swap internal storage with external SD card in Android

How To Swap Internal Storage With External SD Card In Android

Swap internal storage with external SD card in Android is a possible process you can achieve. You can easily swap these two memories in your android device to boost up…

Upgrade SD Card Capacities

How To Upgrade SD Card Capacities From Lower To Higher Level

SD card has been a great place to save our files, music, images and documents either internally or externally. Sometime, memory card capacity might not be enough to harbor those…

Sd card

How To Format Your SD Card For Better Performance

SD card are widely used on almost every device these days, that are used for different purposes and the level of capacity vary from one memory card to the other….

Gmail account

How to use YouTube without Gmail account

The Google policy implies that you have to have a Google+, Gmail account in order to be able to comment on YouTube and create your channel. Previously, a Gmail account…

Youtube Account

Youtube Sign Up: How To Create Youtube Account

Create a Google Account to sign in to YouTube account. With a Google Account, you can access many YouTube features, including Like, Subscribe, Watch Later, and Watch History. YouTube can also recommend videos based…

Facebook Status

Facebook Status: Steps On How To Delete Facebook Status

Sometime Facebook could be very crazy and dangerous about the ways they bring posted status to our memory. We update Facebook Status regularly, some time weekly, daily, as many time…

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content: How To Get Sponsored Content For Your Blog

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How To Delete Messages On Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger

How To Use Facebook Messenger On Computer (Desk Top)

Facebook Messenger is a cross platform mobile application which allows you to communicate with your friends on Facebook platform with contacts through instant messaging, voice, and video calls. Facebook Messenger available for…

Site Traffic

Site Traffic: Effective Ways Of Using Facebook To Increase Site Traffic

Facebook is the talk of the town over a decade now, where users share different thing such as photos, videos, audio clips and many more. But the fact still remain…