Blaze MasterCard Credit Card Review, Application Process, Login Guide, Payment Process and Customer Service

Blaze Credit Card Review and Payment Process

Blaze credit card is a credit card for people who want to start rebuilding their credit, it is also referred to as Blaze MasterCard. On the other hand, if you wish to repair your credit without resorting to a secured credit card, the Blaze Mastercard is a solid option.

This credit card does not require a security deposit, the Blaze Mastercard credit card can be a good choice for those looking to boost their credit score. Blaze Mastercard is issued by First Savings Bank

Pros and Cons of Blaze Credit Card

Before we move on in the article, we need to run through the pros and cons of this credit card. This aspect of the article guides us on what’s good and bad about the credit card.

As a matter of fact, every credit card has its good and bad characteristics. At the end of this part of the article, you will be able to make o good decision whether to apply or not

Pros of Blaze MasterCard Credit Card

Here are the positives of the Blaze credit card and the reason the card generally scores high marks among users.

====>Easy to Get Approved: This credit card is most used by people with a low or poor credit score. In a real sense, you don’t need a high credit score before your application can be approved.

====>Increase Your Credit Limit: Like most cards designed for people with bad credit, Blaze typically starts you out with a $350 credit limit. However, most people are eligible to receive an increase as long as they make all their payments on time for six months.

====>No Hidden Fees: The Blaze card comes with no hidden fees. You will not pay any surprise maintenance fees, setup fees, or monthly service charges.

====>No Deposit Required: One simple truth about Blaze credit card, it is one of the unsecured card available in the market. In that case, you don’t need any security deposit before you can open your account. On the other hand, you will probably receive a relatively low credit limit if your credit is low. On the plus side, you can usually get this increased if you use your card responsibly for at least six months.

====> Reporting to Credit Bureaus Blaze Mastercard will report your on-time payments to all credit bureaus, so you can rest easy knowing your good credit practices are getting recorded.

====> Superb Customer Service: Users around the web report being impressed with the prompt and easy-to-reach customer service associated with the Blaze credit card. Knowing you can quickly reach a live human on the phone can give you peace of mind as you go about repairing your credit.

Cons of Blaze Credit Card 

Like a lot of credit cards made for those with poor credit, Blaze Mastercard has a few drawbacks. Here in the part of the article covers the negative aspect of the credit card.

====> Unclear Terms on Credit Limit Increases: Blaze MasterCard Credit Card does not explicitly spell out what it takes to qualify for a credit limit increase. Although many people report that it takes about six months to qualify for a bigger credit limit, you won’t find this in writing anywhere in the card’s terms and conditions.

====> High Annual Fee: Majority of credit cards offered people with bad credit, the Blaze card comes with a higher than average annual fee. This makes big disappointments to every cardholder. Blaze MasterCard holders pay $75 as annual fee attached to the credit card. As a matter of fact, this is very high when you consider that many people will only receive a $350 credit limit.

====> High APR: Blaze Mastercard’s APR is very high which is about 29.9%. This rate can hurt you financially if you carry a balance each month. If you are not sure, you will be able to pay your card off each month. It is better to look for alternatives to the Blaze Mastercard. Otherwise, you could end up racking up interest from month to month.

====> Low Credit Limit: Unless your credit score is good, you probably won’t get a very high credit limit with the Blaze Mastercard. Most cardholders report receiving $350 credit limit to start. However, some users with higher credit scores say it is possible to get a credit limit as high as $1,500. This does seem to be an exception rather than a rule, however.

====> Rewards Are Extra: The Blaze card offers some cash back rewards, but you have to pay for a premium membership to access them. At $4.95 a month, the extra fees might not be worth it for most people.

====> Limited Maximum Credit Line: The Blaze credit card’s credit limit maxes out at $1,500. If you are looking to really boost your credit utilization rate, this lower limit probably won’t be much help.

The Key Feature of Blaze MasterCard Credit Card

We had run through the pros and cons of this credit card, we need to add more to it thereby leading to the key features of Blaze credit card.

====> Annual Fee: All cardholders pay a $75 annual fee. Some cardholders have left online reviews saying they got First Savings Bank to waive the annual fee after a couple of years of on-time payments and responsible use.

====> Issuing Bank: The Blaze Mastercard is issued by First Savings Bank.

====> APR: All cardholders pay a fixed APR of 29.9%.

====> Credit Line Increases: Users who pay their bill on time and maintain an account in good standing are eligible to receive a limit increase after six months.

====> Credit Limit: Most people start out with a $350 credit limit, but those with higher credit scores report receiving up to $1,500.

====> Secured versus Unsecured: The Blaze Mastercard is an unsecured credit card, which means you don’t have to put down a security deposit.

====> Customer Service: Customer service is based in the United States and reported to be excellent.

====> Mobile App: Use the free mobile app to manage your account and receive alerts via text when you near your spending limit or your payment due date is approaching.

Benefits of Blaze Credit Card Online Account

You will enjoy the following benefits on Blaze MasterCard credit card.

====> You can view all the rewards earned so far and redeem it too through an online account.

====> You can easily access your card’s transaction details in a few clicks.

====> Users can set transaction alerts through their online account.

====> Paperless statements can be downloaded through the online account

====> You can schedule the automatic payment for your credit card bills.

Blaze Credit Card Application Process

You have spent your time wisely till now in the article. Now you may be wondering on how-to for this credit card. The application process is through the online process.

