Where is my cell phone: phone location?

Where is my cell phone: phone location?

This question comes up when you misplace my cell phone, where is my cell phone? I tried all I could to locate it, but every effort was not giving a fruitful result. Now, if you find yourself in my shoe, what will you do to locate your lost or misplaced cell phone?

I thing, I am not the only one having problem locating the lost phone. Everyone that loses his or her cell phone will try their best to find it. Since the invent of smart phone, a lot of feature are been introduced, one of them is this feature that allows you to track your lost or stolen phone. Then, this article will guide you to locate your lost cell phone.

How to Find My Cell Phone (Android Phone)

Android not only offers Google’s proprietary service for finding and managing your device remotely but also a number of third-party apps designed for finding your smart phone. The easiest to use is Find My Device, which is built directly into your Android smartphone through Google Play Services — it can also be used in a browser or downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Before you can use this feature, you need to know whether it is activated or not. If not activated, you need to activate the feature manually, here is how to go about it.

====> Go to Settings

====> Google (or Google services)

====> Security and make sure Remotely locate this device is turned on in the Find My Device section.

Now that the feature is turned ON, you will be able to locate your lost cell phone. Though, this is not easier as we thing, but you can still find your cell phone. Here are the details:

Step 1 ====> Visit Google’s Android Device Manager’s Find My Device page to get the location of your phone. Logged into your Google account and provide the service permission to collect location information

Where is my cell phone: phone location?

Step 2 ====> You will see the precise GPS-location of your phone identified by a small green icon on Google Maps.  At the left side of the map, you will see three services that you can use if your phone is not currently in your possession. These features are Erase, Lock and Play a sound

Where is my cell phone: phone location?

Step 3 ====> In addition to the above offered features by Google, under your Google account. There’s also a Find Your Phone page where there are even more features available. This page will show every devices you use to login to your Google account, there by select which device want to find.

Where is my cell phone: phone location?

As soon as you select the phone you want to find, you will see a list of option to choose from, depending on the situation on the phone.

Try calling your phone: Gives you access to your contacts list (to find your number if you forgot it) or a Google Hangouts session so you can call your phone.

Check recent security events: This will show you a log of any recent password change or reset requests submitted to Google.

Sign out of Google on your phone: This will log you out of your Google account on the device, so that nobody with that device can access your Google account information.

Lock your phone: You can immediately lock your phone so no one can access it.

Erase your phone: This will immediately erase all information from your phone.

Clicking the Locate link on the right side of this page is obviously the easiest and fastest way to trace a cell phone location

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Now, you can do anything with your cell phone, if you feel you will not be able to get it again, I prefer you erase your phone. So no one will be able to access your data any longer. You may as well decided to lock it, so no one will use it any longer.

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