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Victoria’s issues various cards (debit and credit cards) to customers through Comenity bank. These cards are wonderful cards when it comes to shopping. Once Victoria’s Secret cards are issued to customers, they start earning by using this card. Victoriassecret cards can be used for online and offline purposes. That is the reason this blog post will cover everything you need to know about victoriassecret/activate

Though this is an amazing credit card, but before you can start using it. You must activate it. Without activation, this card is like ordinary plastic in your wallet. Then, it is of no use.

The Benefits of Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

Before we move to the application process and then through the activation process. We need to first find out some of the benefits of using Victoria’s secret cards.

Though, we will cover two major cards issued by Victoria’s through Comenity Bank. These cards are the Gold card and Silver Card. By registering for any of these cards, you will enjoy the following benefits.

====> For every dollar you spent, you earn points. This applies to these credit cards

====> On a Gold credit card, once you are able to spend $500 on each program a year, you will reach Gold status. On the other hand, if you are able to spend $250 yearly on the program, you will reach Silver status

====> You will be charged no annual fee.

====> You will get the benefit of an extended warranty with travel insurance.

====> On any amount you spent on bras, you will earn3X points

====> You will get the $15 off coupon to redeem.

====> Once you spent up to $10 on each of these cards, you will 250 points          

====> You will be rewarded a $10 Birthday gift each year.

====> You will get free shipping on purchases for your order.

Apply for Victoria’s Secret Card on

As a matter of fact, registration comes before activation. In that case, we must run through Victoria’s Secret Card registration process before we go through the activation process on victoriassecret/activate. In other to apply for this credit card, you need to follow the step in this part of the article.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official application page

Step 2 ====> On the page, locate and click on the apply button

Step 3 ====> Now, click on the create an account button

Step 4 ====> On the next page, enter the required information, they are your name, email address, location.

Step 5 ====> Then, you also need to set your account login details (username and password)

Step 6 ====> After that, click on the submit button to complete the application process

Once you are able to complete the process successfully, you will be able to enjoy the online services offered by Victoria’s credit cardholder customers. Now we are moving towards a guide to activate Victoriassecret card on victoriassecret/activate

Login to Victoria’s Online Banking Account

You have created your online account through the guide above in the article. Now you need to log in to your online banking account. Here is the complete guide:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official login page

Step 2 ====> On the page, enter your online account login details (username and password) in the fields provided

Step 3 ====> Locate and click on the login button to access your online banking account.

NOTE: Once you are able to enter the correct login details, you should be able to log in to your account without any problem.   

Victoria’s Secret Card Application Process

You can apply for this card through the online application and in-store application process. Meanwhile, before you complete the application process, you need to have:

====> Applicant must have Social Security Number

====> Your Victoria’s Secret Login Id and Password.

====> Applicant must have a valid-photo Identification card

====> All your details and information.

====> Applicant must as well have his or her income information at hand

====> You need your new Victoria Secret credit card with all the credentials.

Now the application process in detail:

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official application page through the browser of your device

Step 2 ====> Locate and click on apply for apply button

Step 3 ====> Read through the Terms and Conditions of using these cards (credit and debit cards)

Step 4 ====> Now, move on to fill in the application form

Step 5 ====> You need to wait for the application to be processed, this may take up to 10 working days

Step 6 ====> Upon approval, you will receive your Victoriassecret card via mail

Once you have your card, you can now move to activate it.

How to Activate Victoria’s Secret Credit Card

You have done well, it is time now to run through the guide to activate Victoria’s Secret card on the page.

The process is very simple and easy to go about, you only need to keep reading as we explore the guide in this part of the article. Here, we will run through two means of activating your credit card.

The online activation process and activation through phone calls. We will now take them one after the other.

Online Activation Process at

Before you commence the online activation process, make sure you have the following materials at your disposal.

====> You credit card account number

====> Social Security Number

====> Zip or Postal code

Here is the process in details

Step 1 ====> You need to visit the official activation page or type

Step 2 ====> On the activation window, enter you details as primary Cardmember information

Step 3 ====> Now type in the following details in the provided fields: Card account number, Expiry date, Identification Type, last4-digit of your SSN and Postal or Zip Code

Step 4 ====> Then, tap on the continue button

Once you follow the step correctly, you should be able to activate your card on the page

After the activation process, you can now start using cards to purchase through the online and offline activities

Victoria’s Secret Card Activation through Phone Process

We have just completed the activation process online. You can as well activate your card through phone calls.

The phone process allows you to activate your card through phone calls. On your phone, dial 800 695 9478 to speak with the agent in charge of activation.

You will be able to contact them for activation through phone on Mondays to Saturdays between the hours of 8 am to 9 pm.

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Payment Process

We want to run through the payment process after you have been able to activate your credit card either through the phone or at the page.

Then, you will be able to pay your bills, in that regard, this part of the article will through various payment options using your Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card.

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Phone Payment Method: victoriassecret activate

One of the ways to activate your card is through the phone process, then we shared with you a phone number. That is the customer’s services number for Victoria Secret Credit Card

Once you call the phone number, you will be able to pay your bill by following the instruction through the phone. You have the option to choose; either you can speak with a customer service agent or use the automated system.

Pay your Bill In-Person: victoriassecret

This is the process you pay your bill in store, this is readily available throughout stores in the United States of America. This process is active but requires you to pay through Victoria’s store and its associate

Online Payment Process: victoriassecret/activate

Once you have completed your internet banking application process. You have your login details (username and password), you will be able to pay your bill through the online account.

Step 1 ====> You need to visit

Step 2 ====> Now go to your account section, click on the Make a Payment link

Step 3 ====> Enter the amount you want to pay in the space provided

Step 4 ====> Next, you will have to enter all the required banking information in the space provided, you might want your bank routing number for this process.

Step 5 ====> If you want to schedule your advance payment, then go and pick a future date for your payment that has to be processed

Step 6 ====> Then, click on the submit your payment button

Mail Payment Process: victoriassecret activate

The last but not the least payment method is the mail payment process. You will be able to pay your bills by writing a check or money order for the amount you want to pay. Remember to write your account number on the payment so that it can be processed correctly.

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