How To Block Facebook Friends From Posting To Your Timeline

Block Facebook Friends

Facebook is one of the biggest and best place to meet friends, either old or new once. It is also a place to share your feelings, your thought and many other things. As well, this might be a place where you don’t want to see what so called your friends are posting on your timeline, the best thing is try to block Facebook friends of such caliber.

Do you want to block someone on Facebook without them knowing? Never fear you don’t have to put up with online harassers any longer. With Facebook’s built-in blocking tools, you can decide that you never want to see someone on Facebook again.

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Then, if you really want to block Facebook friends that has been harassing your timeline with useless post, you are at the right place to learn how to block someone of Facebook without unfriending them.

How to block Facebook friends from posting to your timeline

Before you being the procedure it deserves keeping in mind that unfriending someone will not instantly include the individual back to your friends list. If you wish to end up being good friends with this person once again, you will have to send them a brand-new friend request.

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This process on this post is very simple and explanatory enough to guide you through the whole steps on how to block someone on Facebook without them knowing and as well without unfriending them. Best of lock, this only takes a few clicks!

Step 1: Log in to your account before block Facebook friendsBlock Facebook Friends

The first thing to do if you really want to block Facebook friends, you need to log in into your Facebook account through Facebook home page by providing your details as shown above.

Step 2: settingsBlock Facebook Friends

Next thing to do here is to click on the drop down arrow at the upper corner of your home page to access settings in other to block someone on Facebook without them knowing.

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Step 3: blockingBlock Facebook Friends

Now that another window comes up, then we are a step closer to block Facebook friends, so that they cannot post to our timeline.

Step 4: block usersBlock Facebook Friends

This is the place you are to provide the details of Facebook friend you want to block among you friends. So any ones credentials you provide here will not be able to see your post any longer. After providing the details, click the block button.

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Step 5: SelectBlock Facebook Friends

This step requires you to select the right full friends you really want to block among your friends. The details of what block Facebook friends will not be access to are listed on the window. Finally hit the block button to block Facebook friendsBlock Facebook Friends

Finally on block Facebook friends

If you follow exactly what is in this article, you will finally block someone on Facebook without nufriending them. If you find this article on block Facebook friends helpful, please do share among other friends on social media. As well if you have anything in mind, drop your comment on the comment box provides bellow.

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