Burlington Credit Card Review, Application Process and Login Guide

Burlington Credit Card Login Process

Hi our good readers, this article will cover a series of thing you need to know on Burlington credit card login. What is Burlington? Burlington is one of the best stores dealing with jewelry, Baby items, Men clothes and may more. Not only that, but Burlington store is also known for quality products which is the reason behind the success over the years.

Burlington credit card was introduced for better and fast performance on Burlington store. Once you have Burlington card, you will be able to make a payment of your purchases through the credit card. This amazing credit card is issued by Burlington Bank which was formally called Burlington Coat Factory. As at present, this bank has made it easy to use your card, there is an online portal to manager your Burlington credit card login process.

Burlington has more than three stores in most states in the United State of America, Puerto Rico has such Burlington stores as well. Burlington Headquarters is located in the New Jersey, Burlington Town.

Benefits of Burlington Credit card

As we always do, we need to quickly run through some of the benefits of using Burlington card. This benefit will guide you on your decision to apply for the Burlington credit card. Here is the list of Burlington card benefits.

====> On every dollar spent you earn a point, you will earn 1 point when you spent $1 in Burlington stores using your Burlington card

====> Accumulation of points turn to dollars, one every 100 points you will be given $5

====> Once you are able to accumulate 500 points, you will be rewarded with $ 25

====> You will go with $50 when you have 1000 points in your account

====> That is not the end of it, you will be rewarded with $100 when you accumulated 2000 points

NB: You will only get these amazing benefits once you have Burlington credit card at your disposal.

Get Burlington Reward Certificate

From the above point, you are familiar with some of the reward or benefits of Burlington credit card. I think, what will come to your mind is how to get this reward?

Yes, you are right, that is the reason we are here to help you out. You will get Burlington reward certificate from the account centre. You may even get it through email or through monthly billing statements.

You can be given a $5 reward certificate once you accumulated your 100 points. You must use it within 60 days. On the other hand, your reward certificate can be used to redeem points.

Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card Application Requirement

Our next line of action should be on the application process, but before that, we need to highlight the requirements.

====> You should be 18 years and above

====> You must be a U. S. resident, your residential address is needed not you P. O. Box

====> Your email address is needed as well, this is used to get a special reward

====> You must have a photo valid government-approved means of identification

Burlington Credit Card Login Online Application

We are moving closer, now we need to run through the application process for Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card. The application could be carried out through the online process or steps, here we go:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the home page of Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on the Apply button

Step 3 ====> After that, you will get the application form. Now you need to fill out the form in other to apply for Burlington credit Card.

Burlington Credit Card Login Process

Step 4 ====> You need to provide your personal information, in the field provided enter your names, Social Security Number, Date of Birth, and your annual income

Step 5 ====> Move on to the next level to provide your contact details in the spaces provided. These include Zip code, street address, city, State, email address, and Phone number

Step 6 ====> You may add Authorized Buyer and click on the Continue button

Once you completed the application process, you will see the page with the result of your Burlington credit card application. Once your application is approved, your Burlington card will be mailed to you.

Create a Burlington Online Account

We need to move on with this guide that will help you create an online account. This will allows you making use of your Burlington card via your online account. This is very simple as well, you only need to follow a simple process. Here we go:

Step 1 ====> You need to go to the second section of the page that is written Create Account

Step 2 ====> Now create your username in the field provided

Step 3 ====> Provide your desire password in the field provided

Step 4 ====> Provide your email address in the space provided

Step 5 ====> Key-in your mobile phone number

Step 6 ====> Finally here, click on the create account button to complete the process

Burlington Credit Card Login Guide

You have just completed Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card application process, now you need to login to your online account. The process is very simple and easy to go about, here is exactly what you need to do?

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the login page or click the link above

Step 2 ====> In the space provided, enter your login details. I mean your username and password.

Burlington Card

Step 3 ====> You may mark remember me button if you own the computer to save your login details

Step 4 ====> Finally, click on the login button to access your Burlington Credit Card Login

Once your details are correct, you will not have issued accessing your Burlington online account. You only need to provide the correct details.

Burlington Card Activation Process

Once you have your Burlington credit card, it remains inactive thereby remain useless. You need to activate your Burlington card before you can make use of it. Burlington activation process is very simple and easy to go about.

Therefore, in other to activate your Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card, you need to put a call through this phone number 1 877 213 6741

Recover Burlington Login details

No one is above mistake, you may not have your login details any longer. Once this occurs, you will not be able to access your account.

Meanwhile, you don’t need to worry too much as you will be able to recover your Burlington credit card login details. You only need to follow a simple process and provide certain information.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the login page

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on the Forget username or password link below the login button

Step 3 ====> Once the page is open, enter the following details: your account number or username, Last 4-digits of your Social security number, Postal Code or Zip Code, and select identity type

Step 4 ====> Now click on Find My Account button

Once you are done with the steps, you will be able to reset your Burlington credit card login details

Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card Payment

We need a credit card to make a payment, either through the online method or other means of payment. This credit card is not excluded at all, you will be able payment through Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card. You different option to make a payment through Burlington card, each of this method is very effective.

Burlington Credit Card Online Payment

We will cover the online payment method first. I think this is the most common means of payment using Burlington Credit Card Login process. Here is what you need to do

Step 1 ====> You can make online payment by visit www.burlington.com

Step 2 ====> Now locate the credit card page

Step 3 ====> Login to your online account

Step 4 ====> On your account, locate payment button and click on it

Step 5 ====> Through the payment option, identify and select your desired payment

Step 6 ====> Now male your payment

Once you completed the steps above, you will be able to carry out Burlington credit card pay option through the online process

Making Payments via Bank Account

You can also make payments through your bank account by getting your Burlington account number referenced on the card. With this, you can set up payments through the bank which will take about 5 business days to deliver.

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Burlington Card Payment through Mail

You can also make payment by mail using the details on the billing statement sent to you.
Note: Fees are often charged on expedited payment.

Burlington Coat Factory Credit Card Payment via Phone

You can call the credit card centre with the number found on your card or bill statement to make your payments.


We do appreciate your time spent here, we are very sure you have learned one thing or the other on Burlington credit card. This article runs through Burlington credit card login guide, the application process, and different payment option. We also cover simple guide step on how you can reset your login details through the online portal.

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