Check android phone battery health

How to check android phone battery health and performance

If there is a thing you need to look after on your Android phone, I guess is the android phone battery health. To really enjoy your android phone, the standard and lasting long of the usage battery should be your first priority.  I don’t think you notice this on your Android phone, a newly purchased smart phone have stronger and last battery.

Meanwhile, as time goes on, the battery life keeps deteriorating with time. Then to have the knowledge of your Android phone, checking android phone battery health would be the best.

Battery Health is very important, perhaps now more than ever, with the whole iPhone slow down debacle. While that in itself does not necessarily have any bearing on Android devices, keeping the health of your phone’s battery is always a good idea.

The thing is, there is not an easy or built-in way to check your battery health on Android Phone. It is a clear omission on Google’s part, but fortunately one can fill the gap with a third-party app. There are different options that can be used, we recently discovered an app known as AccuBattery that does the job better than all the other third-party apps we have tried.

Features on AccuBattery

Before we dive into the details on AccuBattery, there is need to know some of what you can benefit from the App. I am sure, with these features, you try the App on your Android phone. Here is some of it features:

1. Measure real battery capacity (in mAh)

2. Discharge speed and battery consumption of each App

3. Real-time battery usage stats in notification center

4. Remaining battery time

5. Screen on or screen off estimations

6. Charging time

7. Deep sleep or standby time for the phone

8. Battery wear with each charge session

Now that you aware of the features of this App, it is right time to walk you through the process in which you can check Android phone battery health with this App called AccuBattery.

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Install AccuBattery

The first action to be taken in the process is to download the App and installed on your device. After installation, you will need to go through a quick walkthrough of what the app does and how it works. It is worth mentioning that the app does pretty much more than just gauging the health of your battery, meanwhile, this is the target of this article.

In the cause of walkthrough, you will see a page that talks about battery health. It is important to pay attention here because it is just like the key point of what we are talking about in this tip.

Setting percentage on AccuBattery

The next page allows you set a slider that notifies you when your battery gets to that percentage. The default setting is 80 percent, which is sort of universally accepted as the best place to keep your phone’s battery charged for health and durability.

However, here, you can pick any choice that suits you best; for example, I left mine at 100 percent because I use Android Auto and got tired of alarming it constantly when I could not unplug it without killing my auto connection. After the setting on this app, you can now enjoy the feature stated above from the App.

From here, just use your Android device as you normally do. Charge when you normally do and use when you normally use. Do what you always do with the Android device. Over time, AccuBattery will keep tracking your charge and discharge cycles, and then uses the information it gets to monitor the health of your battery.

Check Battery information on AccuBattery

Simply tap the “Health” option at the bottom of the screen. On your newly installation, that space was blank. That is because the app has not gathered any data yet. Since Android does not provide historical battery information to apps, the app has to start from scratch, beginning whenever you installed it.

But there is more here too. As time goes on, the app tracks your battery wear and overall capacity. Again, these number gets more accurate over time and the more you use your device, the better the information gets.

After a couple of cycles, it detects the battery wear and also the actual battery capacity left in the battery with respect to design capacity

check android phone battery health

The app will also show you detailed information about battery discharge when you are using the phone. You can also check the screen on time you get for each charge. You need to use the phone for few days after you have installed the app, to get a good idea about the battery stats. The app collects details more accurately when you start using it for few days.

Check android phone battery health with AcccuBattery

To take a look at this information, tap the Health option down at the bottom. Initially, it just shows blanks here. That is because it does not have any information to go off of yet. Since Android does not provide historical battery information to apps, the basically has to start from scratch as we stated above.

 check android phone battery health

But there is more here, too. Over time, AccuBattery tracks your battery wear and overall capacity. Again, these numbers populate over time, and the more you use your phone, the better it gets. There is also a small note that tells you what Battery Capacity is, but you can dismiss this if you want.

As you charge and discharge your phone, keep checking this screen to learn more about your phone battery health. See the picture bellow for more details.

Check android phone battery health

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Finally on Android Phone Battery Health

AccuBattery is one of the really useful apps to check your battery performance and it is available for free download. You can download through this link


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