Complete Guide on Buildium Property Management Software, Buildium Pricing Plan

Buildium Property Management Software

Buildium is property management software which was designed by property manager expert for property managers. Buildium property management software is a cloud-based solution which helps property managers to be more efficient and take charge of their business. Buildium helps in services like leasing operation, maintenance and accounting department of the managing company. Buildium was founded in 2004, it is located in the United State of America. The official website is

Presently, Buildium provides service to more than 16000 managers of rental properties across the globe. It currently functioning in 46 nations of the world. Buildium glassdoor amounting to about one million units under management. Buildium pricing starts at $50.00 per month. They do not have a free version. Buildium offers a free trial.

Pros and Cons of Buildium Property Management Software

As a matter of fact, you must be expecting to face some challenges while using Buildium property management software. You are lucky as you will get to know the pros and cons of Builbium Login.

Pros of Buildium Software

This aspect of the article will highlight the goodies of Buildium Glassdoor login while you are using. Buildium help in the following ways.

====> Buildium login help to save documents/receipts by entering all outgoing payments as bill, thereby make reconciliation flawless

====> Buildium Property software helps to track tenant’s information, maintain requests all in one place.

====> If they change anything it is always for the better. When you call the help centre they are always very patient and helpful in answering all of your questions

Cons of Buildium Management Software

From the few points above, we had just listed the most valued pros of Buildium property management software. Our job will not be completed without run through the cons of Buildium customers service.

====> We called customer support multiple times, by multiple employees to try and find out what or who the problem was on the application. It was extremely disappointing.

====> As a subscriber, don’t pay for an annual subscription. The company is failing to maintain its basic functionality and worse take full ownership of their failures.

====> Unethical (Had to move to Appfolio because of Buildium’s recurrently broken online payment system was causing financial loses. They still refuse to refund my subscription payment)

Buildium Price or Pricing

Before you can make use of Buildium property management software, you must pay. It is not a free program neither is there any free subscription. Buildium pricing varies, you can go for a monthly plan for just $50 per month.

You will only enjoy the free trial for a certain period of days. The trial will not demand your credit card. Buildium pricing model is through subscription. Buildium has three pricing plan, it now depends on your capital. Buildium pricing plans are:

Essential Pricing Plan

Growth Pricing Plan

Premium Pricing Plan

Essential Pricing Plan

Starting from $50, you will enjoy free marketing website, you will get a standard report, and ticket support.

Growth Pricing Plan on Buildium Property 

On this pricing plan, you will enjoy free marketing website, price starting from $160 per month. You will enjoy standard retort, performance analytics and insight. You will also enjoy property inspection with unlimited eLeases. On the pricing plan, you will have the right to set up 5 bank account for ePay processes. Your incoming EFT fees will be waived. You will benefit from live phone support and ticket support.

Premium Pricing Plan on Buildium Property 

This is the best Buildium Pricing plan, in this plan, you will enjoy everything you can think of when it comes to Buildium property management software. You will enjoy free marketing website, standard reports, insights and performance analytics. You will also benefit from business analytics and insights, open API.

In addition to the above benefits, you will enjoy property inspection, incoming EFT fees waived and set up the first 5 bank account for ePay services. You will also enjoy live phone support, priority support and ticket support. Finally in this aspect, you will benefit from additional annual discount service program.

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It was gathered here that Buildium property management software is a cloud-based solution which helps property managers to be more efficient and take charge of their business. We also run through Buildium price or pricing program.

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