How To Make Facebook Friends Private (Web, Android & iOS)

In today’s digital age, social networking has become an integral part of our lives, connecting people from all corners of the world. One of the pioneers in this realm is Facebook, a platform that redefined how we interact (Facebook Friends) and share moments with friends and acquaintances.

At the heart of this virtual social universe are Facebook Friends. In this blog, we will delve into the intricacies of Facebook Friend, exploring their definition, types, benefits, and some best practices for maintaining a healthy and meaningful online social circle.

Defining Facebook Friend

A Facebook friend is a person who is linked to another person via the eponymous social networking website. FB friends are typically people you knew before you joined the site or you know from somewhere else.

They might know each other from work, school, or another group; they might be buddies or just have an acquaintance in common.

To become someone else’s friend on Facebook, one must submit a request through the website, which helps safeguard members’ privacy. The decision to accept or reject the Facebook friend request is thereafter his or hers.

Types of Facebook Friends

Close Friends: These are individuals you have a strong offline connection with, such as family members, childhood friends, or close colleagues. You interact frequently and share personal updates with each other.

Common Interest Connections: These are individuals you have connected with due to shared interests, hobbies, or online communities. You engage in discussions and share content related to your mutual interests.

Networking Connections: These friends are part of your broader professional network. While the connection may not be as personal, they offer opportunities for industry-related insights and collaboration

Acquaintances: Acquaintances are people you may have met briefly or have a mild connection with. You might interact with their posts occasionally, but the engagement is not as deep as with close friends.

Work Contacts: These are colleagues, clients, or professional acquaintances. While your interactions may be centered around work-related content, they can provide valuable networking opportunities.

Benefits of Facebook Friends:

Social Interaction: Facebook Friends allow you to stay connected with people, regardless of geographical boundaries, fostering a sense of belonging and community.

Information Sharing: Through your friends’ posts, you gain access to a diverse range of information, news, and perspectives.

Personal Branding: By curating your online interactions, you can establish and showcase your interests, values, and expertise.

Support System: Your Facebook Friends can offer emotional support during challenging times, celebrating your achievements and offering a virtual shoulder to lean on.

Networking Opportunities: Connecting with a diverse group of individuals opens doors to potential professional collaborations, job opportunities, and partnerships.

Maintaining Meaningful Facebook Friendships:

Selective Acceptance: Prioritize quality over quantity. Accept friend requests from individuals you genuinely know or share common interests with.

Diverse Interactions: Engage with friends from various backgrounds and interests to broaden your horizons and learn from different perspectives.

Engagement: Interact with your friends’ posts through meaningful comments and likes. Engaging in conversations strengthens your connection.

Unfollow and Unfriend: If a connection becomes toxic or irrelevant, consider unfollowing or unfriending. Your online experience should be positive and uplifting.

Respect Privacy: Be mindful of your friends’ privacy settings and the content you share. Avoid sharing sensitive information without permission.

How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook

To connect with someone on Facebook. It is simple to add someone as a friend on Facebook. Go to their profile and click the Add Friend button!

You will be able to view each other’s posts, send messages to one another, and more as soon as your new buddy accepts your request.

You may use your PC, Android, iPhone, or iPad to send friend requests on Facebook by following the instructions in this article.

We will also show you what to do if a person’s profile doesn’t have a Add Friend button.

How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook via Computer

In other to request Facebook Friends on you compute or laptop, you need to complete these steps.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit FB official website on you compute via any browser

Step 2 ====> Now login to your account using your login details, these include your username, email address or phone number and your password.

Step 3 ====> Find a profile to add as a friend. There are many ways you can find potential friends on Facebook. Therefore, to achieve this process, follow the steps as follow:

====> To view someone’s profile, click their name in a comment or post.

====> To search by name, email address, or phone number, use the search box at the top of the screen.

====> To get a list of individuals you might know, click Suggestions after clicking Friends in the left column.

====> By selecting the Friends tab at the top-center of the screen, you can look through one of your friends’ friend lists.

====> To read the profile of any of your friends’ friends, click on them.

Step 3 ====> Click Add Friend: This button is located in the lower-right corner of the cover image if you are currently on someone’s Facebook profile. After being clicked, the request is sent. Once the other person accepts your request, you will get a Facebook notification.

How to Send a Friend Request on Facebook using Mobile app

This part of the article will run through the complete and simple process to send Facebook friends request using mobile phone app. The process is very simple and easy to go about.

Step 1 ====> Download Facebook Mobile App on your Smartphone, the app is available on Google Play Store or Apple Store, you may also download the APK file and install on your device.

Step 2 ====> Open or run the app on your device

Step 3 ====> Then, you need to log using your Login details, these include your username, email address or phone number and your password.

Step 4 ====> Open the profile page of the person you want to add

Just like that of computer, you can send Facebook friends request through various methods or ways.

====> To search for someone, tap the search button at the top of the screen and then enter their name, email address, or phone number into the search field.

