How To Check Someone Recently Added Friends On Facebook

Friends On Facebook

Facebook had changed a lot of things some years ago. They made the “recently added friends” option very hard to find. Luckily after some browsing and luck, I found the link to view recently added friends on Facebook.

It is a redesign of the Facebook profile page that will make sure that the most important, relevant, and juiciest information about every user for the entirety of their time on Facebook is easy to find.  While we wait for them to work their Timeline magic, I have another useful tool for those that use Facebook to learn as much as possible about their friends, colleagues, loved ones, and people you want to be loved ones. A friend recently pointed me to a nifty tool that lets you see who a given Facebook user interacts with most.

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Rather than scrolling down to your target’s wall or checking their friends’ walls and photo albums trying to figure out whom of their many friends are actually the most friends on Facebook, you can just go to their “Friends” page and use a tool that Facebook has designed for you for easier Facebook friends research.

A person’s friends are listed alphabetically by default, but there’s also an option to list them in grid form which you will learn as you keep reading on.

How To Check Someone Recently Added Friends On Facebook

Step 1 ====> Log in to Facebook to view recently added friends on Facebook

Friends On Facebook

The first action to take before you can even do anything on your Facebook account is logging in, by so doing you will have access to your account and as well you have full control of it.

Step 2 ====> Click on your name to view recently added friends on Facebook

Friends On Facebook

By clicking your name you are trying to load your profile page. As soon as the profile page is loaded you will be able to do many things on your timeline to sweet your taste.

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Step 3 ====> Click Friends to view recently added friends on Facebook

 Friends On Facebook

As soon as the step above is completed, below your profile picture, a series of option is available depending on what you want to do. This article is to guide you to view your recently added Facebook friends.

After clicking on the friends from your profile page, all your friends will be shown which is not what we need, but we are one step closer to the job.

Step 4 ====> Click the “Recently Added” option.Friends On Facebook

As you click the recently added friend option, all your recently added friends on Facebook will be displayed, then, at last, we got it done. You can imagine how simple it was, that is all.

Added note on recently added friends on Facebook

Your Friends page includes friends who you interact with the most in Wall posts, comments, birthday, new post, work, college and many more. We do not select friends to show based on whose profiles you choose to view or who you interact with over messages and chat.

My own list includes a mix of some of my close friends, friends who recently got engaged or married (necessitating a touching wall post or “like” from me). I must have “liked” something posted by that last person recently — or since this is reciprocal, this person may be liking lots of stuff that I’m posting.

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By that logic, this list is both the people I engage with most and the list of people who are most (publicly) interested in the things that I’m doing. It is not revealing anything private, but it is a shortcut to figuring out who someone is interacting with most on the site.

It is also another example of how analysis of information that is already public can be more revealing when aggregated. More aggregation is in the works with the new Timeline. The new profile pages have a feature that will take geo-location (current city) information on friends on Facebook which they have included in photos or status updates and plot it on a map that appears right below your profile picture.

It will give you a chance to showcase the places that you like to go (and which parts of town you are most likely to be found in).

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Lastly, if this article helped you to overcome the issue on recently added friends on Facebook, then keep it not with you, do share among your friend for the benefit of the gospel ie recently added Facebook friends.

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