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How to Block Text Messages on Android Devices

Some time you need to block some people from calling your cell phone, there are various reasons for this action. Blocking such people from reaching you through phone calls are possible and easy, but that is not enough. If the fellows you blocked from calling your phone number are smart enough, they can still get to you. You are asking me how? Yes, they can still communicate using text messages. Therefore, to finally stop them from reaching your line (cell phone), the best option is to block text messages from such people.

Luckily, now, most smart phones  (Android) come with the ability to block text messages. Blocking text messages on your smartphones allows you to remove the unnecessary hassle from your life. Here, in this article, we will show you different methods to block text messages on Android smartphone

How to Block Text Messages by Blocking the Number Manually

Manually stop messages from reaching is one of the methods to be discuses in this write up. This simple mean you don’t need third party apps to carry out the process. Mainly this method work well on Samsung Android devices. Here are the steps to follow:

How to Block Text Messages on Android Devices

Step 1 ====> Open the Messages app and tap on More icon on the top right corner.

Step 2 ====> Now select Settings from the options.

Step 3 ====> Tap on Block Messages and then Block numbers to add the numbers manually.

Blocking Text Messages Using Google Message Blocker

Google phones like the Pixel and Nexus use Android Messages as the default texting app. Android Messages can also be downloaded from the Play Store on any Android phone or used on the web with a personal computer. There are two methods to block texts through Android Messages, both of which will block both texts and calls.

First Method on this aspect

How to Block Text Messages on Android Devices

Step 1 ====> Open Android Messages.

Step 2 ====> Then tap and hold the conversation from the contact you wish to block. When selected, it will place a check mark to the left of the conversation.

Step 3 ====> Now tap the circle with the line through it at the top right of your screen.

Step 4 ====> Finally tap Block. You can also forward the spammer’s last 10 messages to Google to report it as spam.

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Second Method

Step 1 ====> From within a message itself, tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.

Step 2 ====> Select People & options.

Step 3 ====> Select Block and tap Block again to confirm the process.

Block the Number Directly from the Message

In Android phone, you can block text messages from the message app. It is the easiest and fastest way to block text message without using any third party apps or services. This method works for smartphones with stock Android like Google, or some other brands. Here are the steps:

How to Block Text Messages on Android Devices

Step 1 ====> Just open the Messages app and tap and hold the text message of the sender.

Step 2 ====> It will display a menu after a short delay where you can tap on Add to spam.

Step 3 ====> Confirm the prompt to blacklist the number.

Finally On this Note

Blocking text messages is a very necessary feature on a smart phone as you will be able to get relief from the annoying text messages that someone sends you. You can block the number of people on your child’s phone with whom you don’t want your child to associate.

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