Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

Audiobooks bring together the best of both worlds. Instead of reading book on the sofa or viewing ebook with your iPad, iPhone and Android, there is another cool way of enjoying books, even with your eyes closed. Yes, that is listening to audio books. Are you driving, travelling or jogging, audio books can be handy in such activities, adding some fun to your day.

Audiobooks are basically audio recordings of your favorite books narrated by a professional or a renowned celebrity.

Advantages of AudioBooks

There are many merits of an audiobook over a hard copy book and even an ebook.

====> You don’t have to read it yourself, you can listen to it while taking care of your chores.

====> Multiple people can listen at the same time

====> When you are on the go, audiobooks can be a great substitute for ebook downloads

====> You can carry hundreds of audiobooks with you as compared to hard copy books, and many other benefits.

But what to do when there is no stable Internet connection? Happily, there are numerous websites offering free and cheap audio book downloads. Most of them provide almost any possible book in the form of digital MP3, M4B (for iOS) or OGG files.

So you can easily download and transfer audiobooks you want to your phone, tablet, cloud storage and enjoy them at anytime.

Thankfully, these websites offer thousands and thousands of free audio books online, with many that you can access anytime and anywhere.


Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

This is one of the best gateway sites for educational and cultural media. The site compiles content from around the web and has an admirable collection of audiobooks, primarily classics that you can stream over the internet or download in a variety of audio formats for later consumption. The audiobooks are organized by genre (fiction and literature, nonfiction and poetry) and alphabetically listed by the author’s last name.


Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

Loyal Books has thousands of audiobooks in different categories. They offer a complete history of each book along with a book synopsis and the date of publication. You can download audiobooks as Mp3, iTunes Podcast, or listen to them in your RSS reader. Additionally, you can also download just specific chapters. Download Loyal Books for Android | iOS

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Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

Project Gutenberg offers over 40,000 free ebooks including epub books and kindle books. The site has 2000 free audio books in all genres, read by volunteers.

Project Gutenberg, of course, is the classic site for free books that are in the public domain. And now, their section on human-read free audiobooks offers an even wider collection of books. Stand outs include Marion Zimmer Bradley’s The Colors of SpaceCharlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyreand The Book of Tea by Kakuzo Okakura. Project Gutenberg also offers computer-read audiobooks, but imagine Siri reading you Moby Dick (thankfully, you do have a human-read option here)


Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

Lit2Go offers one of the finer looking free sources for audiobooks. The throwback site, run by Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse, contains a comprehensive collection of downloadable short stories and poems that you can browse by author, title, genre, collection, and even reading level (grades K through 12).

The bulk of the audiobooks can be downloaded as a single MP3 or as short, segmented passages of specific chapters. The homepage search option is also a nice touch, as is the black-and-white artwork that accompanies each title and book collection.

Our personal favorites? We are going to have to go with Proto-Feminist Literature or Autumn in Verse after all, nothing does inspire classic poetry quite like the turning of the seasons.


LearnOutLoud is a hub of free and paid audio/video learning material with thousands of free audiobooks available. Most of the books have a focus on learning, but there are me fun stories as well. LearnOutLoud also offers personal reviews of books to better understand what it’s about. Download LearnOutLoud for iOS.


OverDrive provides access to the most ebook and audio book content you will find on this list, by pairing with local libraries. They have over two million books and videos, and partner with more than 30,000 libraries.

You will find the newest audiobooks releases through OverDrive, and they are all free. That means the free Harry Potter audiobooks you have been dying to read (or more likely re-read)? You can probably find them through your awesome local library’s Overdrive access.

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Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

Storynory provides a solution for those who simply can’t find the time to read to their kids, offering a collection of original and classic fairy tales and short novels specifically tailored for children. The site currently offers a few hundred audiobooks to choose from, and that number is steadily growing as it routinely publishes at least one new story each week.

Storynory also touts some of the most exuberant narrators around, and given each story utilizes an HTML 5 player for playback purposes, you can listen to the audiobooks on nearly any smartphone, tablet, or browser available. The occasional story competitions only further encourage listening and creativity on behalf of your children.


Every summer, teens (or adults!) looking for YA audiobooks can head over to SYNC, a free summer audiobook program for teens, sponsored by AudioFile Magazine and delivered by OverDrive.


Audiobook Treasury has more focus on selling paid audiobooks, but it also offers a wealth of free audiobooks. Most of the free audiobooks are new and made available for free by the authors. You can also find some renowned old titles.


Best Site to Download Audiobooks For Free

Scribl is formerly known as Podiobooks, showcases some of the best, off-the-beaten-path audiobooks the Internet has to offer, many of which are even recent publishings. The site distributes serialized audiobooks via RSS; just click on any of the audiobook links to begin streaming or downloading the narration.

Although the collection is rather limited, you can browse the book selection by contributing author, genre, award status, release date, and title. The site also allows you to donate to your favorite author directly if you feel so inclined, whether his or her book falls under the “Hard-Boiled” or “Urban Fantasy” selection.


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