disable windows 10 notifications

Complete Guide to Disable Windows 10 Notifications on Personal Computer

Notifications are the heart bit and soul of action center in windows 10, but some time these sounds may be annoying. Though, disable windows 10 notifications are possible, that is…

Windows Password

Complete Guide to Reset Forgotten Windows Password

If you have one thing not to ever forget is your windows password, well no one is above this word called mistake. If eventually you forget your computer password, this…

change window 10 password

Different Ways to Change Window 10 Password

Though you might not have treasure files or map stored in your computer, your Windows password is still most important aspect of your computer. If you suspect someone access your…

Surface Pro

Surface Pro: The List of the Best Playable Games on Surface Pro

With gorgeous full HD displays, stereo speakers, and Windows 10 operating system, the Surface pro family of devices pulls double-duty as mobile gaming devices. But which games to choose? And…

Google Chrome Extension.

Top Google Chrome Extension For Better Productivity on your Computer

Google’s Chrome is a browser packed full of an unbelievable amount of extensions that add all sorts of functions you need for better productivity while using it. It is a…

Improve Your PC Performance

Improve Your PC Performance: Simple Steps to Speed your Computer Performance

I strongly believe this, millions of people using computer globally will have one way or the other encounter the issue of slowing in operation in their computer while operating it….

Best 5 web Browsers Alternatives To Google Chrome You Must Use on you Devices

Internet has become part of our daily lives like other activity, we access the internet with different browsers, and therefore this article will be fully focuses on Web Browsers Alternatives…

increase internet speed

Increase Internet Speed: How to Increase Internet Speed On Your Computer

Do you discover that your internet is too slow? Do you find it so hard to download a 100 MB file in a day? You might also find it hard…

download music mp3

How to Download Music MP3 using Beemp3 and Amazon

Music is becoming popular among different age groups of people around the world, so also download music mp3 become more popular and increasing on daily basis. With these apps you…

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