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How to Block Number From Calling You On Android Phone

Sometime you may want to block number or numbers from calling you. Everyone has reasons for every action taken, either for good or otherwise. Let me just tell you what prompted me to block certain numbers on my android phone.

Though, at initial stage, I wanted to delete those numbers from my contact list, but I think I may need them some soon. Therefore I decided to take an action tagged block number, so I decided to block the numbers.

Their merit in blocking numbers on android phone over deleting the numbers. You may want to call some of the numbers later, if deleted, you will not have them any longer.  On the other hand, if you block them, you have them, you can call them but they cannot call you again. So, this is a very good reason to block number over deleting such numbers.

No, you might be wondering how am I going to block those numbers from calling me? You can block numbers using the in-built settings on your Android phone. Sometime, third party apps will do the job perfectly without any problem on your Android phone.

How to Block Number From Calling You On Android Phone

This article will be using built-in settings on Tecno Spark KA7 to block number from calling your Android phone. The steps are very simple and easy to adopt, here are the steps:

Step 1 ====> Go to the call log on your Tecno Spark, then tap history

Step 2 ====> Tap on the name or number you want to block on your phone

Block Number

Step 3 ====> After tapping, a list of options will display below the name or number

Step 4 ====> Then tap block number, a message will come up telling you, you will no longer receive calls from this number

Step 5 ====> Finally, tap block. As soon as you tap block, you will not be able to receive calls from that number again.

Block Number

Now with these simple steps, you successfully block number from calling you again, you can now repeat the same process to block as many possible you want on your phone.

How to Unblock Blocked Number on Your Android Phone

Now that you know how to block number, then you should also know how to unblock such number in case you want to call the again. Mind you, we are using Tecno Spark for this tutorial, so here is how to unblock blocked number:

Step 1 ====> Go to the call log on your phone

Step 2 ====> Tap the three dot (…) at the upper right corner on the screen, then tap settings

Block Number

Step 3 ====> Now tap call blocking

Step 5 ====> Finally, tap the delete icon, a message will pop up, telling you delete this number, tap delete.

Block Number


That is all; you can now block and unblock any block number on your android phone.   

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