Chevron Texaco Credit Card Review, Application Guide and Login Process

Chevron Credit Card Login and Payment

This article will cover things you need to know on Chevron Credit Card and Texaco advantage card. These credit cards are issued by Synchrony Bank. You will not only login to your account on Synchrony bank but perform other tasks like managing your account, track purchases, bill payment online and may more.

The Chevron credit card is specifically designed for those using their gas from Chevron and Texaco stations. You can earn rebates by using this card at their stations.

It is convenient to manage your Chevron Credit Card. To receive online access to your account you need to register your credit card. This article will run through the application process, Chevron Texaco credit card login guide, payment methods and many other things.

The Chevron credit card pays you 10 cents per gallon rebate when you get your gasoline from Chevron and Texaco stations. You will earn 3% rebates on non-fuel purchases at their stations.

For other regular purchases on the card, you will earn 1% rebates. You can earn up to $300 in rebates in one calendar year.

Chevron Credit Card Application Process

Chevron credit cards are your perfect choice for your personal use as well as for your businesses. These credit cards allow you to save on fuel purchases and provide complete protection against frauds. This part of the article will run through the application process.

If you have been having a difficult time to apply for this credit card, you are very lucky to have yourself here on this article. We will run through the process in the step-by-steps guide.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official website of the company

Step 2 ====> Now move to the gifts and credit cards page

Step 3 ====> You need to select a personal or business credit card

Step 4 ====> From there, choose the card you want to apply for

Chevron Credit Card Login and Payment

Step 5 ====> Now move on to complete the form, enter your personal and financial information by starting with your Names (First and the last name)

Step 6 ====> Provide your address details in the field provided which include street address, Zip code, City, State, and your phone number

Step 7 ====> Enter your email address and re-write the same email to confirm it

Step 8 ====> Now enter your Social security Number, Date of Birth, and Annual Income in the Space provided and click on the Continue button to move ahead

After you have provided authentic information you will be issued a credit card by the Synchrony bank.

Chevron Online Account

Once you have your credit card, you may now go and apply for Chevron or Texaco gas card online account. Through this account you will be able to manage your account, this offers great services and eases your fuel management.

Chevron Card Login Guide

Once you created your online account, you have done well. But that is not all, you need to login to this account before you can do anything on your account. We tried our best to put together the complete guide to access your online account.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit Synchrony bank website

Step 2 ====> On the page, navigate to chevron credit card account page

Step 3 ====> Now enter your login details in the space provided, I mean your username and password

Chevron Card Login and Payment

Step 4 ====> Finally on this aspect, click on the Secure Login button

NOTE: If you provide right login details (username and password), you will not have any issues accessing your account where you can manage your Chevron credit cards.

Activate Chevron Credit Card

Your credit card will not work or function well unless you activate it. Once you activate your credit card, you will be able to perform your task. You can activate this card in two ways, there are the Phone number and Online process

The Online Card Activation process

As a new user, you will get a link on the login page to register online. Click on the link thereby enter the following details

The E-mail address and Account number

There is a login chat help section too that will assist you in case of any problems that you may be facing while registering yourself. You need to validate your identity, select login credentials, besides choosing a personal login image. Once done, you would be registered on the site and have your own online account there.

Phone Call Activation Process

Aside from the online process, you can also activate your credit card through a phone call. You only need to put a call through 1 844 442 7932. You may either call up 1 877 885 6691, which is the registration number.

Chevron Card Payment Process

One of the best aspects of your credit card is making payment without any issue. Chevron credit card makes payment easy provided you know what to do and how to do so. This part of this article will cover the payment process on Chevron and Texaco credit card. We will run through various payment option in this article

Online Payment Method

Phone Payment Method

Chevron Online Payment Process

The online payment process is the most useful method to pay your bill online with Chevron or Texaco credit card. In making payment, you only need to follow simple steps as explained below.

Step 1 ====> You need to register an account on the website

Step 2 ====> Login to your account as explained above

Step 3 ====> On your account dashboard, locate payment button and click on it

Step 4 ====> Now follow the on-screen instruct ion to make a payment

Once you follow the on-screen instruction correctly, you will be able to make a payment with this credit card.

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Phone Payment Method

Another means of payment is through a phone call. Use the telephone to make a payment if you will not pay through the online process.

You only need to call the phone number at the back of your Chevron credit card thereby provides your account details on demand. Once you provided the right details, the amount will be withdrawn from your account on the day you specify.


We do appreciate the time spent on this article, so far we had run through the application process, login details and payment methods on Chevron credit card. We also informed you that, Synchrony bank is the one responsible for the issuance of these credit cards.

If you have any technical issues, please do contact the customer care help through the official website. If this article has helped you in one way or the other, please do share with friends as well.

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