To apply for the Blaze Credit Card, all you have to do is fill out the online application and wait to hear back. If you received a Blaze prequalify invitation offers in the mail, then use that code or offer a link to apply directly.

The Blaze MasterCard application will ask you for basic info such as your Name, Address, Social security number and Income

Before applying, you might want to check your credit score. This is not mandatory, but it will help you know where you stand. When you submit your application, First Savings Bank will run a credit report on you.

The higher your score, the more likely you will be to qualify. But plenty of people with low scores qualify for the Blaze credit card. Having a regular income will improve your chances of qualifying as well.

Now follow the step-by-step procedure below to complete the online application process

Step 1 ====> Go to the Blaze credit card login portal or copy and paste on your browser

Step 2 ====> Click on the Apply Now tab placed on the left section of the screen.

Step 3 ====> Again click on the Apply Now button.

Step 4 ====> Add your personal, mailing, and financial information as asked by the page.

Step 5 ====> Click on the Preview Application button.

Step 6 ====> Carefully check all the inputs and continue with the application process by following all the instructions there. You will be contacted after your application gets approved.

Create Blaze Credit Card Online Account

You need an online account, therefore this part of the article run through the online account creation process.

Step 1 ====> Go to the login portal of Blaze credit card.

Step 2 ====> Click on the Account Login button.

Step 3 ====> Once on the login page click the Register New User link placed right of the login boxes.

Step 4 ====> Add your credit card information and last 4-digits of SSN on the space provided.

Step 5 ====> Click on the Continue button.

Step 6 ====> After your verification page will ask you to create your account’s username and password for the future login.

Step 7 ====> Create and store your login credentials in a safe place(personal notebook/diary) so that you don’t have to remember it.

Blaze MasterCard Credit Card Login Process

Now to you have applied for the credit card, luckily your application was approved. Now you have your Blaze credit card, you need to login to make payment through your online account. This part of the article will run through the login process on Blaze MasterCard credit card.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website or copy and paste in the address bar of your browser and hit enter.

Step 2 ====> Now locate and click on the Account Login button highlighted in the green.

Blaze Credit Card Review and Payment

Step 3 ====> Then enter your login details (username and password) in their respective boxes

Step 4 ====> Finally here in this part, click on the login button placed below the box.

NOTE: If you enter the correct login details, you will be able to access your online account without any issues.

Blaze Credit Card Activation Process

Once you have your credit card, you need to activate before you can make use of it. Without activation, this credit card remains useless in your wallet. In that case, this aspect of the article run Blaze Credit Card activation process. You can also use the customer representative phone number given at the end of this article to activate your credit card.

Recover Forgotten Login details

Login detail is your username and password. The possibility of misses them or any of these is high. Without your login details, you can’t access your online account.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the login page as explained above

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on the Forgot Username or Password? link placed below the login tab.

Step 3 ====> Then, click on the Continue button to initiate the process.

Step 4 ====> Provide answer the information on the page carefully.

Step 5 ====> Click on the Continue button.

Step 6 ====> After verification by the server you will be redirected to the recovery page.

Step 7 ====> Choose the desired option and complete the remaining process.

Blaze MasterCard Credit Card Payment Methods

Ability to make a payment through your credit makes it stand out among other credit cards. You will be able to make a payment on Blaze through various methods. This part of the article will take them up one after the other.

Phone Payment Method

Online Payment Method

Blaze Mobile App Payment Method

Blaze Cash Payment

Mail Payment Process

Western Union Payment Process

Payment via MoneyGram

Phone Payment Method

You can connect to the bank’s phone line to pay your credit card dues. You have to pay nominal fees when using your debit card to pay your dues.

Online Payment Method

This is the most used payment process. Once you have created your online account, the payment becomes so easy. Login to your account management page online as explained above. Now, go to the payment section to clear off your current dues. 

Blaze Mobile App Payment Method

Blaze mobile app provides an option to pay your bills. Once you download the app, log in with your details. Blaze credit card mobile app gives you the option to pay your bills.

Blaze Cash Payment

If you prefer to pay your credit card bill in cash. Just locate the nearest branch where you can complete your payment using cash by following the below-given steps.

Step 1 ====> On your browser type or copy and paste  on the address bar and hit enter

Step 2 ====> Now provide your city name or ZIP code in space provided at the top left side of the page.

Step 3 ====> then, click on the magnifying glass icon to locate the nearest payment location.

Mail Payment Process

Another means of payment is through the mail. You can send your payments through check/money order using the mailing address below. Add your credit card number on your payment before mailing it.

Blaze Mastercard

PO Box 2534

Omaha, NE 68103-2534

Western Union Payment Process: Use code Blaze/SD when paying through Western Union.

Payment via MoneyGram: Use code 5879 when paying through MoneyGram.

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Blaze Credit Card Customer Service

If your credit card is stolen or lost due to some reasons, you need to contact the bank immediately using the customer service phone number 866 205 8311

Correspondence Address

Blaze Mastercard

PO Box 5096

Sioux Falls, SD 57117-5096

Customer Service: 866 205 8311


Blaze credit card is a credit card for people who want to start rebuilding their credit, it is also referred to as Blaze MasterCard. Blaze Mastercard is issued by First Savings Bank. This article has covered the application process, login guide and various payment process.

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