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Phone manufacturing companies developed inbuilt media app on their product so as to make users feel relaxed when handling their phone. Meanwhile, third-party media apps perform better than the inbuilt media app on many occasion, so among these best MX player alternative app. At the time, best is not always performing better and then you have to lay your hand on alternatives. That is why this write up will fully be focused on the best MX player alternative app which you can use on your android phone or gadgets.

MX Player is one of the most well known and widely used video players on Android devices. It comes packed with a different of great features, such as gestures to control the volume, brightness, and seek, along with support for almost every video out there, whether built-in or as an add-on.

In addition, best android video player with different features which allows them to be used when MX player is not functioning well on your gadgets are referred to as the best MX player alternative app. In case you do not have MX Player on your phone, you can use any of the alternatives that will be shared in this post.

In order to focus on the genuine interface, I have come across the top-most apps for photos, music, and videos, instead of simply those features which will be anyway scheduled in the apps portrayal.


Here we have listed the best video player apps for Android Phones. We know MX Player is the best media player app in the world, which is why you can call this page “the list of best MX player alternative app for android phone and iPhone or iPad“.

KMPlayer for Android as Best-MX-Payer-Alternative-App

This app is an Android video player that can easily take the position of MX player as your go-to the video player on your android phone.

The app comes packed with every feature that MX Player boasts of. With KMPlayer, you can easily run almost every video files format out there, including H.265 encoded MKV files. This app was tested on a video I encoded with H.265 and exported into the MKV format, and KMPlayer plays it smoothly, without a problem. KMPlayer also supports Hardware Acceleration, which is one of the features of MX Player, as well.

You can adjust the hardware acceleration settings from the app’s settings page, with these features on KMPlayer is definitely one of the best MX player alternative apps on an android phone.

Another feature that I love dearly about this app is the picture-in-picture mode that the app brings. While playing a video, you can simply tap on the picture-in-picture button, and the video quickly switches to a small window, that you can drag and drop anywhere on the screen. This will definitely let you multitask with ease.

VLC Player for Android

Another best MX player alternative app you have on your android phone is the VLC player. This app shares some feature to MX player that will surely make you replace it with MX Player. VLC is one of the oldest players and with us, since we had our first computer experience which is great, on a mobile platform, VLC is as good as on windows.


VLC holds up several types of subtitles and plays nearly everything for Android. Some problems regarding few files occurred on Nexus 5, causing the problem of subtitles and due to the phone’s soft button, the interface of the player goes beyond.

More also, VLC also allows users to enjoy the videos on-the-go. VLC media player displays correct styled subtitles for all examined videos. It is the best MX player alternative app to pick due to wider support, reliability and easy interface on the app.

VLC also allows you to play videos in the background, so even if you navigate away from the app while a video is playing, you will be able to hear the audio. This is definitely a handy feature, especially for people who have a lot of music videos stored on their phone.

MoboPlayer for Android

While listing best MX player alternative app for Android phone and MoboPlayer for Android is not included, then the list is not complete. Among best android video player apps, MoboPlayer is one of them. MoboPlayer’s interface is not all that good, but it is reliable and has some nifty features that make it stand out. MoboPlayer supports a floating windows mode for users who quickly need to shrink their video to access something else on their device, what a great advantage over other apps?

The videos on this app need to be decoded before you can do this in some cases, but it is a neat feature nonetheless. It also scans your storage folders to find all of your video files when you first load it up, what amazing app? The actual video player itself might not nice as some of the other players on this list, but it is strong in other areas, and also contains an online video search feature, which is useful.

BSPlayer for Android

BSPlayer for Android is also one of the best MX player alternative apps for any android devices, it has similarity in functions to MX Player, BSPlayer app also includes a number of gestures to control playback.

You can use all of the basic gestures such as swiping to seek the video and increase volume among other features. BS Player has an interactive user interface, and the browsing experience is also good. There is not even a single thing that you will not like about BS Player.

It accelerates video playback which means, not enough processing by the processor, thus, the battery does not get drained easily.

To add to this, there are a number of themes and skins available for customization to spruce it up too.  It is really a nice video player which uses on-screen gestures for navigation download it if you are interested, so with differs of features, BSPlayer is regarded as one of the best MX player alternative apps on an Android phone.

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There are a lot of preferences that you can adjust on this app, so make sure you choose the setting that works best for you. BSPlayer Free, as the name suggests, is a free app, but it does include ads.

VPlayer Video Player

The last but not the least of the best MX player alternative app on an Android phone is VPlayer video Player. Like other Videos player apps mentioned on this list, this app is a wonderful one. VPlayer is one of the few video players for Android available on the Play Store with true Hardware Playback option.

VPlayer is available on a trial basis to test it for a week and then you have to buy the un-locker before you can enjoy the best from this app. VPlayer is an alternative to MX Player to be considered because it consumes very little battery and hardware acceleration is really good.

It is able to play all kinds of popular video formats, like MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, 3GP, TS and M4V among others. On this app, you can browse the file system or stream video content to select which video to play. It has the ability to playback Full HD video on the latest dual/quad-core devices. On the final note, VPlayer is ranked among the best MX player alternative app for android phone.

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