Best Voice to Text App for Android with Higher Degree of Accuracy

Best voice to text app for android is a set of apps you need to have on your phone as it enhances benefits on your phones. Android smartphones are increasingly popular nowadays and smartphone users are looking for smart applications which can help them complete their day to day tasks easily.

Speech recognition technology is being implemented in many ways years back. Prior to the year 2006, it was used only in Robots. Now, you will find speech recognition systems in cars, aeroplanes, house gate and more.

In 2011 the American company Nuance introduced the world’s first automatic voice texting system, which allows people to write messages and send them to their friends and family via voice. What a wonderful technological breakthrough for such a company?

Sometimes your hands are very busy doing other stuff and you still need to give someone information through text. Then, this is where the best voice to text apps for android comes into play. Simply activate them and reply to important texts without touching your Android device.

If you want to give rest to your fingers from typing your messages, you can use the best voice to text apps for android. This can save you a lot of time from typing lengthy messages and is also interesting to use as you try one today.

Lists of the Best Voice to Text Ppps

Here are the lists of best voice to text apps for android with a higher degree of accuracy

ShoutOut – best voice to text apps for android

ShoutOut is a powerful voice to text software introduced by Promptu Systems Corporation. Whatever input you give as voice will be converted to words by this interesting application. It is very good for messaging services as it comes with dictation and voice addressing.

Shout-Out is the number one voice to text app especially for Android and works very well. It is completely integrated with SMS client of Android and is compatible with Android 2.1 onwards, just to see the technological capability of the app. It has a personalized acoustic model, which is licensed to each user while registering them with the application.

ShouOut has various features like Speakable punctuation, smart word editing, threaded discussions, popup notifications, handsfree composition, reply and calling as well as text to speech which can be useful read out your text messages and lot more, these features allow its name on the list of best voice to text apps for android.

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Speechnotes – best voice to text apps for android

Have you ever heard about the powerful speech-enabled online notepad? If no? Here it is. Speech notes is a well-designed application which is created to provide you with a distraction-free environment while using it.

Every note starts with a new clear white paper, to stimulate your mind with a clean fresh start and to focus only on your thoughts. Using dictation tool by engaging in cutting edge speech recognition technology, you achieve the most accurate results.

The following features are to be enjoying with this app, High accuracy, it supports punctuation commands & typing, it also enables parallel key typing & voice typing. It autosaves notes and finally, your thoughts are in safety mode and will never be lost.

Speechnotes values your privacy and that is why we do not store anything you say or type or in fact any other data about you, no doubt speechnote is really android speech to text app you should rely on.

Voice Writer – best voice to text apps for android

Aside English languages (US, UK, AU), Voice Write supports various Asian languages which include Arabic, Mandarin, Bahasa, Hindi and Indonesia. It also supports European languages like Finnish, German, Italian, Czech, Danish, Greek, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.

This application is not popular and does not have a very good UI, but Voice Writer does the job very well. The app uses the Google speech recognition API. Thus, the translation from voice to text will be accurate with high degree.

The app also features a translation tool to convert text from one language to another which makes it to standout among other best voice to text apps for android. It has the option to send the output of speech to text converter to a Gmail contact, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other messaging app on your phone.

Google Keyboard – best voice to text apps for android

Firstly, it is simple to use, well designed and convenient keyboard. There are two ways to write a message with this app using gestures and voice. If you want to convert your words into a text, just click the button on the microphone image and your voice is being recorded.

Gesture typing and word suggestions supported in more than 35 languages, what a wonderful application to have on phone. Moreover, it has other attractive benefits which include slide your finger from letter to letter.

Also, you don’t need to manually add words to a personal dictionary. Type a word once and you can gesture type it or find it in suggestions next time you type such word. Long press suggestion to remove it from your learned words or the keyboard dictionary, these and many more reason linked this app to the list of android speech to text app.

Voice Text – best voice to text apps for android

Voice Text is another best voice to text apps for android because it is simple and easy to use. There are no deep options and the application does everything with voice commands. The app also allows you to easily send and receive messages via voice.

The best thing is that the app will automatically read all the received messages out loud. The app has a weird tutorial which gives no indication that it is in fact a tutorial. You don’t need to be worried and simply tap on the messages which appear on the first boot up.

But that is not why I liked it, it is because you can customize the voice commands and make the app your own, that is amazing. It is really refreshing just talking to the phone and sending a text, you cannot imagine what you will benefit from using this android speech to text app.

Speech to Text – best voice to text apps for android

Speech to Text will be an app for you if you are looking for a way to note down your emails or text messages. Using this app, you can free yourself from typing long paragraphs when replying to your clients.

One important thing about this app is that it makes use of the Android’s built-in speech recognition system to turn your voice into text, as you can see you can run this application with ease on your phone.


Lay your hand on any of these apps by downloading them from Google play store to see that they are the best voice to text app for android you should have on your phone. Meanwhile, if your favourite android speech to text app is not in the list, feel free to let us know through the comment box.

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