8 Amazing Call Recorder for Androids Ever Rule the World

Do you wish to record calls by using android smartphone? Recorded calls can be a proof of the conversation, so there are few instances when you may want to record calls on Android devices. If you just want a future reference for your calls, then call recorder apps for android can be a good option for you.

There are many android devices manufacturers globally, and everyone manufacturer and some unique features to their phones, so this facility (call recorder) is present in some android devices by default, but most of the android devices do not have this feature.

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Do you know why? Not everyone likes to save calls made on their phone, it is only about 5% people like to do this. There are many benefits of recording calls of your phone, as those listed on the first paragraph, others are: someone tell you something on call, and you forget then you can listen to his recorded call. Moreover, it can be used for taking the proofs of different tasks as well.

Like you can conduct business meetings, conference on mobile phones, interview some celebrity, politician even businessman over the phone. And at such times, recording your conversation becomes a must and as well important.

Therefore, that is the reason we are going to see some of the best call recorder apps for Android, iPhone and iPad so that you can record calls whenever you want to.

8 Amazing Call Recorder for Androids Ever Rule the World

Auto call Recorder 2016

call recorder

A new mobile call recorder in the market, Auto Call recorder 2016 is emerging to be the first to be reckoned with. It offers tons of features for free and many of its features are not even offered by other call recorder apps.

Apart from recording calls, you can password protect your recorded calls, built-in caller details, manage when to delete old recordings, back contacts and record in multiple formats, these features are amazing about this app.

Auto Call Recorder 2016 also uses the material design for its interface and I also found the interface, to be very interactive and friendly users.

Google voice

Google Voice is the simplest tool that can be downloaded for free from the iTunes store. You will need a free Google Voice account in order to use this app, so you need to go to the official Google Voice webpage and create your account there in other to use this call recorder app.

call recorder

Once you have completed your account, then you need to login to the account and then go to Settings, click on the Calls tab and then lastly tick on the box for recording under Call Options.

This will enable the call recording feature on your smartphone. Now when you are in a conversation, you can start recording your phone calls by pressing the 4 on your phone’s keyboard. If you wish to stop the recording, then you can do so by repressing 4 once again, this is a very good mobile call recorder app.

Call Recorder

Call recorder is one of the best free apps for android users you can download without problem. You can record your calls automatically while calling with the help of this app.

call recorder

You can also view all call records with options such as list by time, group by names or group by dates. You can also save your call records and play any of the call recorded anytime with ease. This is an amazing free call recorder app you should have on your android devices.

Call Recorder by LoveKara

call recorder

Another app that focuses on simplicity on the list of call recorder app, but it goes one step forward by offering complete instructions on how to use the app. Each function of the app have details on what it does and whether it has any negative effect.

Moreover, it also has a built-in troubleshooter that will offer guidance when you are having problems using this app. Similar to other apps, it can automatically record calls, then select from the setting, backup calls, listen to calls from app interface and other functions required for call recording.

Call Log Pro: callrecorder

call recorder

This app is considered to be one of the best call recording apps for Android, iPhone because it allows you to record calls hassle-free and it provides you with the safest environment and is guaranteed to work as described, no wonder it has its name on this list (call recorder).

This app is free to download and once you download it on your phone, it will give you one or two free minutes to test the app. You need to register with the app using an email and a password that you need to keep safe so that only you can access your recordings.

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To record the calls, you need to go to the app and make a phone call from within the app. Fast, easy and simple to use, as well as friendly users.

Phone Call Recorder

call recorder

Phone call recorder is a good call recorder app you should have on your android phone as a users. With the help of this app, you can record any of call and save it to the memory stick on your phone.

You can record all Incoming and Outgoing calls. In this free app, there is an option of block unwanted calls so that you can block the spam call as well, that is the reason is one of the best call recorder.

The recorded call is highly secure so that no one can listen to your recorded calls. This app supports multiple file formats like 3GP, AMR, MP3 and others.

Galaxy CallRecorder

call recorder

As the name indicates, Galaxy Call Recorder is specifically made for Samsung phones. If you have a Samsung phone and other apps are not working well on it, then give this app a try.

Although the apps are free, it offers many advanced features that are usually found in the paid versions of other apps. Some of the notable ones include, manually start recording, record calls while using headphones or Bluetooth devices, write notes, quick actions right from the notification, split recordings, cloud storage integration and more, no wonder is one of the best call recorder apps.

Phone Tap

call recorder

Phone Tap is a product of Clever Panda LLC with amazing abilities to record outgoing calls. Currently, the price is listed at $4.99 which makes it worth giving a try.

The key feature of this app is it notifies both you and the person you are talking, on the phone that the call is being recorded from the moment it was initiated, this app is indeed one of the best call recorder apps.

Some believe this is great because it helps to avoid legal issues that are associated with recorded conversions or recording calls without one’s knowledge. The app allows only 20 minutes of recording time but you can increase recordings by purchasing more time.


Recording your calls is the best way to ensure you never forget any important conversation or information pass across through phone. I will advise you stick to call recorder apps for any call recording needs. Which one of these call recorder apps for Android do you like? Let us know in the comments and do share with friends on social media.

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