How to Block Websites on Android Devices

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Android devices had gained grand since the invention. Almost every online activities carry out on computer are now function well on Android phone. With this, over 80 % of the populace is accessing the net via Android device. Though this article focus on how to block websites on Android devices.

Meanwhile, Phones and tablets are great devices for kids to play and learn. However, not all content on the internet is appropriate for kids and you may want to block certain websites on your Android phone or tablet. Therefore, before we dive into the details on you can block websites on Android phone, here are some of the important reasons behind your action.

Why do we need to Block Websites on Android Devices?

====> This prevent your kids are children from accessing certain site that are not meant for children, such as porn sites.

====> You may decide to block websites that show more of ads on their contents, some time, and the display ads are annoying.

====> You may block websites on Android phones in order to protect your phone from insecure websites that might have contents that can transfer harmful contents to your mobile devices. Some websites are like a warehouse for malwares and viruses that can slip in unnoticeably into your mobile devices just by accessing them. Some of this malwares install background applications on your Android phones which start to run without you noticing them.

These and other reason you can think of may result in preventing access to such websites in future. Now that you heard few of our reason on this topic, then let go into the details on how you can block websites on Android devices.

How to Block Internet Sites on Android Phone Easily

There is various ways to block websites on Android phone, so we will take some of the one after the other.

Block Websites on Android Devices using Es File Explorer

Es file explorer is one of the best utility tools on Android phones. It can also be used to block websites on Android phones. Here are the steps:

Step 1 ====> Download and Install Es file Explorer, you can download it from Google play store.

Step 2 ====> Tap on local device and go to System

Step 3 ====> You should see a file named host in this folder, open it with ES note Editor

Step 4 ====> Tap it to edit and input “” (replace with the website you wish to block)

Step 5 ====> You can repeat the command for each website you wish to block.

Step 6 ====> Finally tap save and exit the editor. You need to reboot your Android device before it will take action on those websites.

Block Websites on Android via Host File Method

One of the easiest ways to block a website on Android is to modify the hosts file and point the website address to the localhost IP address. However, this function on rooted phone, you cannot access or modify the Android hosts file without rooting your phone. That being said, there are apps like DNS66 which creates a local VPN with its own hosts file and redirects all the traffic through it. We can make use of this and block any website you want. Here are the steps for the process:

Step 1 ====> Download and install DNS66 from F-Droid. The reason DNS66 is not available on Play Store because it contains files that can block ads. So you will not get it from play store, rather get it from the link provided above.

Step 2 ====> After installation, open the app, navigate to Hosts tab and tap on the floating Add icon appearing in the bottom right corner. Now, enter the name, website address, select Deny and tap on the Save icon (checkmark) to save the changes.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Step 3 ====> This is how it looks like in the Hosts tab once the website has been added.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Step 4 ====> Then, navigate to the Start tab and tap on the Start button.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Step 5 ====> In case you receive a message something like this, tap on No and then tap on the Reload icon appearing in the upper right corner of the Start tab. This action will update all the internal hosts files.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Step 6 ====> After updating, try tapping on the Start button again. You should see a “Connection Request” message. Tap on the Yes button to continue.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

That’s it. From this point forward, no one can access the added website as long as DNS66 is running. For better reliability, toggle Watch Connection option in the Start tab. This ensures that the connection and VPN are alive and working.

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Block website on Android Using Google Safe Search Mode

It is very clear that Google is the most widely used search engine on the internet, it comes up with feature that prevents your Android phone from accessing such websites. Google helps to keep all erotic search results out of your sight with its safe search algorithm. Follow these steps to activate safe search to block websites on Android, mostly porn websites:

Step 1 ====> Firstly, access Google from your preferred browser or default browsers on your phone. You can even visit

Step 2 ====> Now go to the bottom of the page and locate settings, tap on it.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Step 3 ====> You should now select Strict (Images and text) option on the settings page under the Safe Search Filters option.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Step 4 ====> Now scroll down and sign into your google account.

Step 5 ====> After signing in, tap on Manage Blocked Sites and you can easily add a website to be blocked list.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Step 6 ====> When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on Save.

Alternatively on this method

Step 1 ====> You can also access the settings directly on your Android phone by clicking on the Google app

Step 2 ====> At the top left corner of the app, tap on the menu button and then select Settings.

How to Block Websites on Android Devices

Step 3 ====> Now tap on Accounts and Privacy on the settings window

Step 4 ====> You can now turn the Safe Search Filter on.

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