Delete facebook chart messages

Complete Steps to Delete Facebook Chat Messages

Delete Facebook chat messages is one aspect of the Facebook platform we should be familiars with as this help to keep our charting history clean and look good why charting….

Unlink Gmail Addresses from One Another

Complete Guide to Unlink Gmail Addresses from One Anotherr

If you have many Gmail accounts that you need to log in to in the same web browser window, it is easy to link them with the Add account button….

Best Xender Alternatives

Best Xender Alternatives To Transfer Files On Any Platform

Sharing of files  are becoming more easier than before, when you need cable to transfer files or folder from place to another. After few years, the invention of Bluetooth came…


How to Turn off Autoplay Facebook Videos on Andriod, iPhone, iPad and Web

Turn off autoplay Facebook videos at a time is very important, as videos autoplay can be annoyed some time and as well as embarrassing as it consumes more of our…

facebook password recovery

Facebook password recovery| Dummies’ Guide to recover your password

Facebook password recovery is the best option if your facebook account has been hacked or you forget your password and you can no longer access it? You are not alone!…

Complete Guide to Download YouTube Videos for Free

YouTube has been designed to only allow users to watch and view videos on their website. Many users want to download YouTube videos (Favourites ones) to their computer so they…

Download YouTube Videos Using VLC Media Player

Complete Guide to Download YouTube Videos Using VLC Media Player

VLC Media player is one of my favorite media players and yours too. However, it is not just a one-trick pony. Under the surface, there is a wide range of features…

How to Logout Instagram Account on All Devices

Complete Guide to Logout Instagram Account on All Devices

Oh God, what have done! This is what comes out of your mouth when you realize that you do not logout your instagram account from friend device. Not only that,…

Convert itunes Songs to MP3 Format

How to Convert itunes Songs to MP3 Format

iTunes songs can only be enjoyed on iTune devices, the only way you can enjoy these songs on non iTune devices is to convert iTunes songs to MP3 format so…

Download Music from YouTube

YouTube: Complete Guide to Download Music from YouTube

YouTube is the home of videos across the globe, on YouTube you find different types of videos you can download to watch offline or online depending on your choice. Download…

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