Best Xender Alternatives To Transfer Files On Any Platform

Best Xender Alternatives

Sharing of files  are becoming more easier than before, when you need cable to transfer files or folder from place to another. After few years, the invention of Bluetooth came up to transfer files among phones and computers, though is a bit faster than cable or wire as you may name it. Then thanks to technology, the developers of these softwares do a lot of work in other to make sharing of files become easier and faster, thereby developed Xender and other companies develop best xender alternatives.

Best xender alternatives, Xender is one of the most know and popular apps among the android users this days. Xender app shares any type of files between the different types of devices like it’s for now compatible with mostly all the operating system like Android, PC and IOS devices.

Meanwhile with xender, user can transfer files between android and iPhone, and this versatility is the reason for the amount of love xender has got today among other sharing apps.

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I have rounded up Best xender alternatives for moving files between your computers and devices like phones and sending them to your contacts. Find the right one for your needs right here and you will never have to carry around a data cable again.

Best Xender Alternatives To Transfer Files On Any Platform

SHAREit: best xender alternatives

Best Xender Alternatives

The best files transfer app to take the position of Xender app SHAREit. It is the most widely used file transfer application globally. Whether the users want to transfer large videos, images, data files, or documents, SHAREit will do it in less time and no data requires.

This Android app helps in transfer of data with speeds without using the Wi-Fi or Mobile Network. Even if the user wants to share the apps with the other devices, they can easily do that with this wonderful app.

Features of SHAREit include the following

SHAREit is very easy to use with graphical interface and thus makes it pretty convenient to transfer files. Some of the merits of SHAREit over other apps for sharing files are as follow.

This app can share any kind of file within less time, very fast.

It is 10 times faster than the Bluetooth.

The user can transfers files from one Phone to Computer.

Shareit is supported in all operating system like Android, PC/ Laptop, iOS, iPad, Windows and Mac.

The user can share files with many people by using the Group Sharing option on this app.

The user is not supposed to have any USB or Internet Connection or Mobile data.

The fastest transfer ever and the highest speed goes up to 10MB/s, with these features, Shareit is one of the Best xender alternatives.

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Zapya: best xender alternatives

Best Xender Alternatives

Zapya has become very popular file sharing and transfer app in the recent past. The app is capable of transferring all types of files across several OS platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows just like SHAREit.

Zapya is pretty fast if not the fastest among other best xender alternatives. The developers of this app claim that it can be as fast as 128 times the speed of Bluetooth. This means that all types of files can be transferred quickly including movies, songs, data files, and more.

Features of Zapya include the following

The user can transfer files with the use of Wi-Fi network and can backup data.

The users can share apps and run games over the Wi-FI network

This app can be use to download games

Large speed sharing of files – Reaching up to 10 Mb/ second.

No data charge: There is no data charges involves in transferring the files between two devices with the zapya app. The file may be of any size and any format it doesn’t matter, and it is free totally.

Speed- The zapya application is fast in speed transferring. The app can transfer any size of the file with a speed of about ten MB per second. This speed is very fast and is approx two hundred times faster than the Bluetooth application.

Security issues: Zapya app allows the users to protect their apps and therefore they can hide them in the locker of the app.

Multiple languages: For greater convenience for different users from all over the world the designers of the app has provided the app in multiple languages, therefore anyone can use it no matter the situation of your language.

SuperBeam: best xender alternatives

Best Xender Alternatives

SuperBeam is another best xender alternative on this list of apps to share files among devices. SuperBeam is one of the fastest and easiest file transfer apps which does not use Wi-Fi to transfer files among devices.

It can transfer files at a very fast rate. A file of 1 GB can be transferred in a matter of 3-4 minutes using this awesome app. This remarkable tool also features unique QR code scanning which can easily connect with the other devices.

Features of SuperBeam include the following

Super Charged File Transfer SuperBeam makes sharing of files between Android devices a breeze. It only uses Wi Fi direct technology to transmit data at very high speeds, this feature is amazing.

Sharing is always easier with SuperBeam,  user does not have to memorize passwords or search for the other devices. User can easily pair devices using QR codes, NFC or by just entering the sharing key that is all.

Software Data Cable: best xender alternatives

Best Xender Alternatives

The last but not the least of all the best xender alternatives on this list Software Data Cable. Do not go by the name of this file sharing app, this app is cable free app. This app actually eliminates the use of data cable and can be used to share files among phones, PC, laptops and even cloud storage.

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Features of Software Data Cable include the following

Seamlessly data transfer without any cost and the secret peer-to-peer message encryption.

It keep files on phone in continuous sync with the PC or cloud, user can also send contents like the file, folder, app, video, mp3 etc. to other phones wirelessly.

User can also send contents to computer without using USB data cable, rather use scan QR code to connect with the any gadget.

It synchronizes folders to the family storage (PC, laptop etc.) and cloud automatically.

File manager: user can organize and manage their files and apps easily

Transfer speed of up to 300Mb/s, standard file transfer protocol may apply.

No mobile data plan impact, secure data transfer in the private network and extend mobile storage space without any cost, with these highlighted features, is definitely ranked among the best xender alternatives.

On the final note, Xender is the best application to transfer and receives files from one device to another among all platforms. And there are also so many apps available as best xender alternatives which work as a Xender.

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