====> To access a person’s profile page, tap their name in a comment or post.

====> On iOS or Android, tap the icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, then tap Friends. From there, you can access your current Friends list or use Suggestions, Contacts, or Search to look up potential acquaintances.

====> Tap someone’s name in your friends’ friend lists to view their profile.

Step 5 ====> Tap Add Friend: The Add button is either next to the person’s name in Find Friends or underneath their profile photo and name.

When a friend request is accepted, a notification will be sent to you right away.

How to Make Facebook Friends Private

On your profile, the only thing you can regulate is who can view your friends list. On their own profiles, your friends can manage who can see the friendships they have.

For instance, if you choose the Only Me setting for your friends list, only you will be able to see your whole friends list on your profile.

However, anyone can see that you are friends if your friend has set their friends list to be public.

People will be able to see your friendship in Feed, Search, and other places on Facebook if they can see it on another profile.

When others view your profile, they might notice friends who are friends with you.

How to Make your Friends List Private on Facebook

Step 1 ====> Go to your phone’s Facebook app and open it.

Step 2 ====> Then tap more in Facebook’s upper right corner.

Step 3 ====> Next, tap Settings after choosing Settings & Privacy.

Step 4 ====> Tap the Privacy button in the left column.

Step 5 ====> Look under Who can view your friends list.

Step 6 ====> Tap Edit on the far right, then.

Step 7 ====> Choose the group of people you want to have access to your friends list (such as Friends or Only me).

Limiting Who Can Friend You

You may want to restrict who is permitted to add you as a friend if you frequently receive bothersome or harassing Facebook friend request. To do this:

====> Open the Facebook main menu by clicking the downward-pointing arrow

====> Then select Settings.

====> On the Settings page, select “Privacy.

====> Now tap the Edit button next to Who can send you friend requests?

You have two options from that menu: “Everyone” or “Friends of Friends.” You may not receive friend requests from individuals you know, if you select friends of friends since only people who are friends with someone you are friends with can add you. This can decrease spam and harassment.

You can friend someone on Facebook if you meet him and he requests it. You can adjust your Facebook settings to accept him as a friend before going back to rejecting any new Facebook friends.

How to Unblock Someone on Facebook and Messenger

On Facebook, blocking someone prevents them from seeing anything you post on your profile, tagging you in any material, inviting you to any events or groups, messaging you, or adding you as a friend.

On social networking platforms like Facebook, there are specific circumstances and times where we become upset or frustrated with someone.

We often remove people from our timelines as a result. Someone who disagrees with you can be readily blocked in a variety of ways.

They won’t be informed that you blocked them, though. Sometimes we want to immediately block certain friends because they are excessively intrusive and annoying.

How to Unblock Facebook Friends on Desktop

This part of the article will cover guide to unblock Friends on Facebook through the desktop computer and the like. You can quickly review the following techniques:

Step 1 ====> Open Facebook in a browser.

Step 2 ====> Access Settings

Step 3 ====> Among the menu choices on the left, select Blocking.

Step 4 ====> To unblock a name, look it up.

Step 5 ====> Confirm the request to unblock

After 48 hours, you might not be able to block someone again on Facebook after unblocking them.

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How to Unblock Someone on Facebook on iPhone/iPad

If Smartphone is the most convenient device for you, well you can easily unblock people by following these steps:

Step 1 ====> Log on to your Facebook on iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)

Step 2 ====> Tap the menu button and scroll down until you get to Settings

Step 3 ====> Once you locate it, tap Account Settings from the option

Step 4 ====> Now tap Blocking

Step 5 ====> Find the name of that friend you want to unblock and tap on the Unblock button

The hitch is that until you send them friend requests, you won’t immediately become friends with them on Facebook once more. This is Facebook’s most recent update.

Manage your Friend Circle On Desktop

Step 1 ====> Navigate to the Settings page for your account, by selecting the arrow down button,

Step 2 ====> Select privacy

Step 3 ====> Click Edit after finding Who can send you friend invitations.

Step 4 ====> Select Friends of Friends as opposed to the standard Everyone.

I’m done now! You can try using names that are well-known to your circles to get more friend requests.

Approve Friends to Review your Photos and Posts

Step 1 ====> Go to Facebook’s Account Settings.

Step 2 ====> Look for and select Timeline and Tagging.

Step 3 ====> Select Review Tags.

Step 4 ====> To edit and customize, click

Step 5 ====> When finished modifying, click Enable.

Turning this page will prompt you to choose whether to show or hide content on your timeline each time you are mentioned in a post.

Only the person(s) who tagged you and their friends can see the post if you choose Hide.


Facebook Friends encapsulate the essence of modern social networking, enabling us to connect, share, and communicate with a global audience.

Understanding the types of Facebook Friends, their benefits, and how to maintain meaningful connections contributes to a fulfilling online experience.

By embracing these principles, you can navigate the world of Facebook Friends with confidence, forming genuine relationships that transcend virtual boundaries.

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