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How to change gmail mobile number after you lost the old number

I thought of change gmail mobile number when I lost the first mobile number is used to register my gmail account. At first, I thought it was not going to be, but latter I discover how to change phone number in gmail.

I noticed this and I do believe that so many people using free gmail account is having this same problem (change gmail mobile number). They might have been wondering how to change gmail mobile number from the setting.

This question may sound a little bit stupid though, but I really need to know how to change mobile number in gmail account since I no longer make use of that number. Using new technologies can pose some great challenges to me on to change gmail mobile number even commonly used apps such as Google give me tough time.

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It is very essential to update your registered mobile number in gmail because in case you forget your account password, it will help you to reset it and recover the account details.

To change or update your already registered phone number, the simple steps require to change gmail mobile number is as follow.

How to change gmail mobile number after you lost the old number

Step 1: Access your gmail account to change gmail mobile numberchange gmail mobile number

Visit gmail home page and provide your log in credentials to access your gmail account. Mind you, you must provide correct details to access your account, I mean your user name and password as required.

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Step 2: click on the settings iconchange gmail mobile number

 Click on the settings icon on the right side of the top menu bar, and then click on “settings” to update your registered Mobile number.

Step 3: Accounts and Import change gmail mobile number

Then choose Accounts and Import or you scroll all the way down to the Accounts and Import icon. By doing this, you are a step closer to change gmail phone number verification.

Step 4: change password and recovery optionchange gmail mobile number

Scroll to the password change and recovery option section.

Step 5: Edit mobile phone numberchange gmail mobile number

Scroll to the edit icon and click on it next to the icon for mobile phone number. Simply change the number.

Step 6: Save to change gmail mobile number

Scroll down and click on the Save button to activate your changes.change gmail mobile number

Sometimes, you may be required to verify the new phones number. Just input the code sent to your mobile number in the space provided and all will be set.


In conclusion, if you follow what was explained above you will change gmail mobile number without any problem and as well you will notice that the steps are very simple to follow.

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