via bluetooth and other means

Miui music Player

The miui music player comes from the popular Custom ROM MIUI. This lightweight ROM is best known for its simple and elegant user interface. MIUI audio player is one of the best apps comes with the OS which allows users to search songs online.

Interestingly not only it plays songs, but you can also download music for free with the app. Just do the search for a song, keep scrolling until you find the desired song and there is a download button in the right side.

Hit the button and it will ask you to choose quality. Cool, huh! You will find many things in Chinese on the app but once you start digging, soon you will find your way.

Amazon Prime Music

Best Music Downloader App for Android

Amazon is one of the biggest names in the online shopping market. With its online store that can get you almost anything you want, the company also has a presence in other fields. Amazon offers additional benefits to its prime subscribers like free delivery and additional cash-back. You can also enjoy content on Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Prime Music with it.

It is much easy to use. You can create your own playlists, download songs and make a personalized playlist on Amazon Prime.

Google Play Music

Best Music Downloader App for Android

With every walk of the current technology, Google seems to a part of that. In one or other way, the best example would be Google Android. It was not left behind in the music industry, for that Google Play Music is the great place loaded with tons of tracks. With this Android app, one can easily play the local music or stream online music.

Top free music downloader for Your Android Phone

You can download tracks in various formats like MP3, ACC, WMA, FLAC, and OGG. If you’ve one Google account, you are ready to get your songs list. Inbuilt radio is useful if you aren’t completely satisfied with the music collection.

Spotify Music

Best Music Downloader App for Android

This app is very famous with music lovers , which stream and download songs. It has a huge collection of songs from various artistes in the library. Spotify lets you search and make your own playlist, or select from the playlists of other users.

PagalWorld mp3 Songs: Latest mp3 Songs Download

This app boasts of over 20 million songs, a feat that is quite phenomenal in the world of music streaming. This content is remarkably exclusive in comparison with other apps. But you will enjoy the app to the fullest if you get the paid version.

Music maniac – mp3 downloader

Another highest rated free music downloader available on playstore. With this app you can search and download millions of FREE music and MP3s from the public search engine! Listen to your favorite songs. Simple but does what it should do. A superb MP3 downloader App.

Download Mp3 Music

This App lets you download mp3 songs for free. Even you can share, transfer the downloaded music or use it with any other app. No other app lets you download the songs of all genre for free rather than this in a quite friendly interface. Though, this app is slow and has popped out lots of ads which pushed people to look for alternatives.

Video2mp3-Top app to convert video to mp3 (Updated)

Yet, whatever the app has provided is counted and considered this one on our best list. You can search for the music you want to download or play online. This is pretty sufficient for the music lover to keep the charm up of their music for free.

Rock My Run

Best Music Downloader App for Android

If you are a fitness junk, then Rock My Run would be your partner in crime, that’s what they proclaim; Best workout music. Since it’s a running music app it requires users to register an account or login with existing one, to have the better record. It has got some cool features to mention like Beats Per Minute (BPM), align your footsteps with the music you are listing.

Those, it helps users to stay cherished with the music that makes your workout hours wonderful. The notification control panel may help you for easy access. Most of the music is of Western, so if you need any other then this app not for you.

Wynk Music

From the time app was developed till now, it has made a huge growth. The interface of the app is quite attractive and user-friendly. Talking about my known circle of people, this one is the most used application. Chances are you already know about this application, and you have tried it already.

Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

This app is best for Airtel users as it gives the free subscription to all of them. And if you are on any other operator you can have its subscription at just Rs 99 per month. The premium subscription allows the user to download unlimited songs without any ads.

Supercloud song downloader

Similar to other music downloading app this app also ask users to search for songs by title, artist or album. But one good thing is it also allows to stream music so you can preview a song before downloading. SuperCloud even works on older versions of android.


Now that was on the list of best music downloader app for android and iOS! There is so much to choose from and so much to explore, but well, the best remains the best.

Also, at the end of it all, it pretty much depends on the kind of need you have and the features that you must use.

Top listed apps like Songily and Mp3 Music Download allows you to freely play and download songs. But other apps have some premium versions like, Soundcloud. And they limit the download to be played on their app only on the same device.

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